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NCPP Percussion Equipment and Facilities National Standards established by National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy

In an effort to assist administrators, educators, and learners in acquiring up-to-date inventories and facilities, the National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy established the National Standards for Percussion. The National Standards for Percussion Equipment and Facilities serve as the primary source for upgrading programs, assisting with new building design, determining the scope of individual programs, and fulfilling an institution’s educational mission. The Standards serve as minimum guidelines. Exceptional programs will exceed established standards.

The National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy (NCPP) is designed to provide a forum for elementary & secondary music educators, university percussion pedagogues, professional percussionists, university music education specialists, and undergraduate & graduate students to explore the status of percussion pedagogy in the United States as well as to outline strategies for improving the teaching and learning of percussion instruments. The annual conference will provide a forum to increase awareness of "what is happening," to guide us toward identifying "what should happen," and to provide means for "making it happen.” For more information on the National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy and the annual conference, please go to


Download Percussion Equipment & Facilities National Standards

Download Percussion Practice Suite: Dimensions of practice rooms for proposed building project by Ted Rounds


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