Vol. 54, No. 5 - November 2016

2016 PAS Hall of Fame: Tzong-Ching Ju
2016 PAS Hall of Fame: Ed Soph
Being the Sabbatical Replacement: 8 Tips for Success
How to Cultivate Culture: The Keys to a Successful Percussion Program
In Time, In Tune, In Touch Musicianship and Drumkit Tuning
Playing the Ancient Mridangam Today: An Interview with Dr. Rohan Krishnamurthy
On Losing
I Stream, Ustream: Tips and Best Practices for Video Conferences and Webcasts
Mallet Dampening on Vibes
One to One A Conversation with Steven Snowden
Illusory Conjunction: A Timpanic Gestalt
Grid Theory in Rudimental Drumming
2016 PAS Composition Contest Winners

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