PAS Awards

Outstanding PAS Service Award

The Outstanding PAS Service Award was established to recognize an individual each year who has provided service to the organization through a significant project, cause or cumulative service that has made a significant contribution to the Society as a whole.

2023      Dr. Julie Hill
2022      Sherry Rubins
2021      Eric C. Hughes
2020      Heather Sloan
2019      Paul Buyer
2018      Rick Mattingly
2017      B. Michael Williams
2016      Blair Helsing
2015      John Best
2014      Daniel Glass
2013      Ryan Lassiter
2012      Kathleen Kastner
2011      Steve Beck 
2010      Richard Cooke
2009      Rob Birenbaum
2009      Ray Fransen
2008      Dennis DeLucia
2007      Fernando Hashimoto
2006      Darin Workman
2005      Wilber England
2004      Lynn Glassock
2003      Jim Rupp
2002      John H. Beck
2001      Ian Turnbull
2000      Larry Snider
1999      Rebecca Kite
1998      Doug Wolf
1997      Karen Hunt
1996      James Lambert
1995      Jerry Steinholtz
1994      Norman Weinberg
1994      Barry Zimmerman
1993      Ed Soph


Outstanding PAS Supporter Award

The Outstanding Supporter Award was established to recognize an individual each year who has significantly promoted the Society through their professional and educational activities to increase visibility and awareness of the Society.

2023      Dan Acheson
2022      Dom Famularo
2021      Visit Indy
2020      Eric Martin
2019      Diane Downs
2018      John R. Beck
2017      Lauren Vogel Weiss
2016      puckmaren glass
2015      Ralph Hicks
2014      Michael Kenyon
2013      Eric C. Hughes
2012      Christopher Smith
2011      Terry Walburn 
2010      Matthew Groshek
2009      Neil Grover
2008      Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
2007      Ruben Alvarez 
2006      David Eyler 
2005      Jim Coffin 
2004      Ludwig Albert
2003      James Sewrey
2002      Zoro
2001      Peter Erskine
2000      Gregg Bissonette
1999      Tzong-Ching Ju
1998      Ed Shaughnessy
1997      Steve Houghton


PAS President's Industry Award

The PAS President’s Industry Award was established to recognize those individuals in the Percussion Industry that have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their field and outstanding support of the Society.

2023      Fred and Dinah Gretsch
2022      Chris Hart
2021      Andy Zildjian
2020      Don Lombardi
2019      Craigie Zildjian
2018      Erik Johnson
2017      Ron Samuels
2016      Jim and Patsy Ellis & Patrick M.                  Cooperman, Cooperman Company
2015      John Fitzgerald
2014      Nick Petrella
2013      Steve Weiss
2012      Dave Black
2011      Memo Acevedo
2010      Brock Kaericher
2009      Joe Lamond
2008      John DeChristopher
2007      John Wittmann 
2006      Gilberto Serna 
2005      Pat Brown 
2004      Carol Calato
2003      Martin Cohen
2002      Bill Crowden
2001      Paul Siegel
2001      Rob Wallis
2000      Steve Ettleson
1999      Jim Coffin
1998      Jim Catalano
1997      Lennie DiMuzio
1996      Robert Zildjian
1995      Lloyd McCausland
1994      Sandy Feldstein


PAS Outstanding Chapter Award

The PAS Outstanding Chapter Award recognizes individual chapters who have increased membership and provided percussion events, newsletters, and experiences that are beneficial for the continued music education of all chapter members. The chapter receiving this annual award will be presented with an award and a $1,000 grant for the chapter, contingent upon yearly available funding. This award replaces and enhances the PAS Outstanding Chapter President Award, which was an annual award presented on behalf of the Society for nineteen years to an Outstanding Chapter President. Knowing that an outstanding chapter president’s contributions are really the reflection of the work of the other chapter officers as well as the chapter membership, the Outstanding Chapter Award was integrated into the Society’s awards in 2010.

2023   Missouri
Officers: Neil Flannigan (President), Alex Smith (Vice President), Alex Fragiskatos (Secretary), Jess Flannigan (Treasurer)
2022   Oregon
Officers: Chris Whyte (President), Mark Powers (Vice President), Courtney Danley (Secretary), Justin Preece (Treasurer)
2021  Philippines
Officers: Saturnino Tiamson (President), Isaac De Alva III (Vice President), Zara Lachica Rivera (Secretary & Treasurer), Ryan Peralta (Broadcasting Manager)
2020  Quebec
Officers: Shawn Mativetsky (President), Raphael Guay, Kristie Ibrahim (Vice Presidents), Brydone Charlton (Secretary)
2019  China
Officers: Shanlin Jiao (President ), Jianpeng Feng (Secretary-Gen), Wendong Guan, Weiqi Huang, Qingshan Lu, Zhengdao Lu, Wendong Sun, Fei Wang (Council)
2019  South Carolina
Officers: Jesse Willis (President ), Jeff Handel (Vice President), Jaye Ingram (Secretary/Treasurer), Layne Mauldin (Communications)
2018  Connecticut
Officers: Andy Kolar (President), Matt Bronson (Vice President), Mary Gardner (Secretary/Treasurer) Doug Alley (Historian), Robert Villanova (Membership Chair)
2017 Brazil
Officers: Ronni Kot Wenzell (Interim President)
2016 Mississippi
Officers: Josh Armstrong (President), Jason Mathena (Vice-President/Treasurer), and Brian Cheesman (Secretary).
2015 Alberta Canada
Officers: Adam Mason (President), Malcom Lim (Vice-President), Matt Groenheide (Treasurer), and Joe
Porter (Secret Officers: Adam Mason (President), Malcom Lim (Vice-President), Matt Groenheide (Treasurer), and Joe Porter (Secretary).
2014 Utah
Officers: Michael Sammons (President), Darren Bastian (Vice-President), Bret Hughes (Treasurer / Secretary)
2013 Illinois
Officers: Greg Beyer (President), Rubén Alvarez (Vice-President), and Douglass Bratt (Secretary/Treasurer). Additionally, the ILPAS Media Management Committee includes Ben Wahlund (Director of Publications), Lucas Gillan (Contributing Editor) and Adam Cowger (Web Master).
2012 Australia
Officers: Gary France (President), Mark Robinson (Vice-President), James Bailey (Treasurer), and Andrew Wiering (Secretary). Additionally, the PAS Australia Chapter State Advisory Team includes Mark Robinson, Louise Devenish, Andrew Wiering, and Sergei Golovko.   
2011 California
Officers: Matthew Darling (President), David Gerhart (Vice President, Southern CA), Todd Johnson (Vice President, Southern CA), David Gabrielson (Vice President, Central CA), Daniel Kennedy (Vice President, Northern CA), Joe Lizama (Treasurer), and Ariel Campos (Secretary).
2010 Arizona
Officers: Josh Gottry (President), Joseph Goglia (Vice President), and Wes Hawkins (Secretary/Treasurer)

PAS Outstanding Chapter President Award

2009      Frank Shaffer (Tennessee)
2008      Larry Lawless (Texas)
2007      Antonio Santangelo (Italy) 
2006      Cary Dachtyl (Ohio) 
2005      Nicholas Ormrod (UK) 
2004      Anders Astrand (Sweden)
2004      Christopher Moore (Alabama)
2003      Blair Helsing (California)
2002      Fernando Hashimoto (Brazil)
2002      Lauren Vogel Weiss (Texas)
2001      Frederic Macarez (France)
2000      Jim Royle (Connecticut)
1999      Eric Hollenbeck (Alabama)
1998      Peter O’Gorman (Minnesota)
1997      Marshall Maley (Virginia)
1996      Nigel Shipway (United Kingdom)
1995      Mark Dorr (Iowa)
1994      Keith Aleo (Florida)
1993      Kristen Shiner McGuire (New York)
1992      Lauren Vogel (Texas)
1991      Ian Turnbull (Ontario)


PAS Distinguished Leadership Award

This award is reserved for the recognition of an individual who has demonstrated outstanding sustained leadership, contribution and commitment in advancing the mission and goals of the Percussive Arts Society.

2006      Michael Balter

Lifetime Achievement in Education Award

The Percussive Arts Society Lifetime Achievement in Education Award was established in 2002 and recognizes the contributions of the most highly regarded leaders in percussion education.

2023      Dick DiCenso
2023      Ralph Humphrey
2023      Norman Weinberg
2022      Doug Howard
2022      Dane Maxim Richeson
2022      Anthony Robinson
2021      John Riley
2020      F. Michael Combs
2020      Russell Hartenberger
2020      William Moersch
2019      James Campbell
2019      Christopher Deane
2019      Zhao Ji
2018      Will Rapp
2018      Gregg Rinehart
2018      Dean Witten
2017      Richard Gipson
2016      Karolyn Handelman Stonefelt
2015      Robert McCormick, Garwood Whaley
2014      G. Allan O'Connor
2014      Michael Rosen
2013      Ruth Cahn
2012      Marty Hurley
2012      Alan Shinn
2011      James Bailey
2011      Gary Cook 
2010      Michael Udow
2009      Mr. Tzong-Ching Ju
2008      Vicki P. Jenks
2008      Ed Soph
2007      J.C. Combs 
2007      Johnny Lee Lane
2007      Erwin Mueller
2006      Robert Schietroma 
2005      James Moore
2005      Dong-Wook Park 
2004      Gary Olmstead
2004      Larry Vanlandingham
2003      Harold Jones
2003      James Petercsak
2002      Tom Siwe
2002      Gary Chaffee
2002      Siegfried Fink
2002      William Schinstine


Nominees must have demonstrated the highest ideals and professional integrity in percussion education and pedagogy with a significant history of exceptional and/or innovative teaching practices. Nominees will have strong reputations in areas such as (but not limited to) private teaching, ensemble directing, presentation of workshops, and pedagogical publications. A nominee must have a record of sustained (though not necessarily continuous) contributions to the field and supportive of the philosophy and objectives of the Percussive Arts Society. Nominations may also be made posthumously. Additionally, self-nominations are accepted.

Nominations must include the following:
• A biographical sketch of the nominee including date of birth or approximate age and current contact information. If a nominee is deceased, contact information of a surviving family member must be included.
• A career history of the nominee. A biography, resume, or curriculum vitae of the nominee’s achievements during his or her teaching career. This document may focus on teaching positions, student accomplishments, publications, performances, teaching awards, or other honors received.
• A nominee will not be considered further for this award if nomination materials are incomplete.
• Nominations can be submitted via the online form below. The deadline to submit a nomination is Monday, July 31, 2023.

Criteria for Selection for the PAS Lifetime Achievement in Education Award
All nominees will be judged according to the following criteria:
• Contribution: Has the nominee made an outstanding contribution to the field of percussion education?
• Eminence: Have the nominee’s achievements in teaching and/or other areas of education distinguished the nominee from his or her contemporaries?
• Influence: Has the nominee’s influence been of major significance to the profession even though contributions may have been confined largely to a single area of interest (e.g., symphonic, drum set, mallets, world, publications, etc.)?
• Permanence: Is it probable that the nominee’s accomplishments will continue to be valued by percussion professionals of the future?

Fred Sanford Award

PAS, in conjunction with the Fred Sanford scholarship committee, has designed a Fred Sanford Award to be presented to the highest scoring ensemble in the competition. This award is a traveling award and has been created to honor Fred Sanford for the passion of the art form and the dedication that he so willingly shared with the marching community and PAS. A plaque on the base of the award is engraved each year with the name of the recipient. The winner is given this award to display at their school for one year.

2015      Flower Mound High School
2012      Texas Christian University
2010      Paris High School 
2009      Marcus High School
2008      University of North Texas
2007      Flower Mound High School
2006      Georgetown High School
2005      East Tennessee State University 
2004      Marcus High School
2003      Morehead State University
2002      University of North Texas


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