PASIC 2013
November 13-16, 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana 

PASIC 2013 Artist Application

Deadline to Apply: December 15, 2012

The following information is requested in the application. Please be prepared to submit these materials (if available and where applicable) prior to beginning your application in order to successfully complete the process.

The “College & High School Ensemble Competition” is a separate application process and will not adhere to the December 15th deadline. Do not apply through the Artist Application below. Download Ensemble Competition Application.

  • Applicant contact information.

  • Complete contact information for the Artist or Ensemble applying.

  • Complete Company Affiliation / Sponsor *You must notify ALL potential session sponsors that you are applying for PASIC.

  • Session Title and Synopsis (1000 characters max).

  • Session Description: MS Word or PDF Upload, if needed.

  • Photos (2 uploads) - JPG format, 300dpi minimum.

  • Bio (1000 characters max).

  • Audio (1 upload) - MP3 or MP4 format, 10MB or 10 minutes max.

  • Video - Provide video web site link, (ex. YouTube).

  • Web Site - Direct link to personal or specific web site addresses only. No "general or generic" school, institution, or company web sites accepted.

Focus Day ApplicationsFocus Day 2013 InformationMust submit one application per piece unless you are proposing an entire concert. You must also provide the performance time of each piece.

If you are submitting more than one proposal, you will need to fill out one application per category.

Additional Helpful Hints:

Your application will be judged on the substance, excellence, and completeness of your presentation. So, be prepared and thorough when taking the time to fill out the application. Take advantage of all the opportunities to provide the selection committee as much material and variety of examples as possible including music, bio, and web site information.

Do not submit duplicate proposals that have different titles or submitted under different Categories or Session Types but which ALL share the SAME application information. This likely means that the information you are submitting is too general to support ANY of your proposals.

Once you submit your final application, this cannot be edited. We highly recommend you  to save your application for later if you are not ready to submit it at a given time. You will be able to view the application, but it will not be editable anymore.

Do not assume that the addition of an unconfirmed high-profile guest artist will influence the review committees and should not be listed unless 100% pre-confirmed. If you are applying for a session, it will be the thoroughness and content of your proposal that will be under review.

Thank you for you interest in presenting at PASIC 2013 and best of luck!

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