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Percussive Notes is the official journal of the Percussive Arts Society, exclusive to PAS Members. Published in March, May, July, September (PASIC® Preview Edition) and November in print and online, this publication is written for professional and student percussionists. Regular sections are devoted to drum set, marching percussion, world percussion, keyboard, symphonic percussion, education, technology, health and wellness, research, and reviews of the latest percussion literature and recordings.

Percussive Notes is an international, peer-reviewed journal published by the Percussive Arts Society. It features scholarly articles representing performance practices, research, pedagogy, and historical information in all areas of percussion, as well as reviews of performance literature, method books, recordings, and videos relevant to the study and performance of percussion.

Vol. 57, No. 4 - September 2019


✎ PASIC 2019 Performance Preview: Third Coast Percussion  
✎ The DIY Percussionist: Celebrating Creativity and Self-Determination
✎ Exploring Indian Rhythms on Drum Set
✎ Preparation for Performance and Audition Perfection
✎ Ancient Instruments in Modern Music
✎ Classical and Jazz Comparison: Technical Options for the Vibraphone
✎ FREE Players Drum & Bugle Corps
✎ Marching Percussion at PASIC 2019
✎ "Good Stuff"—Health and Wellness at PASIC 2019
✎ The International Percussion Ensemble Competition
✎ Intellectual Property, Music Contracts and Legal Rights and the Business of Music
✎ What Really Happens in Steve Reich's "Drumming"?

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