PAS Leadership Academy

Charge: The Leadership Academy provides personal and professional growth opportunities for current and aspiring leaders in all areas of music.

Chair: Brian Zator

The Leadership Academy is currently accepting new members.

Application: All candidates for membership should fill out the application form and request access to the closed Facebook group.

Guidelines for Membership: Members should be currently employed or pursuing their Undergraduate, Masters, or Doctorate degree. Both young and experienced professionals are encouraged to apply.

Facebook: Tahl Kirk
Book Study: position open
Webinar: Brian Zator

Current Members:

Justin Alexander, Scott Amman, Thad Anderson, Andrew Angell, Chase Banks, Christopher Banos, Michael Barnes, Jeffrey Barudin, John H. Beck, Laurel Black, Brandon Blankenstein, Rich Bono, Cameron Brown, Nathan Bushey, Paul Buyer, Anthony Calabrese, Alexander Casimiro, Benjamin Charles, Alan Compton, Stephen Crawford, Sevy DeLeon, Peter P. DeSalvo, Chris Deviney, Tommy Dobbs, Keith Dudek, Andrew Eldridge, Tim Feerst, John Fitzgerald, Brian Graiser, Adam Groh, Donny Gruendler, Jamie Haffner, Teddy Hall Jr, Chris Hanning, Greg Haynes, Ralph Hicks, Ryan Hoagland, Brian Holder, Jennifer Hotz, Gregory Jackson, Alexander Johnstone, Renee Keller, Marja Kerney, Jason Kihle, Larry Lawless, Ryan Lewis, Andrew Lynge, Laurent Mariusse, Chris McHenry, Nick Mercer, Brad Meyer, Mariusz Mocarski, Oliver Molina, Joe Moore, Jeff Moore, Marciano Alberto Moreno Díaz Covarrubias, Tom Nevill, Trey O'Toole, Ryan Pride, Russell Ratterree, Marcus Reddick, Mark Reilly, Alexandrea Richard, Andrew Richardson, Lisa Rogers, Jacob Rollins, Sherry Rubins, Michael Sammons, Terry Sanders, Amanda Sealock, Heather Sloan, Adam Snow, Mark Stone, Morgan Tao, Mitch Tasker, James Vilseck, Karlyn Vina, Josh Watkins, Troy Wollwage

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