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Charge: The Diversity Alliance coordinates efforts to develop and foster initiatives aimed at expanding membership diversity and enhancing community outreach, with special emphasis on serving historically marginalized populations within PAS and throughout the world.

Chair: Elizabeth DeLamater
Communications Manager: puckmaren glass

The Diversity Alliance is currently accepting new members.

Guidelines for Membership:
Each committee member should attend at least two (2) out of the three (3) PASICs. Members will be expected to serve on a subcommittee. In addition, members are to maintain a reasonable line of communication with regards to Diversity Alliance business.

Accessibility, Point Person: Andrew Strutz
African American Diversity, Point Person: Bernard Long, Jr.
Education, Point People: Amy SmithRaychel Taylor
Gender Concerns, Point People: Jillian Baxter (she/her), Julie Licata (she/they)
Marketing and Branding, Point Person: Blair Helsing
Professional Development, Point Person: Madeline Wilson (she/her)
Queer Diversity, Point People: Carmen Lopez (she/her)
Racial Diversity, Point Person: Sean Daniels (he/him)
Socioeconomic Concerns, Point Person: Dr. Alexandros Fragiskatos (he/him)

Current Members:
Levi Anderson, Ginny Armstrong, Megan Arns, Yuko Asada, Art Avila, Logan Ball, Chase Banks, Jillian Baxter, Colleen Bernstein, Shelby Blezinger-McCay, Nick Byrnes, Lauren Calkin, Omar Carmenates, Raynor Carroll, Catherine Cole, Karen Cole, Matthew Coley, Britton-René Collins, Alexis Corbin, Stan Dahl, Robert Damm, Sean Daniels, Julie Davila, Christian Davis, Kristina Davis, Elizabeth DeLamater, Amanda Duncan, Emily Durocher, Jaime Esposito, Luis Ewing, Pedro Fernandez, Abigail Fisher, Keylee Fletcher, Kyle Forsthof, Alex Fragiskatos, puckmaren glass, Mika Godbole, Michael Gould, Brian Graiser, Damon Grant, Latrice Green, Derrick Greene, Adam Groh, Sarah Hagan, Stephen Hall, Teddy Hall Jr, Chris Hanning, Blair Helsing, Ralph Hicks, Julie Hill, Cory Hills, Rich Holly, Miranda Hughes, Kristie Ibrahim, Don Johns, Elayne Jones, Divesh Karamchandani, Renee Keller, Angela Kepley, Gavin Kitchen, Rebecca Kite, Sue Kuehnhold, Alexis Lamb, Justin Lee, Mason Lee, Emily Lemmerman, David Levine, Jordan Lewis, Julie Licata, Bernard Long, Jr., Terry Longshore, Emmanuel Manny Scott, Monette Marino, Jen Martinez-Bre, Aaron Mathis, Rebecca McDaniel, Oliver Molina, Chris Moore, Valerie Naranjo, Mike Neumeyer, Laura Noah, Haley Nutt, James Parker, Jr., Trevor Perez, McKayla Phillips, Kellie Rae Tubbs, Alisha Ramcharitar, Louis Raymond-Kolker, Paul Rennick, Sandi Rennick, Sherry Rubins, Emily Salgado, Bill Sallak, Kristen Shiner McGuire, Joshua Simonds, Heather Sloan, Amy Smith, Christine Souza, Danielle Squyres, Annie Stevens, Mark Stone, Kay Stonefelt, Andrew Strutz, Susan Tariq, Raychel Taylor, Tim Thompson, Saturnino Tiamson, Jen Torrence, Jason Treuting, Mike Vercelli, Lauren Vogel Weiss, Josh Watkins, Bonnie Whiting, Alana Wiesing, Tracy Wiggins, Cara Wildman, Jessica Williams, Tamara Williams, TJ Woolfolk, Christine Wyatt, Kathryn Yuill, Craigie Zildjian

Our Commitment

by PAS Marketing | Jun 10, 2020

For nearly two weeks, citizens of the United States have been raising their collective voices over recent events that have created awareness of systemic discrimination related to the black community and the injustice that results from that discrimination. 

For nearly two weeks, we have seen statements from industry leaders, educational institutions, non-profits, artists, teachers, and individuals. 

For nearly two weeks, members of the PAS Board of Directors and leaders from the PAS Diversity Alliance have been in constant communication about what we can and should be doing in our community. 

We do not have all the answers right now. However, we are grateful that the Diversity Alliance was established nearly four years ago, which allows us to have these challenging conversations almost immediately. 

Together, we have crafted a new statement to show our commitment: 

  • We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

  • We are committed to keeping you informed of the work that PAS is doing and encourage you to follow the Diversity Alliance on Facebook and Instagram.

  • We vow to listen more, educate further, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. #BlackLivesMatter

As a result of the new statement:

  • PAS will join with other arts and educational organizations to address systemic racism by the end of 2020

  • PAS will join with other community organizations through our chapter network to address systemic racism in communities throughout the United States

  • PAS will join with industry partners to address systemic racism in the music industry and percussive arts.

  • PAS will join with educational institutions to address systemic racism in public and private education.


Dr. Christopher Hanning                       Dr. Elizabeth DeLamater
Board President, PAS                           Chair, PAS Diversity Alliance

Teddy Hall, Jr.                                       Joshua Simonds
Point Person, Black Community           Executive Director, PAS
PAS Diversity Alliance

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