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Julie HillWelcome to PAS, the most extensive resource for percussionists in the world! Whether you are looking for educational materials, composition research, videos, or instrument information to help keep you abreast on the world of percussion, we have it all. On top of that, we are the world’s largest collection of percussionists. PAS is a tightly woven network, one you can count on to enhance your knowledge and launch your career. We have helped to connect thousands of drummers and percussionists through the years and have brought the spotlight to many of today’s most respected artists, creating countless memorable performances and educational clinics inspiring audiences with Days of Percussion and PASIC.

PAS has been part of my life since my first convention in Nashville in 1989, when my life changed forever. My passion for percussion and PAS continued to grow from that first convention, starting with service on the PASIC logistics team, later serving as a member the PAS leadership team in my home chapter of Tennessee, and finally on a more global level as a member of the PAS World and Scholarly Research Committees, the PAS Board of Directors, and the PAS Executive Committee. Twenty-five years after my first PASIC experience, I find myself a member of an amazing team, helping to lead the Percussive Arts Society!  Today, I work alongside a tireless, passionate, dedicated, and self-less team of individuals who constitute the PAS Executive Committee. Executive Director Jeff Hartsough, Immediate Past President John R. Beck, President Elect Brian Zator, First Vice President George Barrett, Second Vice President Paul Buyer, and Secretary Chris Hanning, along with the PAS Staff, are hard at work every day, making PAS more valuable for you in a variety of ways. 

PAS is adapting, evolving, and moving forward in ways that better serve our subscribers and members. Student members will continue to have a greater voice in establishing our vision as we move through 2016 and toward our 41st PASIC! The recently redefined PAS University Committee and PAS Student Delegates have established initiatives to cultivate responsibility, ownership, and new leadership for the future within our society. 

Speaking of moving forward, PASIC 2014 included for the first time a large social media focus. More than 25,000 people downloaded the PASIC Phone App to keep up with events, and our push to post Instagram and Twitter photos and comments received 5.03 million impressions during the 5 days of PASIC!!! For the month of November 8.9 million people were exposed to PAS, PASIC, and our exhibitors by using #pasic14 in our Social PASIC feeds. This speaks volumes about the interest in what we do, even for those who aren’t able to attend PASIC in person. To see what the buzz was all about, please visit Social PASIC And also check out our social media links here: PAS | R!DC | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube.

The artists, educators, students, corporate sponsors, and enthusiasts who make up PAS are the reasons why we are the most unique music organization on the planet --one that inspires, motivates, cares for, and continues to develop in order to provide percussionists across the world with an enhanced experience and a vision of what the percussive arts will be in the future!

Whether you are a middle school student just beginning to understand the wide world of percussion or a seasoned percussion educator teaching private lessons to fifty students per week --from performers to scholars to hobbyists who just like drums --PAS has it all! We are truly a community in Rhythm! Speaking of Rhythm!, if you haven’t visited the coolest museum for percussionists in the world, check out the Rhythm! Discovery Center in Indianapolis. It is an amazing experience. 

Plan to attend a Day of Percussion in your area or, better still, join us at  PASIC in Indianapolis on November 9-12, 2016!!!

Julie Hill
Julie Hill, DMA
President, Percussive Arts Society

PAS | R!DC | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Dr. Julie Hill, Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Tennessee-Martin, has received worldwide recognition as a performer and scholar. Hill has presented workshops, concerts, and lectures extensively throughout the United States on Brazilian Music and the topic of music and social transformation for black women and at-risk children in Northeastern Brazil. As a member of the acclaimed Caixa Percussion Trio, Julie has performed in Mexico, Brazil, France, Puerto Rico, South Korea, across the United States, and the Percussive Arts Society International Conventions (PASIC). Julie is a winner of the prestigious University of Tennessee at Martin's Cunningham Outstanding Teacher/Scholar Award and a recipient of the Hardy Graham Distinguished Professorship Award. She holds degrees from the University of Kentucky, Arizona State University, and the University of Tennessee at Martin.

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