PAS has 17 standing committees that address specific areas of percussion performance, research, education, pedagogy and the percussion community. PAS committees play an essential role in advancing percussion through the development and dissemination of the latest information, research and initiatives. If you are interested in serving on a committee, you can read about the protocols for joining below. Please note: you must be a PAS subscriber at the VIP or All Access levels to serve on a committee.

Composition Committee

(15 members)
Chair: Nicolaus Meyers (since Jan 1, 2017)
2019: Matt Filosa, Lane Harder, Greg Jackson, Matthew Richmond, Luis Rivera, Jamie Whitmarsh
2020: Brian Blume, Joe Moore
2021: Tim Corpus, Brian Graiser, Nicholaus Meyers
2022: Greg Haynes, Juan Mendoza, Francisco Perez

The Composition Committee administrates the annual PAS Composition Contest, including selection of judges, rules clarification, and reviews of winning compositions. The committee is also responsible for determining categories for the contest and strives to secure exposure for winning compositions and notable composers of percussion music at PASIC and other state days of percussion.

Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

Contest and Audition Procedures Committee

(14 members)
Chair: Gene Koshinski (since March 2013)
2019: Jerry Noble, Tomm Roland, Sarah Waters
Tim Broscious, Matthew Coley, Adam Groh
2022: Mark Collins, Alexis Corbin, Timothy Feerst, Ben Fraley, Jonathan Ovalle, David Saad, Bobby Schroyer

The Contest and Audition Procedures Committee organizes and administers the annual PAS Solo Competition.  In addition, the committee participates in research and dissemination of contest and audition related information.  Their work is published in Percussive Notes, Rhythm! Scene, and organized for PASIC Panel Discussions.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

Diversity Committee (ad hoc)

Inaugural Chair: Heather Sloan
Joshua Simonds, PAS Executive Director, Dr. Julie Hill, PAS Immediate Past President
The Percussive Arts Society announces the formation of an ad hoc Diversity Committee aimed at fostering greater diversity at every level of PAS. The committee will work to assess current participation and visibility levels among women, people of color, the disabled, LGBTQ-identified members, and others within the PAS community. The committee will also develop strategies for increased communication across differences within PAS. The first Diversity Committee meeting will be held at 4pm on Friday, November 11th, in the Capitol 2 Room of the Westin Hotel during PASIC 2016. This meeting is open to all interested members of the PAS community.

Drumset Committee

(21 members+advisory)
Chair: Eric C. Hughes (since 2013)
2019: Sergio Bellotti, Chris Hanning, Lamon Lahorn, Péter Szendőfi
2021: David Stanoch, Donny Gruendler, Mark Powers, Jason Gianni, Jennifer Hoeft, Keith Dudek
2022: Chet Doboe, Jim Mola, Rich Redmond, Larry Rodbell, Wayne Salzmann II, David Segal, David Stark, Jason Sutter, Rodrigo Villanueva

Advisory: Chris Stankee, Juels Thomas, Bruce Jacoby, Joe Testa, Sarah Hagans, Jason Edwards, Trey O'Toole, Joe Bergamini
The Drumset Committee organizes and plans the programming of the various drumset clinics and masterclasses for PASIC. Another committee initiative is to conduct film interviews with historically significant drummers around the country for the PAS archives to serve as a source for future generations to use as a research toll, or for general interest.

Education Committee

(24 members)
Chair: Pete DeSalvo (since February 2014)
2019: Jeff Crowell, John Hain, Ralph Hicks, Brian Nozny, Darin Olson, Mike Sammons, Josh Smith, Dan Smithiger, Ben Stiers, Josh Torres, Jim Yakas
2020: Chad Floyd, Colin Hill, Josh Knight
2021: Oliver Molina, Thomas Marceau, Matthew Weyer, Ben Runkel
2022: Brandon Arvay, Lucas Bernier, Arjuna Contreras, Karlyn Vina, Troy Wollwage
The Education Committee conducts research and explores practical and philosophical materials such as workshops, articles, resources, networking, and stimulating discussions to assist music educators in the comprehensive education of their students.    

Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

Health & Wellness Committee

(15 members)
Brad Meyer (since Jan 1, 2017)
2019: Bill Bachman, Nathan Daughtrey, Rob Falvo, Terri Lynn Haley, Andy Harnsberger, Bradley E. Meyer, Wesley Parker, Sherry Rubins, Darin Workman, Stephen K. Workman
2022: Laurel Black, Elliot Cleveland, Nathaniel Gworek, Ian Sikora
The Health and Wellness Committee addresses topics and issues relating to the health and wellness of percussionists. This includes the promotion, development, and organization of materials for publication, injury prevention workshops, and panels held at PASIC as well as the coordination of hearing tests for attendees of the convention.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

Interactive Drumming Committee

(11 members+advisory)
Committee Chair: John Fitzgerald (since March 2013)
2019: Peter Hussey, John Scalici, Frank Shaffer
2020: Warren Hyer
2021: Jessica Fredricks, Eric Dunton, Jeff Holland
2021: Robert Damm, Robert Friedman
Advisory: Kim Brower, Michael Pratt, Jim Greiner, John Yost
The Interactive Drumming Committee promotes the establishment and benefits of participatory percussion-based experiences in education, recreation, healthcare, business world, disabilities, social work, and community building settings where people of all ages and backgrounds can participate. 
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

International Committee

(15 members) The International Committee consists of Chapter Presidents from outside the U.S., but will accept applications from those who would like to represent international regions or countries.
Chair: Adam Mason (since April 2012)
2019: Kyle Acuncius, Anders Astrand, Pedro Carneiro, Darren Duerden, Gary France, Kristen Shiner McGuire, Merrilee McNaught, Tim Palmer, Emmanuel Séjourné, Alexander Singer, Daniel Tones, Heinz von Moisy
2020: Josh Watkins
2021: Antonio Santangelo
2022: Antoine Fatout, Minghui Kuo, Jose Augusto Duarte Lacerda, Jianpeng Feng

The International Committee coordinates efforts and promotes the growth of international membership in PAS by addressing issues pertaining to communication, fiscal matters, philosophy, and visibility. 

Keyboard Committee

(13 members)
Chair: Scott Herring (Since November 2013)
2017: Gwen Dease
2019: Adam Blackstock, Andy Harnsberger
2020: Ji Hye Jung, Ed Smith
2021: Tony Miceli, Michael Overman
2022: Mark Boseman, Paul Fadoul, Wei-Chen Lin, Jamie Moyer, Andrea Venet

The Keyboard Committee examines and addresses keyboard issues and topics of concern to the PAS membership. The committee promotes, organizes, and recommends the various keyboard clinics, masterclasses, and panel discussions for each PASIC.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

Marching Percussion Committee

(28 members)
Chair: Mark Reilly (January 2016)
2019: Alex Casmiro, Ward Durrett, Scott Johnson, Michael McIntosh, Iain Moyer, Tom Rarick, Terry Sanders, Adan Wiencken, Jon Weber, Sean Womack
2020: Glen Buecker, Andrew Veit, Jesse Willis
2021: Jamie Haffner, Brad Halls, Joe Hobbs, Mark Kapral, Brendan Mason, Nick Phillips, Charles Poole, Shilo Stroman, Ian Wudyka
2022: Frank Chapple, Michael Eagle, Jason Ihnat, Lance Pedigo, Bryan Waites
The Marching Percussion Committee hosts the PAS Marching Percussion Festival and Individuals Competition at each PASIC. Additionally, the committee strives to serve the international community of teachers, arrangers, performers, and aficionados by developing and offering a variety of educational materials. Many of the adjudicators for the various festivals are PAS Marching Percussion Committee members who volunteer their time and expertise to provide students with a quality evaluation and positive performance experience.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

Music Technology Committee

(26 members + advisory)
Chair: Blair Helsing (since March 2013)
2019: Thad Anderson, Mark Cook, Matt Filosa, Brady Harrison, Fabrice Marandola, Kyle Maxwell-Doherty, Joe Nebistinsky, Joe Perez
2020: Andrew Angell, Patti Cudd, John Emrich, Jeremy Kirk, Joe Kulick, Chris Roode, Annie Stevens
2021: Andrew Thierauf, Rob Klegon, Victor Pons
2022: Chase Banks, Keith Hendricks, Thomas Klecha-Faure, Amy Knoles, Laurent Mariusse, Spike the Percussionist, Alex Wier

The Music Technology Committee is comprised of subcommittees that address areas of outreach, "hands-on" technology labs, listening lab, and publications with respective subcommittee chairs who work with the MTC Chair to develop publications and PASIC presentations as well as conduct reviews of products and other related materials.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

New Music Research Committee

(14 members)
Chair: Bill Sallak (since January 2017)
2019: Andy Bliss, Aiyun Huang, John Lane, Terry Longshore, Bill Sallak, Tracy Wiggins
2020: Tim Feeney, Stuart Gerber, Joseph Van Hassel
2021: Michael Compitello
2022: Lee Hinkle, Eric Retterer, Jennifer Torrence

The New Music/Research Committee oversees the PASIC Focus Day activities including theme development, artistic programming, panel development, and production. It is the mission of the New Music/Research Committee to propose creative, innovative, and imaginative themes that allow Focus Day hosts to explore programming that exposes new compositional trends and challenges and provokes audiences, while maintaining connections to the historically significant composers and performers who together shaped the contemporary art-form of new music for percussion.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

Percussion Ensemble Committee

(14 members)
Chair: Brian West (since Jan 1, 2017)
2019: Adam Blackstock, Scott Cameron, Dave Hall, Lee Hinkle
2020: Rob Elston, Russell Ratterree
2021: Scott Brown, Jamie Drake, Robert Sanderl, Christopher Whyte
2022: Wayne Bovenschen, Andrew Eldridge, David Mitchell

The Percussion Ensemble Committee examines and addresses percussion ensemble issues and topics of concern to the PAS membership. The committee organizes and presides over the International Percussion Ensemble Competition and the New Literature Session at each PASIC. Additionally, the committee continually searches for ways to enhance, improve, and promote the percussion ensemble art form.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

Scholarly Research Committee

(14 members)
Chair: Kevin Lewis (since June 2012)
2019: Meggie Aube, Molly Cryderman-Weber, Graeme Francis, Ryan Lewis, Fabrice Marandola
2020: Tim Heath
2021: Matthew Witten, Peter Breithaupt, Renee Keller
2022: Samuel Gould, Pamela Lynn-Seraphine, Kelli Rae Tubbs

The Scholarly Research Committee promotes and advances scholarly research in all areas of percussion and coordinates the activities of the Scholarly Paper and Poster Presentations at each PASIC. The committee oversees and coordinates submissions for the PAS Online Research Journal.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

Symphonic Committee

(29 members)
Chair: Phillip O’Banion and Richard Weiner (since 2016)
2019: Braham Dembar, Ed Choi, Will James, Shawn Lafrenz, Jauvon Gilliam, Jerry Noble, Tom Sherwood, Jeremy Branson, Brian Jones, Randy Max, Phil O’Banion, Nicholas Ormrod, Joe Petrasek, Glenn Watkins, Richard Weiner, Glenn Zeinemann
2021: Keith Aleo, Patti Neimi, Thomas N. Akins, John Kilkenny, Karl Dustman
2022: Michael Culligan, Peter Flamm, Mark Lattimer, J.B. Leclere, Edward Stephan, Matthew Strauss
The Symphonic Committee serves the percussion and musical community by promoting, supporting, and endorsing symphonic-related activities through master classes, labs, clinics, and panel discussions at PASIC. The Symphonic Committee provides motivation, encouragement, and symphonic percussion awareness by means of scholarship, education, and performance.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

University Committee

(20 members)
Chair: Jennifer Hotz (January 2016)
Shane Jones, Kelsey Molinari, Drew Morales, Johari Harris, Lauren Floyd, Michael Metz, Michael Barnes, Leonard Bruenning, Mark Collins II, Adam Davis, Rick Drewry, Daniel Edwards, Noah Friedman, Stephen Karukas, Trice Mayhall, Paul Millette, Charles Mogen, Peter Soroka, Christopher Wilson
The PAS University Committee provides collegiate percussionists with opportunity to lead and network, and facilitate the development of more informed and well-rounded students.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

University Pedagogy Committee

(17 members)
Chair: Jason Baker (since Jan 1, 2017)
2019: Justin Alexander, Jason Baker, James Doyle, Timothy Jones, Fernando Meza, Aaron Ragsdale, Joshua Smith, Tracy Wiggins
2020: Josh Armstrong, Julie Licata
2021: Gordon Hicken, Jeff Barudin
2022: Tommy Dobbs, Marja Kerney, Jason Kihle, Earl Yowell
The University Pedagogy Committee promotes and enhances the exploration, improvement, elevation, and facilitation of the craft of percussion at every level of college teaching.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

World Percussion Committee

(32 members)
Chair: N. Scott Robinson, Ph.D. (since January 2014)
2019: Jennifer Caputo, Anthony Di Sanza, Matt Henry, Shawn Mativetsky, Dr. Neeraj Mehta, CJ Menge, Neil Sisauyhoat, Heather Sloan, Mark Stone
2020: Kyle Forsthoff, Dave Gerhart, Brandon Haskett, Joel Laviolette, Dan Piccolo, Cliff Sutton
2022: Ruben Alvarez, Sonja Branch, Roger Braun, Justin Bunting, Andres Espinoza Agurto, Ryan Frost, Matt Geiger, Richard Henson, Dave Longfellow, Adam Maalouf, Monette Marino, Andy Miller, Eugene Novotney, Patrick Roulet, Gavin Ryan, Adam Snow
The World Percussion Committee works to promote and enhance the intellectual and artistic discourse in the field of world percussion music. The committee provides unique opportunities and forums for percussion students, educators, and artists across the globe through PAS to expand their cross-cultural awareness, musicianship, and understanding of world percussion traditions. The PAS World Percussion Committee seeks applications for PASIC focused on instruments indigenous to world percussion traditions featured in either traditional or contemporary contexts. Applications featuring primarily Western percussion should be directed to the respective category in the application process.
Committee Mission Statement and Protocol

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