PAS Educators’ Companion

The Educators’ Companion is a PAS publication, compiled by the Education Committee, focusing on providing percussion education resources to the music education community, specifically for the non-percussionist educator.

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PAS Research Publications (1963–1987)

The entire collection of Percussionist and Percussive Notes Research Edition issues on one CD in searchable pdf format. These scholarly journals were devoted to percussion research and education, and contain a wealth of information on all areas of percussion including symphonic, marching and rudimental, drumset, keyboard, and world percussion, covering ancient traditions through modern innovations and applications.

The Drummer: Man A Treatise on Percussion by Gordon Peters

This is an updated and fully searchable CD version of the book originally published in 1975. It covers percussion instrument and performance evolution and cultural history, acoustics of percussion instruments, jazz percussion, ensembles, notation and scoring, techniques and more. It is a compact percussion reference library, textbook, music history book all on one CD.

Percussion Education: A Source Book of Concepts and Information

Developed by Garwood Whaley and the PAS Education Committee. A required text in many college percussion techniques classes. This book includes information on instruction, motivating the percussion student, school percussion ensembles, equipment, sticks and mallets, repertoire, and much more. Indexed and easily searchable in pdf format on CD.

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