PAS Diversity Alliance

Charge: The Diversity Alliance coordinates efforts to develop and foster initiatives aimed at expanding membership diversity and enhancing community outreach, with special emphasis on serving historically marginalized populations within PAS and throughout the world.

Chair: Elizabeth DeLamater
Diversity Alliance Operations Assistant: Rebecca McDaniel

The Diversity Alliance is currently accepting new members.

Application: All candidates for membership should contact the Diversity Alliance Chair via email. Email contacts are available by clicking on the name of the appropriate Chair listed above. In the email, the applicant is encouraged to list particular areas in which they would be interested in contributing to the Diversity Alliance's activity.

Guidelines for Membership: Each committee member should attend at least two (2) out of the three (3) PASICs. Members will be expected to serve on a subcommittee. In addition, members are to maintain a reasonable line of communication with regards to Diversity Alliance business.

Special Needs, Point Person: Ralph Hicks
Leadership Diversity, Point Person: Julie Hill
Gender Concerns, Point Person: Phoebe Hughes
LGBTQA+ Concerns, Point Person: Jaime Esposito
Marketing and Branding, Point People: Blair Helsing, David Levine
PASIC Diversity Committee Meeting Participation, Point Person: Julie Hill
PASIC Convention Participation, Point People: Keylee Fletcher, Felicia Behm
PAS Professional Opportunities, Point Person: position open
Primary Education, Point Person: position open
Racial Diversity, Point Person: Sean Daniels
Secondary Education, Point People: Teddy Hall, Jr.Raychel Taylor
Socioeconomic Concerns, Point Person, Andres Espinoza-Agurto

Current Members:
Mindy Abovitz, Jessica Alexander, Cliff Alexis, Ginny Armstrong, James Armstrong, Megan Arns, Lindsay Artkop, Yuko Asada, Meggie Aube, Logan Ball, Felicia Behm, Jim Berreita, Carrie Biolo, Laurel Black, Joseph Bonville, Kareem Brown, Lauren Calkin, Jennifer Caputo, Danielle Chan, Favor Chujor, Matthew Coley, Catherine Conrad, Alexis Corbin, Hovey Corbin, Stan Dahl, Bob Damm, Sean Daniels, Julie Davila, Lemuel Davis, Elizabeth DeLamater, Diane Downs, Amanda Duncan, Karl Dustman, Mia Eaton, Brian Ente, Erin Epperly, Andres Espinoza-Agurto, Jaime Esposito, Abigail Fisher, Keylee Fletcher, Fia Forslund, Julia Gaines, Mary Gardner, Cassius Goens, Eric Goldberg, Angela Goulden, Damon Grant, Latrice Green, Liz Guzman, Nancy Guzman, Colleen Haas, Blair Helsing, Gabrielle Henderson, Richard Henson, Ralph Hicks, Julie Hill, Peri Hineman, Phil Hood, Jennifer Hotz, Phoebe Hughes, Karen Hunt, Kristie Ibrahim, Emma Jensen, Don Johns, Donna Kelley, Whitney Kessling, Olivia Kieffer, Louise King, Rebecca Kite, Renee Kleypas, Emily Kulinowski, David Levine, Jordan Lewis, K. Michelle Lewis, Julie Licata, Bernard Long, Lauretta Main, Mary Manos, Monette Marino, Aaron Mathis, Rebecca McDaniel, Merrilee McNaught, Anna Meacham, Neeraj Mehta, Zack Melton, Jessi Menotti, Breana Meyers, Oliver Molina, Carson Moody, Chris Moore, Marciano Moreno, Austin Murphy, Breana Myers, Brenda Myers, Valerie Naranjo, Jordan Nielsen, Laura Noah, Haley Nutt, anna elizabeth provo, Obe Quarless, Deb Quentel, Carly Redman, Paul Rennick, Sandi Rennick, Matthew Richmond, Gillian Roda, Sherry Rubins, Sharon Saffel, Daisy Salgado, Bill Sallak, Meg Samples, Sarrah Schachner, Allison Shaw, Krista Siachames, Joshua Simonds, Heather Sloan, Katie Sloan, Aaron Smith, Amy Smith, Bill Solomon, Chloe Spencer, David Spitzberg, Kay Stonefelt, Bill Susman, Susan Tariq, Jenna Taylor, Lauren Teel, Ashley Thornton, Anne Thorpe, Jen Torrence, Sam Universe, Mike Vercelli, Staci Waites, Erin Walker-Bliss, Pamela Wasko, Josh Watkins, Bonnie Whiting, Tamara Williams, Roxy Winkle, Christine Wyatt

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