Online Thesis/Dissertation Repository

How to submit manuscripts to the PAS Online Thesis/Dissertation Repository

The PAS Thesis/Dissertation Repository is an online resource containing scholarship related to topics in percussion. Authors who have completed advanced degrees are encouraged to upload their academic documents so that they may be easily accessible to others and in order to help establish a large body of comprehensive percussion research available in a single location. Scholarship is organized into the following areas:

Composer/Performer Studies
Drum Set
- Primary
- Secondary
- College/University
- Africa
- Americas
- Asia/Pacific Islands
- Caribbean
- Europe
- India
- Middle-East
Health & Wellness
Historical Studies
Instrument Construction & Acoustics 
Keyboard Percussion
- Marimba
- Vibraphone
- Xylophone
Marching/Rudimental Percussion
Music Cognition
- Concerto
- Mixed Chamber Ensemble
- Percussion Ensemble
- Solo
Symphonic Percussion

Acceptable documents for submission are any theses or dissertations required for the completion of Master’s or Doctoral degrees in Performance, Musicology, Ethnomusicology, Composition, Music Theory, Music Education, Music Therapy, Music Cognition, or other fields peripherally related to interests in percussion music or performance. The overall subject matter of documents needs not entirely address issues in percussion, yet a substantial portion of research should be directly applicable to the area(s) of the repository in which the document is listed. Documents must be completed and approved by the degree-granting institution prior to being submitted for inclusion. Term papers, conference presentations, or other types of research should not be contributed to the repository but instead submitted to Percussive Notes or Percussive Notes Online Research Edition for publication. Documents that are deemed by the PAS Scholarly Research Committee to be inappropriate for the purposes of the repository may be rejected.

To submit to the repository, please provide the following to Graeme Francis at

PDF of the document

A text file containing the document’s abstract, institution, and date of completion

A recommendation for up to TWO categories in which the document may be appropriately listed

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