Logos & Brand Guidelines

The guidelines outlined below will help you use the PAS Logos and Brands in order to advertise or promote PAS products, programs, and services. If you'd like to make use of any logo or brand that is not covered by these guidelines, or if you have questions on using the PAS Logos, you must contact us.

Usage Guidelines

  • Use the official PAS logos in their unmodified forms.
  • Use the white logo on darker backgrounds.
  • Use the black logo on lighter backgrounds.
  • Use a transparent logo when placing over imagery or a background.
  • Alter the aspect ratio or distort the logo in any way.
  • Change the colors of the PAS logo.
  • Fill the circle with any color or background.
  • Use any older versions of the PAS logo other than the official logos listed below.
  • Use a dark logo on a dark background, or a white logo on a light background.
  • Use any other marks or logos to represent the PAS brand.

Official PAS Logos


Primary Black Logo

✓ Transparent circle
✓ Transparent image
✓ Placed on white/light background



Primary White Logo

✓ Transparent circle
✓ Transparent image
✓ Placed on black/dark background


Official PASIC 2024 Logos

 PASIC 2024 Black Logo Sample

Primary Black Logo

✓ Placed on white/light background



 PASIC 2024 Logo Black Sample 

Primary White Logo

✓ Transparent image
✓ Placed on black/dark background



Official PAS Colors

The PAS brand uses a simple color palette of orange, black, and white.


Hex #f15a2a
CMYK: 0, 8, 93, 0
RGB: 241, 90, 42

Pantone Solid Uncoated: 166 U
Pantone Solid Coated: 7579 C


Hex #000000
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
RGB: 0, 0, 0

Outdated Logos

The following logos are outdated and should not be used. Please download the official PAS logos above and replace any outdated logos that may be in use. If you are using another old PAS logo not listed here, please also replace with an official PAS logo. If you have questions about an older PAS logo, please contact us.

PAS Logo Black_White Transparent-300
PAS Logo PMS_2color (3)-300

Contact Us

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