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Your donations help PAS achieve its mission to promote percussion education, research, performance, and appreciation throughout the world. All donors are valued contributors.

The Percussive Arts Society, as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, depends on the generosity of our members, supporters, and sponsors, to which we extend our greatest appreciation. Donations assist in our ability to support and enhance the Percussive Arts Society and Rhythm! Discovery Center and the offerings to our growing membership, as well as those new to the organization. Our donors provide critical funding and services for programs, scholarships, grants, technology, and fundraisers. 

Friends of PAS ($200)

Anders Astrand
Jim Atwood
Arthur Avila
John Baldwin
Andres Bautista
John R. Beck
John Beckford
Robert Bell
Michael A. Bennett
Paul Berns
Joel Bluestone
Jerry J. Bolen
Karl Boudreaux
Judson Brill
Michael Bump
Paul L. Buyer
Ruth Cahn
James B. Campbell
Ben Cantrell
Stephanie Sambol Carter
Steven Day Carter
Manuel G. Chapa Jr.
David R. Ciarvella
Gary Cook
Diane Downs
Peter Erskine
David P. Eyler, DMA
Genaro Gonzalez
Brooks Gornto
Michael Gould
Jim Guglielmo
Alfredo G. Guzman, III
Jonathan Lee Haas
Chris L. Hanning
Jeffrey Hartsough
Douglas Hazelrigg
Richard L. Herndon
Emily Annette Hill
George Aldrich Hill, IV
George A. Hill, III, D.Min.
Julie A. Hill, DMA
Jim Holland
Richard Holly
Steve Houghton
Christopher Karabin
Michael Kenyon
Michael King
Glenn R. Kotche
Johnny Lee Lane
Deborah Loach
Trina Tait Martin
Brian S. Mason
William Moersch
Jeffrey M. Moore
Ken Murphy
Valerie Naranjo
Christopher S. Norton
Eugene D. Novotney
Gary J. Olmstead
James Parker, Jr.
James Petercsak
William Platt
Mickey R. Price
Lisa L. Rogers
Jim Royle
Sherry D. Rubins
Jim Rupp
Alison Shaw
Mark Stempel
Brian Stephens
Saturnino H. Tiamson, Jr.
Joseph Tompkins
Chris W. Treloar
Richelle Treves
Lauren Vogel Weiss
Kelly Wallis
Brian A. West
Gregory W. White
Brian Zator
Glenn Zeinemann

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