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Percussive Notes is the official journal of the Percussive Arts Society, exclusive to PAS Members. Published in February, April, June, August, October (PASIC® Preview Edition) and December in print and online, this publication is written for professional and student percussionists. Regular sections are devoted to drumset, marching percussion, world percussion, keyboard, symphonic percussion, education, technology, health and wellness, research, and reviews of the latest percussion literature and recordings.

Vol. 62, No. 1 - February 2024


February2024Cov_300pxFocus: Diversity in Percussion
✎ PAS Diversity in Percussion Introduction: PAS, then and now
✎ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Interactive Drumming Community
✎ Network for Diversity in Concert Percussion
✎ “Be You”: A Conversation with Josh Jones
✎ Two Types of Music: Incorporating Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Within the Percussion Studio
✎ #MeToo in the Percussion Industry: What can we do about it?
✎ Inclusive Strategies for the Music Classroom
✎ Women Drumming Excellently: Five profiles of female-focused organizations
✎ Beating the Divide: Improving equity and access for K–12 percussionists
✎ Spotlight Series with Black Percussionists: Michael Wimberly
✎ Interactive Drumming, Inclusion, and Authentic Connection
✎ The Role of Diversity in Hiring University Faculty
✎ A Call To ”Flip the Script” of Diversity and Inclusion in the Musical Performing Arts


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