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ChromaTone Timpani Mallets
Grover Pro Percussion Inc. announced the release of ChromaTone™ Seamless Timpani Mallets. Designed to be spherically shaped from the start, ChromaTone mallets are manufactured utilizing an innovative process that results in a unique constructive union of felt and core. Unlike traditional timpani mallets, ChromaTone mallets are not constructed from a flat sheet of felt. Grover’s vibrantly colored felt is molded to a solid core so that the mallet head will function as one mass. Eliminating the need for hand-stitching solves such problems as striking on seams and voids, and the loosening of stitches. The sound of our ChromaTone mallets can best be described as having great clarity with a focused pitch center. The mating of the seamless heads to lightweight bamboo handles moves the center of gravity significantly forward, improving the ability to produce a round sonority with greater fundamental purity. A round timpani mallet also allows for the player to change the angle of the mallet without affecting the sound. Each model in the line represents a different sound and weight as determined by felt thickness and three core options: cork, wood, and synthetic. The bamboo handles of ChromaTone mallets have smooth sleeves that ensure a secure hold and more comfort than typical bamboo mallets. While each pair of mallets is color-coded for easy and quick identification, there is also a plug at the bottom of each handle marked with the model number for easy distinguishing on a trap table if the colors are not visible. The bamboo is hand-selected for consistency in density and straightness, with each handle measuring 14 inches long with a 0.5-inch diameter. Every pair is also carefully weight- and color-matched.
10-inch 2002 Mega Bell
Paiste’s new 10-inch 2002 Mega Bell adds a piercing, heavy bell sound with tremendous sustain to rock drummers’ setups. Its sound character is bright, yet warm. Played with the shoulder of the drumstick, an extremely powerful, woody attack dominates, flowing into a strong, slightly glimmering tone that fades very slowly. Like the 2002 cymbals, the 10-inch 2002 Mega Bell is also well-suited for other styles.
22-inch 602 Medium Ride
Paiste’s new 22-inch Formula 602 Medium Ride extends the assortment of Formula 602 Classic Sounds to 13 models. It shines through its perfect balance of a smooth, sparkling ping and a full, rich wash as well as a clear, yet unobtrusive bell sound. Thanks to the new choice of Medium Rides in 20-, 22- and 24-inch models, drummers now have a finer gradation available with regard to depth, pitch and volume to individually implement their personal sound.
22-inch RUDE Power Ride
This year Paiste celebrates the 35th anniversary of the RUDE series. To commemorate the anniversary Paiste collaborated with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo to create the 22-inch RUDE Power Ride “The Reign.” It’s based on the original cymbal, which can be heard on Slayer’s Reign In Blood album. This extremely heavy ride cymbal features a cutting, metallic ping, always clear even in extreme volume situations. The large bell leaves nothing to be desired in terms of aggressiveness and fullness. The raw look of the non-lathed 22” RUDE Power Ride “The Reign” is a classic and underlines the lusty, brute power of the cymbal. The groove on the bell provides a shot of extra depth.
3300 Series Timpani
Yamaha’s 3300 Series timpani integrates features from Yamaha’s top-of-the-line timpani to provide world class sound in a portable and easy to operate model, including the tuning mechanism, bowl shape and design, pedal adjustment clutch (unique to Yamaha), pedal size, color and hoop design. The bowl configuration, Renaissance heads and hoops work together to create a deep, sustained tone. A new optimized spring design for the pedal adjustment clutch makes for smoother, more stable operation when playing at any pitch. Larger casters (with new locks), easily retractable pedals and a lightweight aluminum bowl make it easier than ever to move the instrument. Adjustable leg and pedal heights contribute to stress-free overall operation. Great for schools, churches and gigging musicians, these lightweight models allow any percussionist to transport a set of four great-sounding timpani in the back of a small SUV or mini-van.
8300 and 9300 Series Marching Drums
Yamaha featured the 8300 and 9300 Series Marching Drums at the 2014 NAMM Show. After 30 years of successful development and building Birch drum shells, Yamaha brings Maple shells to field competitions with new marching snare, tom and bass drum models. The entries feature the same popular Maple shell design that has been tested with award-winning drum corps and indoor percussion organizations, and has proven to be a great performer, both physically and musically. These drums can provide depth and projection without overpowering the rest of the ensemble, yet still maintain a clear, articulate sound. Chrome hardware is now standard on snare drums, offering improved durability and a more integrated look with the rest of the series.
AAA Deluxe Cymbal Case
Protection Racket has announced the release of the AAA Deluxe Cymbal Vault. The new deluxe cymbal vault has been designed using Protection Racket’s Triple AAA – Access All Area – All Accidents Averted drum case technology. This means the case has a super tough, impact resistant, polycarbonate frame, which is fully rigid but very lightweight, weighing in at only 4Kg/8.8lb. Internally, Protection Racket has made liberal use of the Rocket Foam and Propile fleece linings. The deluxe cymbal vault has eight internal fleece compartments with fiberglass inserts to maintain rigidity, which fit cymbals up to 24 inches as well as hi-hat and splash cymbal pockets on the inside lid of case. These bags come complete with unbreakable zips, waterproof luggage tags, a central handle, Progrip handles front and back for easy lifting, and a padded shoulder strap. In addition the case has an open back panel with zipped pocket for attachment to any luggage trolley.
Bantamweight Tambourines
Weighing 15 percent less than other Grover pro-level tambourines, Grover Pro Bantamweight Series tambourines are easier to grip, control, and play. The Bantamweight’s shell is narrower in depth, resulting in a professional-quality instrument that can be played with ease and dexterity, especially by younger percussionists and those with smaller hands. Like other Grover pro models, these tambourines feature 34 jingles in a staggered row configuration. Dual-width jingle slots facilitate smooth, even rolls. The head is carefully pre-tensioned and mounted to the shell using a two-part adhesive that secures the perimeter of the head to the shell bearing edge. Remo’s Skyntone head material is used because it closely simulates the natural warmth of real skin, the difference being that it will remain tight at all times and under any playing condition. Every Bantamweight Series tambourine features: reduced weight solid hardwood shell; Remo pre-tensioned Skyntone head; staggered, dual-width jingle slots; hand-hammered jingles; captive pin system; cordura case and Roll-Ring included. It is available in three models: T2/GS-B German Silver jingles; T2/HTC-B Heat Treated Copper jingles; T2/HTSPh-B Heat-Treated Silver/Phosphor Bronze jingles.
Bass Plate and Pinch Clip
Pinch Clip and Bass Plate—two of the newest percussion accessories to hit the market in 2015—have chosen Big Bang Distribution as their exclusive, worldwide sales agents. PinchClip replaces conventional nuts and wingnuts on many types of threaded drum hardware, including cymbal tilters and hi-hat clutches. The stainless-steel flange flexes when pinched so that the holes in its overlapping arms align, allowing the clip to be quickly applied and removed. When the finger pressure is released, the specially designed arms separate and securely grab on to any threaded device. Bass Plate is a pedal-to-bass-drum dock that offers an advanced yet quick and easy solution for securely mounting a bass drum pedal to a bass drum. Used and endorsed by Tino Arteaga (Mice & Men), Brendan Buckley (Shakira), Gerald Heyward (Chirs Brown), Arin Ilejay (Avenged Sevenfold), Tris Imboden (Chicago), Johnny Rabb (Collective Soul) and Thomas Lang (stork), the device suspends the drum slightly off the floor and removes the pedal from the hoop for improved bass drum sound while providing lateral position adjustability and allowing variations of the beater's striking point without changing the pedal's action.
Black Swamp MultiPlates
Black Swamp announces their new MultiPlate line, consisting of three metal plates designed for mounting and hanging various percussion accessory instruments.  The three contrasting plate shapes (ArcPlate, TriPlate, RecPlate) provide near endless mounting possibilities.  Each plate ships direct with a case, as well as the necessary suspension lines, Velcro strips and posts to quickly and easily suspend triangles, mount cowbells, hang almglocken and more.  Additional MultiPlate accessories are in development, including a crotale mount, clave mount, guiro mount and triangle trigger. Models and list prices are below: ArcPlate = $100.00 TriPlate = $113.00 . RecPlate = $118.00

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