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“An Annotated Catalog of Marimba Concertos with Winds”
Anthony Joseph Calabrese
DMA, Northwestern University, June 2014

This document is a musical catalog of concertos for one or two solo marimbas originally written with wind accompaniment. Chapter One summarizes the development of the marimba since the early 1900s. Chapter Two presents charts and descriptions of 45 works in this genre, based on works written between 1974 and 2013. Composers of these works are based in Australia, Belgium, England, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Taiwan, and across the United States. The descriptions address composition dates, instrumentation and timing, solo instrument range and technical requirements, including cadenzas, publishers, arrangements, recordings, commissions and premieres, style, and other details in the scores. Musical incipits are provided where available. Sixteen works are detailed here for the first time, including the first known works in the genre. Readers should also see Andrew Lance Dancy’s document (2008) for complementary information on certain works.

Chapter Three examines similarities and differences, and trends among all 45 works in the genre based on the catalog’s details. Ideas on how to solicit new works are identified from past studies and applied to the wind ensemble idiom.

This study informs percussionists and conductors as they select concertos for performance, it informs composers of past works, and identifies trends.

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