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New percussion instruments are introduced to the market all of the time and we’re here to help keep you in the loop. Check out our Industry Showcase to see what new percussion products are out there.

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Bantamweight Tambourines
Weighing 15 percent less than other Grover pro-level tambourines, Grover Pro Bantamweight Series tambourines are easier to grip, control, and play. The Bantamweight’s shell is narrower in depth, resulting in a professional-quality instrument that can be played with ease and dexterity, especially by younger percussionists and those with smaller hands. Like other Grover pro models, these tambourines feature 34 jingles in a staggered row configuration. Dual-width jingle slots facilitate smooth, even rolls. The head is carefully pre-tensioned and mounted to the shell using a two-part adhesive that secures the perimeter of the head to the shell bearing edge. Remo’s Skyntone head material is used because it closely simulates the natural warmth of real skin, the difference being that it will remain tight at all times and under any playing condition. Every Bantamweight Series tambourine features: reduced weight solid hardwood shell; Remo pre-tensioned Skyntone head; staggered, dual-width jingle slots; hand-hammered jingles; captive pin system; cordura case and Roll-Ring included. It is available in three models: T2/GS-B German Silver jingles; T2/HTC-B Heat Treated Copper jingles; T2/HTSPh-B Heat-Treated Silver/Phosphor Bronze jingles.
D-Port Sound Enhancers
KickPort International, makers of the KickPort bass drum sound enhancer, announced the introduction of D-Port sound ports for snare drums and tom-toms. Based on the same acoustic principles as the KickPort, D-Ports are one-, two- and three-inch double-flared extrusions made from a soft, pliable, composite material that enhance the sound of snare drums and tom-toms. D-Ports are removable and reusable and can be quickly and easily installed in virtually any drum by cutting a small circular vent in the drumhead and mounting the port using a double-sided, adhesive D-Port ring. This procedure, in conjunction with the D-Port’s unique design, vents the drums to create a deeper, fatter, more balanced sound with increased clarity and articulation. D-Ports are available in a choice of black and white and come individually and in convenient drumset pre-packs that include one 1” port, two 2” ports and one 3” port with graduated mounting/reinforcement rings that can also be used as hole-cutting templates. Additional D-Port Rings are available as after-market accessories.
Gen16 Buffed Bronze Cymbals
The Zildjian Sound Lab has created the next generation of reduced volume cymbals, the Gen16 Buffed Bronze Series. Using knowledge gained from the original Gen16 nickel-plated cymbal line, Zildjian craftsmen made subtle but important changes to the bell profiles of the original cymbals. Additional lathing has also been applied on the larger models to increase the lower fundamental overtone structure. Also significant is the rich buffed bronze finish of the new line that greatly enhances its appearance and produces a warmer tone than the original Gen16 nickel-plated models. Gen16 Buffed Bronze cymbals are available in the following sizes: 12-inch splash, 16-inch crash, 16-inch China, 18-inch crash-ride, 20-inch ride, 13-inch hi-hats (pair), 14-inch hi-hat (pair).
Guira Cowbells
Latin Percussion (LP) has introduced a new addition to its line of premium, U.S.-made cowbells with two new guira cowbells. Handmade from quality stainless steel, the guira cowbell is designed with a textured surface that allows the cowbell to also serve as a guira. The LP guira cowbell is available in hand-held (LP225H) and mountable (LP225) models. A scraper is included with each hand-held model.
Marimba One Izzy
Marimba One introduced its pioneering Marimba One Izzy™, the culmination of 30 years of acoustic, engineering and ergonomic innovations. Named after company founder Ron Samuels’ son, the Marimba One Izzy offers the most musical, durable and easy-to-use marimba in the market. Its precision-balanced bar and resonator acoustics derive from decades of design and engineering refinements. Introducing a new frame and rails made of wood and aluminum, the Marimba One Izzy is equipped with a streamlined height-adjustment system for superb ergonomics, ideal for performers of different performing styles. The system incorporates a positive locking mechanism with built-in tape measures so the player can position the marimba exactly to his or her liking. The use of US-grade aluminum maximizes the Marimba One Izzy’s durability for assembly, dismantling and transport, ideal for schools and performers. It also gives the instrument a smart, contemporary look.
Power Piccolo With Maple Hoops
Dixon has made an upgrade to its 9-ply, 6x13 Rosewood power piccolo. The snare is now equipped with rock maple hoops, finished to match its natural Rosewood shell. The plied wood hoops balance the aggressive character of Rosewood with its warm fundamental tone for a richer backbeat as a primary or side snare. Classic tube lugs and Dunnett strainer provide the final ingredients.
Powermax 2 Marching Bass Drumhead
Remo has developed the double ply Powermax 2 Marching Bass drumhead, ideal for both indoor and outdoor venues. Made with two plies of Mylar film, the Powermax 2 provides more attack and tone control than any other marching bass drumhead on the market. The Powermax 2 includes the same popular Powermax pre-muffled design with a pre-installed dampening ring on the inside for optimum tone and projection plus a control sound dot underneath for added durability. Available in Ultra White or Ebony in sizes 14–32-inchs.
Prophonic Anniversary Edition Maple Snare Drum
KHS America, the USA distributor of Majestic Percussion, has commissioned a 12-drum reissue of the Prophonic 50th Anniversary Snare Drum exclusively for the U.S. market. In 2011, Majestic Holland introduced a limited run of this stunning gray sparkle lacquer maple snare drum to the European percussion community, and now, 12 lucky American percussionists will also have the opportunity to own this special instrument. “This versatile drum produces a smooth and sensitive tone for a wide range of concert snare drumming, but also marks two important milestones for our brand: its 50th Anniversary and the first Prophonic snare drum model produced,” noted Majestic Percussion Brand Manager Chris Hankes. Never before available in the U.S., this drum features a thick maple shell and rounded top bearing edge, allowing it to speak with a slightly broader stick response and darker tone. The Prophonic Multi-Link throw off system helps deliver an articulate character in all dynamic ranges. The Prophonic Anniversary model reissue in the U.S. will be fitted with a Remo M5 coated Diplomat head on the batter side. A total of 12 of this special snare drum will be available for purchase in the U.S. through Majestic retailers.
Round Sound Mallets
Round Sound is Marimba One’s latest innovation. The mallets are double-wound for durability, and offer Marimba One craftsmanship at a great price. The light weight makes it easier to use for students and other beginner or intermediate percussionists, yet the warmth and articulation make it attractive to advanced players. Round Sound features two colors, the unique visual trademark of Marimba One mallets. It’s available in birch only and comes in three levels of hardness: RSB1 (hard), great attack from middle C to the very top; RSB3 (medium), perfect balance for the middle range; RSB5 (soft), lightweight yet produces rich, articulate bass sound.
VicKick Beaters
Vic Firth Co. has unveiled their new VicKick Beaters for drumset. Available in felt, wood and fleece, VicKick Beaters feature spherical heads that provide a consistent striking surface. These three special models each provide distinct and appropriate levels of articulation, all while achieving an enhanced low-end sound. Within the VicKick series, both the felt and wood beaters feature a unique dual striking position. Set in the “radial” position, the beater provides clear articulation and consistent rebound, and allows for side-by-side clearance when used on double-pedal setups. The “flat” position increases beater surface contact for enhanced sound. The fleece beater is crafted with an oval felt core and sets up in a singular position. The three models are: VKB1—felt, radial. Medium-hard premium felt head creates clear articulation with a full low-end sound. Dual orientation offers multiple sound and feel options; VKB2—wood, radial. Hard maple head creates super rhythmic clarity. Weight of ball helps produce a full sound. Dual orientation offers multiple sound and feel options. Ideal for rockers looking for the ultimate in articulation; VKB3—fleece-covered felt, oval. Medium felt core covered with fleece for a full and warm sound. Outstanding for jazz.