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If you would like to learn more about a committee's activities, click on a committee listed below, or contact the chair of the committee via email. If you are interested in committee service and want to view how committees are structured and operate, you may view the Committee Chairs' Handbook. To serve on a PAS committee, candidates will electronically submit the PAS Committee Application within the application window, which is April 1 to April 30. A detailed timeline for the selection process can be found below.

PAS has 16 standing committees that address specific areas of percussion performance, research, education, pedagogy and the percussion community. PAS committees play an essential role in advancing percussion through the development and dissemination of the latest information, research and initiatives.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, submit application materials using the “Apply Now” button once the application window has become available. Please note: you must be an active PAS Member to serve on a committee.

Active PAS Committees

  • Composition Committee

  • Drum Set Committee

  • Education Committee

  • Health & Wellness Committee

  • Interactive Drumming Committee

  • International Committee

  • Keyboard Committee

  • Marching and Rudimental Percussion Committee

  • Music Technology Committee

  • New Music/Research Committee

  • Percussion Ensemble Committee

  • Scholarly Research Committee

  • Symphonic Committee

  • University Pedagogy Committee

  • University Student Committee

  • World Percussion Committee

PAS Committee Membership Timeline and Guidelines

March 15 – March 31
Committee Chairs will check with current committee members to see if all eligible members want to remain on the committee. The Chairs will then determine the number of openings and send this information to the PAS office for posting/advertising.
April 1 – April 30
Open window for applications. All candidates for committee membership will electronically submit the PAS Committee Application.
May 1 – May 31
Applications are reviewed through the process specific to each committee. Finalized lists with changes should be sent to the Second Vice President by May 31. Any edits to the committee description, selection process, or number of members needed may be changed during this time and should be sent to the PAS Office and the Second Vice President.
June 1  – June 30
The Second Vice President will review applicants that may have been selected to more than one committee. Final selections for all committees will be made and all membership re-verified.
July 1 
All applicants will be notified no later than July 1.

How to Apply to Chair a Committee

If you would like to apply for a chair position for one of these PAS committees, please electronically submit the PAS Committee Chair Application within the application window.

Application Process

✓ You must be an active PAS Member at the VIP or All Access level.
Read the Committee Charge Statement and Application/Guidelines for the Committee you are interested in.
View the Committee Chairs' Handbook to see how committees are structured and operate.
✓ Contact the current Committee Chair if you have questions.
✓ Electronically submit the PAS Committee Chair Application.

Chairperson Selection Process

After the application deadline has passed, all applicants’ materials will be reviewed by the PAS President and Second Vice President with possible counsel from additional members of the Executive Committee. Interviews will be conducted with each qualified applicant to gather any additional information needed. After all interviews and information gathering is completed, the President will appoint the new Chair, or reappoint an incumbent, and inform members of the respective Committee. New Chairs will be announced by September 30, allowing a minimum of three months (and one PASIC) for mentoring and transition from the previous Chair.

PAS Committee Chairs serve a term of three years with a maximum length of service as Chair of two terms, or six years. Committee members are appointed by the Chair and they serve a three-year term renewable at the discretion of the Chair. PAS Committee Chairs provide collaborative leadership to seventeen standing PAS Committees. Being a Committee Chair is an opportunity to serve PAS and work with diverse colleagues from around the world on many projects and provide invaluable input to PAS and the profession.
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