PAS Percussion Compendium

The PAS Percussion Compendium is geared towards professionals of all ages and experiences, and offers everything from historical background to performance practices and common pitfalls on a plethora of literature prominent in modern high school and collegiate level percussion ensembles.

All of the articles are written by professionals with experiences that range from past performances to time spent with the composers. Several articles are written by the composers themselves, offering a unique opportunity for the reader to get a glimpse inside the mind of a composer.

In addition to these articles, chapters on score preparation, preparing for your first rehearsal, and percussion culture and how it relates to success can be found at the beginning of the book.

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The Educators' Companion

The Educators’ Companion is a PAS publication, compiled by the Education Committee, focusing on providing percussion education resources to the music education community, specifically for the non-percussionist educator.

Essential Listening for Drum Set

The first in a series of Top 40 Mixes (plus extra Honorable Mentions), selected by the Percussive Arts Society Drum Set Committee, the Essential Listening for Drum Set offers a sampling of recognized musical genius, in a variety of categories, to better serve both the beginning to professional student and teacher alike. This resource features iconic music performed by iconic musicians that have set the standard for excellence in their musical direction.

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