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In each issue of Percussive Notes, a column entitled Selected Reviews of New Percussion Literature and Recordings is published.

Publishers who are PAS Corporate Sponsors and individual PAS members who self-publish are invited to submit materials to Percussive Notes to be considered for review. Selection of reviewers is the sole responsibility of the Review Editor of Percussive Notes. Comments about the works do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Percussive Arts Society. Prior to submitting material for review, please read the submission guidelines below. Follow the appropriate procedures to ensure your material will be considered for review.

Guidelines & Procedures

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Percussive Notes

Percussive Notes welcomes articles of interest to percussionists and drummers involved in all genres of music. We are interested in articles that inform and educate percussionists and drummers in the areas of drum set, health and wellness, marching percussion, world percussion, keyboard percussion, and orchestral/symphonic percussion. We also welcome percussion-related articles on education and technology. Individual articles can deal with technique, scholarly research and/or historical information.

Percussive Notes is an international, peer-reviewed journal published by the Percussive Arts Society. It features scholarly articles representing performance practices, research, pedagogy, and historical information in all areas of percussion, as well as reviews of performance literature, method books, recordings, and videos relevant to the study and performance of percussion.

We often print interviews with prominent percussion performers, composers and educators, provided that the interviews include information that helps educate and inform our readership about various facets of percussion.

*Refer to guidelines for submissions in the submission form.

Percussive Notes Online Research Edition

Percussive Notes Online Research Edition is a peer-reviewed, online publication that aims to promote advanced research and expand academic perspectives on topics in percussion relating to areas including, but not limited to, historical musicology, critical theory, aesthetics, musical analysis, performance practice, interdisciplinary studies, ethnomusicology, and interviews.

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Online Thesis/Dissertation Repository

The PAS Online Thesis/Dissertation Repository is an online resource containing scholarship related to topics in percussion. Authors who have completed advanced degrees are encouraged to upload their academic documents so that they may be easily accessible to others and in order to help establish a large body of comprehensive percussion research available in a single location

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Submit a Performance Program

Students, educators, and performers! Submit your performance programs below to be included in the PAS Programs archive, which contains all solo and ensemble programs submitted to PAS beginning in 1963. This archive is included in the Compositions Research, Reviews and Siwe Guide to Solo and Ensemble Percussion Literature.

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