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Rhythm! Scene™ is the free, digital publication of the Percussive Arts Society. Published in February, April, June, August, October and December, this modern publication features unique articles, interviews with percussion composers and performers, viral videos, a free R!Solo composition, upcoming events, and the latest products and news from the percussion industry.

Vol. 5, No. 6, December 2018



✎ My First PASIC
✎ PASIC Highlights
✎ PAS 2018 Scholarship Recipients
✎ 2018 Percussive Arts Society Awards
✎ PAS Marching Festival 2018
✎ Virtually Everywhere: An Interview with Paul Jennings
✎ How to Build a Snare Drum
✎ Joy to the World
✎ What I Wish I Had Known Earlier, Part 3: Furniture Moving
✎ An Introduction to Afro Peruvian Music and the Peruvian Cajón
✎ Hotlicks: Tamborim Carreteiro
✎ R!Solo: Corn Maze for Solo Multi-Percussion
✎ Beta Percussion International Institute

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