The pages in this section contain a variety of exercises that can be used as technique builders and warmups, contributed by prominent players and teachers to PAS Publications. You’ll see each exercise written out in musical notation, and you can also hear each one via a MIDI file.

For the Four by Terri Haley 

Daily 4-mallet warmup by Michael Varner 

Marimba Paradiddles by Arthur Lipner

4-Mallet Chordal Exercises by David Kovins 

Peripheral Vision Exercise Dr. Robert Ledbetter 

Latin Paradiddles By Rick Mattingly

Movable Clave by Jon Belcher

5/8 OVER BAIÃO by Terry O'Mahoney  

Jazz Drumset Warmups by John Riley 

Flammed Mill Explorations by Jeff Salisbury  

Three-Voice Warmups by John Riley

Flammed Mill Triplet Explorations by Jeff Salisbury

Jazz Triplet Study by Jeff Salisbury

Flammed Mills on Drumset by Pat O'Shea 
Sound Enhanced

7 + 2 Rotation Exercise by Jeff Salisbury 

Triplet Snare Drum Exercise by Graeme J. Thew 

Hirta Challenge by Neil Sylvia 

Bossa Snare Warm-Up by Jared O'Leary  

Timpani Changing Meters Exercise by Dr. Geary Larrick 

Contrary Motion/Contrasting Meters by Terry O'Mahoney 

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