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Percussive Notes welcomes articles of interest to percussionists and drummers involved in all genres of music. We are interested in articles that inform and educate percussionists and drummers in the areas of drumset, health and wellness, marching/rudimental percussion, world percussion, mallet-keyboard percussion, and orchestral/symphonic percussion. We also welcome percussion-related articles on education and technology. Individual articles can deal with technique, scholarly research and/or historical information. We often print interviews with prominent percussion performers, composers and educators, provided that the interviews include information that helps educate and inform our readership about various facets of percussion.
We also welcome press releases and news items. Rhythm! Scene accepts brief information about recent performances and events for the “People and Places” section. Newsworthy company information may be submitted for the “Industry News” section. Performers are welcome to send news about recent tours for the “On the Road” section. Other news items may be submitted and are used at the discretion of our editors. 
Research articles and dissertations are highly desired for the Online Thesis/Dissertation Repository. Articles should serve as a reference for students, teachers and performers.If you have an idea for an article that you feel would be appropriate for a PAS publication, please send a query letter explaining your idea. If you have already written an article or news item that you would like to have considered for publication, you may submit it without sending a query letter first. Please follow the following guidelines. 
1. Please submit all articles by e-mail with the text in a word processing program file, and keep formatting to a minimum (flush left, normal margins, consistent spacing, etc.) Use Endnotes rather than Footnotes. 
2. For article submission to Percussive Notes, include a brief "author's credits" bio.
3. If the article includes music examples, artwork, scanned photos, etc. that were produced on a computer, please submit those files individually by e-mail in their original state. You may include a hard copy that has the artwork integrated, in order that we can see where the examples should appear. But do not simply submit a single page-layout or word processing program file that has art or music files integrated. We need separate text, photo, art, music, etc. files. 
4. Include any photos (prints or transparencies) that can accompany your article. Indicate clearly if the photos, music or other materials must be returned to you after the article is published. It is the author's responsibility to secure permission for the use of copyrighted photos. A letter granting permission must be included. 
5. Music examples must be clear. If they were completed in Finale, please submit the original files. Do not send Finale music files as EPS, tiff, pict, jpg or similar files. We sometimes have to go to the original files to resize, change margins, edit, etc. In any case, provide a hard copy. If the music must be scanned from a published work, you must include an original copy of the work. It is the author's responsibility to secure permission for the use of copyrighted music. A letter granting permission must be included. 
6. It will take approximately six weeks for an editor to review and accept or reject the article. You will then be notified of the status. 
7. We reserve the right to edit articles for content, style and/or length. 
8. PAS will provide a letter, upon request, for the equivalent of what PAS would pay for such services, as a donation. This letter, in most cases, can be used for your taxes based on your individual circumstances and what is allowed under the IRS code.
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