Our Donors
Your donations help PAS achieve its mission to inspire, educate, and support percussionists and drummers throughout the world. All donors are valued contributors.

The Percussive Arts Society, as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, depends on the generosity of our members, supporters, and sponsors, to which we extend our greatest appreciation. Donations assist in our ability to support and enhance the Percussive Arts Society and Rhythm! Discovery Center and the offerings to our growing membership, as well as those new to the organization. Our donors provide critical funding and services for programs, scholarships, grants, technology, and fundraisers. 

President's Circle

$100,000 or more: Fred Gruber, Zildjian Family

$50,000 or more: Gordon B. Peters, Shelley & Flip Manne, Emil Richards, Mickey Toperzer

$25,000 or more: Charles Benton Family, Carroll Bratman, The Estate of John E. Grimes, Ralph Pace Jr., Nancy & Perry D. Preusch, Remo, Inc., Sabian, Ltd., Thomas Siwe

$15,000 or moreUniversity of Miami (FL), Joel Leach

Friends of PAS ($200)

Anders Astrand
Jim Atwood
John Baldwin
John R. Beck
John Beckford
Robert Bell
Paul Berns
Joel Bluestone
Jerry J. Bolen
Gary Bolinger
Karl Boudreaux
Judson Brill
Michael Bump
Paul L. Buyer
Ruth Cahn
James B. Campbell
Ben Cantrell
Steven Day Carter
Manuel G. Chapa Jr.
David R. Ciarvella
Gary Cook
Diane Downs
Peter Erskine
David P. Eyler, DMA
Rich Farago
Genaro Gonzalez
Brooks Gornto
Michael Gould
Jim Guglielmo
Alfredo G. Guzman, III
Jonathan Lee Haas
Chris L. Hanning
Jeffrey Hartsough
Douglas Hazelrigg
Emily Annette Hill
George Aldrich Hill, IV
George A. Hill, III, D.Min.
Julie A. Hill, DMA
Jim Holland
Richard Holly
Steve Houghton
Jaye Ingram
Ben Johnson
Christopher Karabin
Michael Kenyon
Michael King
Glenn R. Kotche
Johnny Lee Lane
Deborah Loach
Brian S. Mason
William Moersch
Jeffrey M. Moore
Ken Murphy
Valerie Naranjo
Christopher S. Norton
Eugene D. Novotney
Gary J. Olmstead
Eric Olson
James Parker, Jr.
William Platt
Mickey R. Price
Lisa L. Rogers
Jim Royle
Sherry D. Rubins
Alison Shaw
Mark Stempel
Chris W. Treloar
Richelle Treves
Henny Van Den Abbeelen
Lauren Vogel Weiss
Kelly Wallis
Brian A. West
Gregory W. White
David Whitman
Brian Zator
Glenn Zeinemann

Financial Donors

Aubrey Adams          
Russ Allen          
Daniel Andree          
Gary Astridge          
Don R Baker          
Larry Barnhart          
John H Beck          
John R Beck          
Robert Bell          
Gregory Beyer          
Hal Blaine
Anthony Botti            
Robert Breithaupt          
William Cahn          
James B Campbell          
James Cannon          
Jim Casella          
Mat Chambers          
Frank Chapple IV
Xiusheng Chen          
Nathan Byron Colbert          
Michael Combs          
Mary Curran          
Diane Downs          
Peter Ekstrom          
Keith Ewer          
Jeff Fischer          
Oscar Gamboa          
Mike Gomez          
Genaro Gonzales          
Michael Gould          
Jonathan Haas          
Terry G Hanson          
Kayla Harlan          
Jeffrey Hartsough          
Julie Hill          
Kent Hillman          
Rich Holly          
Steve Houghton          
Wyndham Jade          
Steven Kegler          
Michael Kenyon          
Eddie Knight          
Stanley Leonard          
Mike Maegly          
John Maldonado          
Kevin Maloney          
Patricia Mangat          
Robert McCormick          
Jeremy Meggison          
William Messerschmidt          
Jeffrey Moore          
Jean Morello            
Al Muller          
Gary J Olmstead          
Richard Pantaleo          
Ryan Petallar          
James Petercsak          
Gordon Peters          
Joseph Porcaro          
Media Press          
Joseph Reichert          
Frederick Rimbert          
Jeffrey Roberts          
Lisa Rogers          
Dakota Rose          
Sherry Rubins          
Jack R Rutledge          
Jon Seale          
Frank  Shaffer, Jr, DMA
Thomas Siwe          
Mark Stempel          
Gordon Stout          
Mark Swearingen          
Bruce Tedesco          
Todd Turkisher          
Paula Tuttle          
Tom Vanarsdel          
Josh Watkins          
Garwood Whaley          
Matt Williams          
Brian Zator

R!DC: DRUMset Donors

Exhibit Co-Curators

Daniel Glass
Jeff Hartsough

Exhibit Design & Installation Special Thank You

Erin Hetrick, Genius Fish
Jacob Sheff, R!DC Museum & Library Registrar
Abby Wolfe, Exhibit A: Art, Education, Design

Education Sponsor ($2500-$4999)

Innovative Percussion, Inc.

Patron ($1000-$2499)

John H. Beck 
Mark Swearingen

Rhythm! Friend Donors ($200-$999)

Dan Moore
Gary and Sandra France 
Glenn Kotche 
Jeff Hartsough 
Jeffrey Moore 
John R. Beck 
Lisa Rogers 
Michael Kenyon

Contributors ($0-$199)

Brenda Myers 
Brian Zator 
Chris Hanning 
Conner Church 
Eugene Novotney 
Garwood Whaley, Meredith Music Publications 
Gary Cook 
Gary J. Olmstead 
James B. Campbell 
Jim Rupp 
John W. Parks IV 
John Wittmann 
Julia Gaines 
Julie and Lalo Davila 
Julie Hill 
Marcelo Carlos Fernandez Sr. 
Michael Balter 
Michael Sekelsky 
Nicholas Ormrod 
Rich Holly 
Robert Breithaupt 
Sherry Rubins 
Stefon Harris 
Steve Houghton 
Thomas Siwe 

In-Kind Sponsorships

Alan K. Green
Allen Gentry
Andy Mayer
Chris White 
Daniel Glass 
Dean Bobisud
Denny Hankla  
Don Cutshaw General Contracting 
Drum Workshop 
Excel Decorators 
Garnet House Productions 
Glenn Kotche
Harry Cangany  
Hughies Audio Visual 
Jeff Ocheltree 
Jim Bailey
Jim Pettit (Memphis Drum Shop)
Jim Rupp 
John Aldridge
Ndugu Chancler 
Paiste Cymbals 
Rickel Electric, LLC
Russ Miller 
Visual Gravvity 
Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline 
Yamaha Corporation of America 
Zildjian Company

R!DC: No Drummers, No Direction Donors

Exhibit Co-Curators

John R. Beck
Otice Sircy
Jeff Hartsough
Jake Sheff

Exhibit Design & Installation Special Thank You

Erin Hetrick, Genius Fish
Elizabeth Quay, R!DC Museum & Library Registrar

Touch Screen Exhibit Special Thank You

Tianxiao Jia "TJ", PAS Media Intern
Marianella Moreno, PAS Interactive Technology & Media Director

Rhythm! Friend Donors ($200-$999)

John R Beck
Gordon Stout

Contributors ($0-$199)

John H. Beck
Jim Casella
Peter Erskine
Jeff Hartsough
Julie Hill
Anna Provo
Lisa Rogers
Jim Rupp
Brian West
Brian Zator

In-Kind Sponsorships

John Crocken
Jim Smith
Andy Reamer – Drummers Service
Jim and Patsy Ellis – Cooperman Fife & Drums
Paul Ackerman, West Point Museum
Lance Pedigo and the The Colonial Williamsburg Fifes & Drums
Jeff Prosperie and the West Point Hellcats
Michael Hooke and the US Army Band
Stacy Loggins and the US Navy Band
Glenn Paulson and the US Marine Band
Chris Martin and the US Air Force Band
Robert McEwan and the US Coast Guard Band
Markus Estermann and the Swiss Drummer and Fifer Association (STPV)

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Indianapolis, IN 46204
T: 317.974.4488
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E: percarts@pas.org
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