Volunteer Opportunities

PASIC Volunteers

From checking badges at event doors, to assisting at the registration desk, and helping with the logistics of our various competitions, PASIC requires a large number of volunteers to keep the show running smoothly. We are seeking numerous hard working and enthusiastic individuals to share their time, talent, and knowledge to this exciting international event. The Percussive Arts Society is working hard to ensure that this convention is a huge success for both the performers and the attendees.

Age Requirement: All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age by the beginning of their first shift.

Membership Requirement: Volunteers are NOT required to be an active member of PAS.

Shift Requirement: All volunteers must sign up for 2 separate shifts, in order to qualify for your free 4-day badge for the event.

All Volunteers will receive a free four-day badge to participate in the convention, as well as a complimentary Volunteer t-shirt.

For more information please call us at (317) 974-4488 or email volunteer@pas.org.

COVID-19 Requirement

In order to volunteer at PASIC 2021, you must be able to verify that you are, or will be, fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to attending PASIC, November 10-13, 2021, in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from receiving the vaccination, you will need to email pasic2021@pas.org in advance with proof of your exemption. No one will be able to receive their PASIC badge without being vaccinated or submitting advance proof of exemption.


Volunteer Shift Descriptions

  • PASIC Registration Desk

  • PASIC Badge Checkers

  • PASIC Gift Shop

  • Rhythm! Discovery Center Volunteer

  • PASIC I&E Competition

  • PASIC Ensemble Competition Crew

  • PASIC DrumLine Battle

Online registration for the PASIC 2021 Volunteers has closed. Please email  if you wish to help this week.

Contact Us

Percussive Arts Society
110 W. Washington Street Suite A 
Indianapolis, IN 46204
T: (317) 974-4488
F: (317) 974-4499
E: percarts@pas.org