Gerhardt Cylinder Recordings

The Gerhardt Marimba Xylophone Collection was acquired over many years by Edwin L. Gerhardt. This unique and comprehensive collection was donated to the Percussive Arts Society Museum in 1995. The Gerhardt archive includes reference books, music instrument catalogs, scores, methods books, pictures, correspondence, miscellaneous information, personal reminiscences, a music-related stamp collection, phonograph machines, and cylinder, disc, and tape recordings.

We are pleased to make the cylinder recordings from this collection available to the public, as Mr. Gerhardt would have wished. This project received generous funding from The Lawton Community Foundation and support from Prof. James Strain, PAS Historian, Prof. Kurt Gartner, PAS Music Technology Committee Chair, and Chris Miller, Music Technology student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, VA.

Library of Cylinder Recordings

About the Cylinder Artists

  • All Star Trio

  • Albert Benzler

  • Charles Daab & William Dorn

  • George Hamilton Green

  • Green Brothers Novelty Band

  • J. Frank Hopkins

  • Imperial Marimba Band

  • Lou Chiha "Friscoe"

  • Charles P. Lowe

  • August Schmehl

  • Harry A. Yerkes

About Edwin L. Gerhardt

  • Edwin L. Gerhardt Bio

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