Composition Contest - Ensemble Winners

View current and past winners, including Honorable Mentions of the PAS Composition Contest Ensemble Categories, dating back to 1974.

2017: Brass Quintet (2-4 percussionists)

1st: Allen Molineux "Zappy"
Honorable Mention: Ismael Garza "Like Lead into the Ion"

2016: Large Percussion Ensemble (8-12 players)

1st: Tom Nazziola "Interstellar"
Honorable Mention: Erin Busch "Open Doors"

2015: Percussion Ensemble (3–5 players) and Choir (SATB)

1st: Mathew Campbell "Into the Void: A Study in Disembodied Consciousness"
Honorable Mention: Chris Roode "Ascribe to the Lord"

2014: Medium Percussion Ensemble with CD

1st: Aaron Graham "Sleeping Bear"
Honorable Mention: Joseph Pastor "93 Million Miles"

2013: Steel Pan Ensemble

1st: Sam Naishtat “Song By Ya Road” 2nd: Tyler Swick “Riverside” 3rd: Tyler Swick “Quartet No. 1”

2012: Drumset Soloist with Medium Percussion Ensemble

1st: Jamie Whitmarsh “Concerto for Drumset and Percussion Ensemble” 2nd: Anthony DiBartolo “From the Ground Up” 3rd: Stephen Chiro “Mile 37”

2011: Marimba Quartet

1st: Ivan Trevino “Bloom” 2nd: Steven Simpson “Radioactive Octopus” 3rd: Lane Harder “Duruflé Variations”

2010: II. Marimba/Cello Duo

1st: Sarah Gibson “Sea Monkey” 2nd: Min-ching Chiu “Numerical Difficulties” 3rd: Kenneth Kosterman "in nebulous suspension held”

2009: II. Percussion Ensemble (8–12 players)

1st: John Mayrose “Liber Abaci” ("The Book of the Abacus)" 2nd: Mike Perdue “Navigating the Maze”
3rd: Kyle Voss “The Passenger”

2008: II. Duet for Voice and Vibraphone or Voice and Marimba

1st: Alan Chan “Without a Trail to Lace”
2nd: Jorge Vidales “Four Basho Haiku”
3rd: Tracy Thomas “Three Songs for Soprano and Marimba”

2007: II. Medium Percussion Ensemble (5–8 players)

1st: Kenneth Froelich “Accidental Migration”
2nd: Peter Saleh “ExitIX Novum”
3rd: Payton MacDonald “Xati”

2006: II. Duo for Marimba and Pan

1st: Robert Chappell "Open Window”
2nd: Robert Houpe “Elemental Introversion”
3rd: Ben Wahlund “Four Sketches for Sam”

2005: II. Percussion Ensemble (8-12 Players)

1st: David Skidmore "Whispers"
2nd: Nathan Daughtrey "Limerick Daydreams"
3rd: Nathan Daughtrey "Adaptation"

2004: II. Percussion Quartet

1st: Lynn Glassock "Wired"
2nd: David Skidmore "Echoes"
3rd: William Price "Boogaloo: Rough and Tumble"

2003: II. Percussion Ensemble (6 to 8 Players)

1st: Cayenna Ponchione "The Creation (A Sonic Manifestation)"
2nd: Lane Harder "Circus Plenus Clamor Ingens Ianuae Tensae"
3rd: Eckhard Kopetzki "Exploration of Time" David J. Long "Mixtures 2"

2001: I. Large Percussion Ensemble (8-12 players)

1st: Shawn Crouch "Suspended Contact"
2nd: Chris Roze "Jitterbug And Ballad"
3rd: Luca Vanneschi

2001: II. Duet, Percussion and Alto Saxophone

1st: Joe Hansen "The Tempest"
2nd: Jonathan Kolm "The Primitive Cosmos"
3rd: Luigi Morleo "Mucha Concert" "Deep Blue"

2000: II. Mallet Ensemble (4-6 players)

1st: Scott Comanzo "Machine Duck"
2nd: Elyzabeth Meade "Curios for Mallet Sextet"
3rd: Matthew Briggs "Marimba Quartet"

1999: I. Keyboard Duet (any combination of marimbas and/or vibraphones)

1st: Elyzabeth Meade "TAPAS"
2nd: Angel Morales "Butai No Tameno Ongaku"
3rd: Steve Riley "Eye Irascible"

1999: II. Medium Size Percussion Ensemble (6-8 players)

1st: Roland Stolk "Light as a Feather"
2nd: Richard O'Meara "looking at 'r'"
3rd: Adi Morag "Octabones"

1998: II. Small Percussion Ensemble (3-5 players)

1st: Lynn Glassock "Between the Lines"
2nd: Brian Prechtl "Passing Through the Waters"
3rd: William Hill "Stonehenge Rites of the Solstice"; Michael Zak "Starburst"; John Christian Orfe "Dragon"

1997: II. Large Percussion Ensemble (8-10 players)

1st: Lynn Glassock "No Exit"
2nd: William Hill "Brazilian Dances"
3rd: Kevin Purrone "Wadsworth Falls"

1996: II. Steel Drum Ensemble (Concert Style, No Transcriptions or Arrangements)

1st: Paul G. Ross "For the Day"
2nd: Khris Dodge "The Truth Out There"
3rd: Paul G. Ross "Realization for Steel Band"

1994: II. Small Percussion Ensemble (3-5 players)

1st: David Minnick "Telemikro"
2nd: Edward Smaldone "Episodes for Percussion Quartet"
3rd: David McIntyre "Chronomosaic" Kevin Kaspar "Bergamo Suite"

1993: I. Percussion Duo (Single Instrument or Small-to-Medium Multiple Set-Up for each performer)

1st: Cynthia C. Barlow "Nomen Solers"
2nd: Dan Heslink "Fantasia for Bar Percussion Instruments"
3rd: Thomas E. Suta "Ice Princess"

1993: II. Keyboard Percussion Ensemble (5-8 players)

1st: Dan Knipple "Recital Duo"(For Rudimental Snare Drum with Pedal Bass Drum and Concert Snare Drum with Hi-Hat)
2nd: Dave Roth "Harmony–Three Episodes for Percussion"
3rd: Paul Swenson "An Index of Gasses"

1992: II. Large Percussion Ensemble (8-10 players)

1st: Christopher Coleman "Cat Spanking: A Fantasy for Percussion"
2nd: Duane Heller "Scena" Anthony Scott Watson "Dark Chase"

1988: Large Percussion Ensemble (8 or more players)

1st: Steve Riley "Declarative Stances"
2nd: Blake Wilkins "Twilight Offering"
3rd: Dr. David Gillingham "Paschal Dances"

1984: Marching Percussion (Feature Corps Style)

1st: Jefferey P. Funnell "Time Warp"
2nd: Barry D. Bridwell "Evolution"
3rd: Glenn C. Fugett "An Etude for Field"; Willis M. Rapp "Arrangement of Thomas Gauger’s Gainsborough"; Richard McLendon "Medicated Goo II"

1981: Keyboard Mallet Ensemble (3 or more players)

1st: Daniel V. Oppenheim "4 Percussion"
2nd: Jonathan B. McNair "Intervals"
3rd: Moses Howden "Hollow Madona" David Morris "Octet"

1979: Keyboard Percussion Ensemble (3 or more players)

1st: Luis Jorge Gonzalez "Invocations for Three Percussionists"
2nd: Carla Scaletti "Waves: A Concerto for Harp and Percussion Ensemble"
3rd: Lawrence Hoffman "Music for Six Percussionists"

1977: Percussion Duo

1st: John B. Austin "Designs with Refrain"
2nd: Edward M. Barnes "Theme and Variations for Four Timpani"; Robert Lombardo "Variations for Two Percussionists"

1974: Large Percussion Ensemble

1st: Walter Mays "Six Invocations to the Svara Mandala"
2nd: William Steinhort "Two Movements for Mallets"
3rd: Marta Ptasznska "Siderals"


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