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  • The King George Marimba

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jan 13, 2020

    King George Marimba

    Donated by Carroll Bratman

    In 1934, Clair Omar Musser began to organize his 100-piece marimba ensemble known as the International Marimba Symphony Orchestra (IMSO). Musser coordinated all activities of the ensemble, including auditioning the players, arranging the music, and designing the unique King George marimba, which was built by the J. C. Deagan company expressly for the IMSO. 
    Only 102 King George marimbas were built: 100 for each member of the orchestra, one for Musser himself, and one as a spare. The marimbas were also personalized for the performers. Each was adjusted to the height of the individual player and each featured the name of the member engraved on the gold British coat-of-arms on the front of the instrument.
    The PAS marimba is number 97 of the 102 instruments made. The range is four octaves from F (below middle C) to f4. It has brass end posts, and the brass resonators have three height adjustments for adapting the instrument to different temperatures.

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