PAS Hall of Fame

George Hamilton Green

by Frederick D. Fairchild

George Hamilton Green(b. Omaha, Nebraska, USA May 23, 1893; d. 1970)

Considered one of history's greatest xylophone players, George Hamilton Green started playing at age 11 and at 13 was performing solos with his father's band. At 19 he entered vaudeville and in one year was proclaimed "the fastest, most artistic, and most wonderful xylophonist and soloist in this country or abroad." He was one of the most popular artists in recorded history, acting as soloist, composer, arranger, and as part of various groups including All Star Trio, Green Brothers' Xylophone Orchestra, and Green Brothers Novelty Band. Green was a fine teacher and author of pedagogical materials, his course of 50 lessons retaining importance today. His solo xylophone compositions such as "The Ragtime Robin," "Charleston Capers" and "Caprice Valsant" still retain an enormous popularity. Upon his retirement from music in 1946, Green pursued a successful career as an artist, illustrator and cartoonist.

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