Solo Winners
2013: Concert-Style Snare Drum Solo with CD
Pat Jacobs 
“Alter Ego”
2nd Jamie Whitmarsh “Variations 2.0”  
3rd  Panayiotis Kokoras “T-totum”

2012: Unaccompanied Solo Marimba
Samuel Peruzzolo-Vieira 
“the dethronement of the earth from its geometrical pre-eminence”
2nd Tomasz Golinski “The Absurd World”  
3rd  John Parker “Pushing Nancarrow's Wheelbarrow”

2011: Solo Timpani

Alex Orfaly
“Improvvisato Contrasto”
2nd  Takumi Motokawa “Orochi”
3rd  Peter
“Variation and Themes”

2011: Vibraphone Solo
Ed Martin 
“Skipping Stones”
2nd  Dana Difilippantonio “scenes for summertime”  
3rd  Jorge Vidales “Time-Clouds”

2009: I. Multiple Percussion (small set-up)
1st Dwayne Corbin “Cage for One”
2nd Guilherme Carvalho “calculo infinitesimal”
3rd Michael Early “raingutter”
2008: I. Soloist with Percussion Ensemble
1st Nicholas Pavkovic
“Concertino for Piano and Percussion”
2nd Baljinder Singh Sekhon, II “Lou”
3rd Mark Ford “The Surface of Life”
2007: I. Marimba Solo (unaccompanied)
1st Joel Harrison
“Fear of Silence”
2nd Ivan Trevino “Memento”
3rd Guillaume Le Picard “Abaca”
2006: I. Unaccompanied Timpani Solo
1st Alex A. Orfaly
“Rhapsody No. 2”
2nd John Willmarth “Bushido: The Way of the Warrior”
3rd Jerod Tate "Taloa' Hiloha (Thunder Song)"
2005: I. Multiple Percussion Solo with CD Accompaniment
1st James Campbell
"Garage Drummer"
2nd Dajeong Choi "Mons Montis (A Great Rock)"
3rd Dustin R. Lowes "Fear of the Hunted"
2004: I. Vibraphone Solo
1st Chappell Kingsland
"The Labyrinth"
2nd Alan Chan "Floes"
3rd Saverio Tasca "Market Day"
2003: I. Marimba Solo
1st Eckhard Kopetzki
"Three Movements for a Solo Dancer"
2nd Ben Wahlund "Crystal Butterfly"
3rd Akie Takada "Variation on Akatonbo"
2002: I. Multiple Percussion Solo

2002: II. Timpani Soloist with Percussion

1st Eckhard Kopetzki
" Canned Heat"
2nd Guy Gauthreaux " Time to Remember"
3rd Brett William Dietz " Fire Wire"
1st Allen Houston
" Concert Piece in 3 Movements"
2nd Alex A. Orfaly "Divertissement"
3rd Eric Matthew Rodis " Channels: Concerto for Timpani"
2000: I. Percussion Soloist with Band (Wind Ensemble to Symphonic Band)
1st Lynn Glassock
" Concerto for Percussion and Wind Ensemble"
2nd Joey Sellers " Odd Children"
3rd Daniel Adams " Isorhythmic Concerto"
1998: I. Solo Timpani (four drums)
1st William Hill
" Sonata in C for Solo Timpani"
2nd Kevin Erikson " In the Valley of Kings"
3rd Guy Gauthreaux " Capriccio for Solo Timpani"
  Frederic Macarez " Feet and Hands"
1997: I. Solo Marimba (any standard range from 4 1/3 to 5 octaves acceptable)
1st Leander Kaiser
" Black Sphinx"
2nd Geir Rafnsson " Hekla"
3rd Tom Deastlov " Creation and Metamorphosis"
1996: I. Solo Marimba (Low A ) With Piano Accompaniment
1st Thomas Briggs
" Duet for Marimba and Piano"
2nd Mari Era " San Sui Sui"
3rd Alexis Bacon " Duet for Marimba and Piano"
1995: I. Vibraphone soloist with Percussion Ensemble (5-8 players)

1995: II. Solo Percussionist (Small to Medium Set-Up with Tape {cassette})

1st David Johnson
" Quartz City"
2nd Stephen Lima " Alma Sagrada"
3rd Robert Cossom " Bunyip"
1st Thom Hasenpflug
" South of Jupiter"
2nd Jeffrey Peyton " The Final Precipice"
3rd Bruce Hamilton " Edge"
1994: I. Marimba and Voice
(Low A or Low F Acceptable for Marimba)
1st Lynn Glassock
" Five Songs For Voice and Marimba"
2nd Bruce Roberts " Dona Eis Requiem"
3rd Douglas Ovens " She Sings…."
1992: I. Solo Marimba (Low A)
1st Gary Smart
" The Seasons"
2nd Christopher Deane " Three Shells"

1991: Unaccompanied 5-Piece Drumset Solo

1st Robert Stright
" Melodies for Drumset"
2nd Glen A. Bush " Moose and Squirrel are Friends"
3rd Gerald M. Heslip " Whose Kit is This?"
1990: Unaccompanied Vibraphone Solo
1st Robert Stright
" Six Poems"
2nd Thomas Briggs " Reminiscence for Solo Vibraphone"
3rd Lynn Glassock " Reflections"
  Brad Stirtz " Tribute"

1989: Suite for Solo Snare Drum

1st Guy Gauthreaux
" American Suite for Unaccompanied Snare Drum"
2nd Dr. Jack Jenny " At Odds, Suite for Solo Snare Drum"
3rd Daniel Adams " Variation Sans Theme"

1987: Solo Percussion with Traditional Woodwind or Brass Quintet

1st Tomoyuki Hisatome
" The Hopping Moon for Percussion and Woodwinds"
2nd Ramon Dana " Sonata for Brass Quintet and Percussion"
3rd Daniel Moore " Fantasy on Two American Folk Tunes"
1986: Solo Percussion with Percussion Ensemble (6 or more players)
1st Yiu-kwong Chung
" Three Movements for Solo Marimba and Seven Percussionists" [now titled " Chariots" ]
2nd Lynn Glassock " Four Interiors"
3rd Willie Anku GAHU " An African Model"

1985: Solo Percussion with Band/Wind

1st Robert Myers
" Enigma Virginia"
2nd William Susman " Exchanges"
3rd Michael Udow " Rememberance"
  John Serry " Concerto for Percussion, Brass and Percussion"

1983: Duet for One Percussionist and One Wind Instrumentalist

1st Raymond Luedeke
" Fancies and Interludes IV for Bass Clarinet and Percussion"
2nd Raymond Luedeke " Fancies and Interludes III for Horn and Percussion"
3rd David J. Colson " Hotdogs for Oboe and Percussion"
1982: Unaccompanied Solo Marimba
1st Christopher Deane
" Etude for a Quiet Hall"
2nd Donald Skoog " Water and Fire"
3rd Bob Margolis " Three Technical Sketches for Marimba"
1980: Drumset Solo
1st Eric White

"Two Sketches for Drum Set"
2nd Thomas Nehls "Warm Up Drums"
3rd Ron Fink "Set Solos III" [now titled "Drum Suite"]
1980: Snare Drum Solo

1980: Vibraphone Solo

1st Eric White

" False Images"
2nd William Schinstine " Recital Suite for Snare Drum"
  Chris McDermott " A solo for Two Hands and a Snare Drum"
1st Takayoshi Yoshioka

" Meditation"
2nd Larry Spivack " Soliloquy"
1978: Percussion Soloist with Percussion Ensemble Accompaniment
1st Michael W. Udow
" Bog Music"
2nd Daniel Levitan " Concerto for Marimba"
3rd Murray Houllif " Three Movements for Multi-Percussionist and Percussion Quartet"
  William J. Schinstine " Sonata No. 4 for Timpani and Percussion Ensemble"
1976: Timpani Solo
1st Murray Houllif "Four Verses for Timpani"
2nd John Floyd " Theme and Variations for Four Timpani"
  Marta Ptaszynska " Classical Variations in Several Styles for Four Timpani"
1975: Keyboard Percussion Solo
1st Luis Jorge Gonzalez " Mutables"
2nd Andrew Frank " Maneries of Garlandia"
3rd Gordon Stout "Two Mexican Dances"
  Reed Holmes "DreamQuest"