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The PAS Paid Internship Offers Real Experience and Industry Connections

PAS InternshipSpend a Semester with PAS and Launch Your Career

The Percussive Arts Society is seeking applicants for our six-month internship program beginning in July 2016. All percussion students who wish to gain music industry experience as a way to promote career goals are encouraged to apply.

PAS interns acquire broad industry experience by assisting with a variety of staff projects, including those relating to music products, teaching, concert production, publishing, artist management, and marketing. The Fall 2016 intern will be an integral part of the team that organizes, produces, and runs our 2016 international convention (PASIC) in Indianapolis.

PAS interns receive a $1,200 taxable stipend each month.

The Fall 2016 Internship runs from July 2016 through the end of December 2016.

While PAS does not serve as a career placement service for interns, we understand that our interns need to use their experience with us to give themselves a competitive edge in their career pursuits, and we encourage and support their preparation for entering the job market or returning to graduate school. You can read about the experiences and opportunities available to PAS interns from those who know our program best, our intern alums.

Apply Today!

We invite prospective candidates to send the following information:

• The Application and Reference List; • a Cover Letter, which includes a description of your career goals and suggests how an internship with PAS could help you realistically promote those goals;
• a Resume, which includes specific evidence of leadership opportunities and skills; and
• a Special Project paper: in 300-500 words, please describe an experience in which you were chiefly responsible for planning and implementing a specific project or event. Include details describing problems encountered and solved.

Completed applications can be forwarded as e-mail attachments to in a digital format. 

Those who prefer may send hard copies of application materials to our postal address: 
Intern Coordinator 
Percussive Arts Society
110 W. Washington, Suite A
Indianapolis IN 46204.

Priority will be given to candidates whose applications are received on or before Friday, May 13, 2016. We appreciate receiving applications well before the closing deadline.

Please encourage students in your studio or music business program to consider the advantages of six months of industry-related experience with the Percussive Arts Society.  Applicants and faculty advisors are encouraged to contact us for additional information.

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