Drum Set

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Guide to Standardized Drum Set Notation

How should one notate music for drum set? This article attempts to answer the question by surveying the published literature and forming a compendium of symbols and notational procedures currently employed for drum set notation.

Sound Enhanced Articles

Access select articles from archived PAS Publications that include sheet music, PDFs, and audio downloads.


Each year at PASIC, several "FUNdamentals" clinics geared towards beginning percussionists and band/orchestra directors are presented. These sessions provide essential information covering a variety of topics including drum set, marching percussion, mallet-keyboard playing, concert percussion, and accessories. Browse select handouts available as downloadable PDFs.

Hot Licks

The pages in this section contain a variety of exercises that can be used as technique builders and warmups, contributed by prominent players and teachers to PAS Publications.

Career/Professional Development Resources

Browse valuable career and professional development articles for percussionists. Whether you are a private drum instructor, military musician, composer, or freelancer, PAS has the resources to keep you ahead of the curve.


From the Archives

Browse over 50 years of PAS publications using this advanced archives search tool!

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