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“A Performance Guide to One Study One Summary and its Influence on Electroacoustic Marimba Literature in the Twenty-First Century”
Kellen William King
DMA, The University of Texas at Austin, April 2018

This dissertation examines the electroacoustic music of John Psathas, particularly his work “One Study One Summary” for solo marimba, junk-percussion, and tape. This work is monumental in marimba literature due to the virtuosic composition style and electronic accompaniment, drastically influencing electroacoustic marimba literature in the twenty-first century. This paper is the first scholarly publication discussing “One Study One Summary” because of the unique performance challenges. Both movements of this work are dissected, discussing Psathas’s compositional technique for the acoustic marimba part and the supporting electronic track. Furthermore, the performance guide consists of an in-depth discussion of sticking choices, potential performance issues, and advanced techniques to implement throughout the piece. This dissertation features primary source interviews with John Psathas, Alejandro Viñao, Michael Waldrop, Ivan Trevino, and other composers.

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