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Sound Enhanced Articles

Access select articles from archived PAS Publications that include sheet music, PDFs, and audio downloads.



Each year at PASIC, several "FUNdamentals" clinics geared towards beginning percussionists and band/orchestra directors are presented. These sessions provide essential information covering a variety of topics including drum set, marching percussion, mallet-keyboard playing, concert percussion, and accessories. Browse select handouts available as downloadable PDFs.



Welcome to the PAS Video Library! Relive your favorite concerts, clinics, and master classes from PASIC each year and browse additional video content.


Global Arts Volume 1 2023 EditionPAS Global Arts Organizations Guide

Curated and compiled by the World Percussion Pedagogy Subcommittee of The Percussive Arts Society

Members: Michael Vercelli (Pedagogy sub-group Chair, peer review, copy editor), Colleen Haas (managing editor, peer review), Patrick Roulet (archivist, peer review, copy editor), Richard Grimes (peer review, copy editor), Cara Wildman (design and formatting, peer review, copy editor). Mark Stone (consultation and World Percussion Committee Chair). 

This publication serves as a “go-to” guide for percussionists interested in studying the instruments and traditions of cultures throughout the world. This first edition has nine brief articles exploring solo and ensemble traditions as well as percussion associated with larger ceremonial and/or social dance traditions. This edition includes events featuring indigenous percussion traditions from Africa, Europe and the Americas - exploring diverse musical instruments such as the bow, the zither, frame drums, hand drums, and stick drums.

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