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In each issue of Percussive Notes, a column entitled Selected Reviews of New Percussion Literature and Recordings is published. Publishers who are PAS Sustaining Members and individual PAS members who self-publish are invited to submit materials to the Percussive Arts Society (PAS) to be considered for review. Some materials MAY NOT be reviewed even though they are submitted for consideration. Unfortunately, due to the quantity of materials submitted, a confirmation of a review or a rejection will not be available.

Print Materials (scores, CDs, videos)

Send two copies of each submission (one copy remains in the PAS archives; the second copy is mailed to and remains with the reviewer) to:

Percussive Arts Society

110 W. Washington Street, Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46204

For ensemble works, all individual parts must accompany one of the scores. If the score is of considerable size and expense, a pdf may substitute as one of the hard copies. The pdf should be emailed to with the title of the piece included in the subject line of an email. However, one print copy must be sent to PAS for archival purposes. Please remember that the reviewer will be viewing the pdf and any problems with viewing via a computer screen may affect the review.

REQUIRED information


• Publisher contact information: address, website, e-mail, and preferred contact phone number
• Price (in U.S. dollars, if possible)

Helpful but not required information:
• Sound recording of a performance or rehearsal; may be a CD or active website link (no email audio files)
• Translation if extensive text and/or CD liner notes are not in English

Online materials (available ONLY as an online download)

Provide the following to
• Publisher contact information: address, website, e-mail, and preferred contact phone number
• Price (in U.S. dollars, if possible)
• Active website (double check link)
• Username/password if needed to download file

Even though the online materials are available to the general public via download, a print copy of the submission will need to be sent to the PAS office for archival purposes.  This print copy will not be sent to the reviewer but rather housed at the PAS office.  PAS does not have the resources or manpower to print online materials at the home office.  Please send one print copy to the address listed above.

Timeline and Procedures

When material arrives at PAS, information about the material is entered into a database.  Every two months, this information is given to the Associate Editor for review assignments.  After the Associate Editor makes the assignments, the materials are shipped from the PAS office to the reviewers.  During the review period, no contact should occur between the publishers/composers of the material under review and the reviewer. This helps protect the integrity of the review. Should the publisher/composer need to provide PAS with updated information regarding the material (e.g., errata, change of price, change of address), that information should be sent to

Materials are sent to reviewers every two months, and there is a lead time of four months between the time reviewers receive materials and the time those reviews are published. (For example, reviewers receive materials in early October for reviews published the following February.) Note that materials can sit for nearly two months before being sent to a reviewer, depending on when they are received. Also, should PAS receive an unusually high volume of materials within a two-month period, some reviews might have to be held an additional two months before they are published.

Selection of PN Reviewers

The PN reviewers are selected and retained on the basis of their percussion expertise, journalistic writing skills, and timeliness to deadlines. The selection of the PN reviewers is the sole responsibility of the Associate Editor, although recommendations are received from the Editor, the Executive Director, and members of the Executive Committee.  Potential reviewers should first contact the Associate Editor.

Comments about the material submitted are those of the reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of PAS.

Difficulty Rating Scale

I–II Elementary 
III–IV Intermediate 
V–VI Advanced 
VI+ Difficult


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