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  • People & Places – July 2022

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jul 05, 2022

    The annual KoSA Cuba Drum & Percussion Workshop held at the Matanza's Jazz Festival was an outstanding success; we were so happy to return to an in-person event this year! Participants had a chance to study with some of Cuba's best artists, including Los Munequitos de Matanzas, Miguelon Rodriguez, and Ruy Lopez-Nussa.

    Besides intimate hands-on classes, attendees were able to soak up the sounds of the immensely talented artists featured in the Fifth Annual Matanza's Jazz Festival. The esteemed artists featured this year were Emilio Vega y Paso al Frente, Ruy Lopez-Nussa y la Academia, William Roblejo's trio, Rodrigo Garcia y Ceda el Paso, Mestizaje, Los Munequitos, Afrocuba, and The Heat Transfer. Also included were students from the medium-level Matanza's Music School: Banda Provincial de Conciertos, Coro de Camara, and the Orchestra Swing Cubano. The level of musical artistry was mind blowing!

    Plans are already underway for the next edition in April 2023, so mark your calendar now and join us for this unique and personalized musical and cultural experience.

  • People and Places — May 2022

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | May 25, 2022

    Jerry Tachoir

    Vibraphonist artist Jerry Tachoir was recently on tour in the Midwest, including a concert and clinic at Truman State University hosted by Michael Bump. Jerry presented an afternoon vibraphone clinic, and the Duo Tachoir performed an evening concert on March 22. Prior to this, Jerry presented at Oklahoma Christian University, Arkansas State University, Eastern New Mexico University, and Kansas State University.

  • People & Places — January 2022

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jan 19, 2022

    PAS ItalyItaly Percussion Competition: Online Edition
    The 18th edition of the "Italy Percussion Competition" organized by the Italy Percussive Arts Society, took place online due to COVID-19. This was a decision made by chapter president Antonio Santangelo, after being forced to cancel the 2020 contest. From September 9 to October 26 the five judging panels were able to listen to all the participants in three contest rounds. Italy PAS thanks all the artists who have composed the juries and the sponsors who, in a moment of global difficulty, came together to make this event possible

    Following are the 17 artists who formed the five juries and the selected winners in each category.

    Jury: Nebojsa Jovan Živković (Serbia); Marta Klimasara (Poland); Denis Petrunin (Russia)
    Cat. A: 1st Prize Abs. Moritz Wiedenmann (De), 2nd Prize Bartłomiej Koźniewski (Pl), 3rd Prize Cesare Fornasiero (It)
    Cat. B: 2nd Prize Kenshiro Sato (Jp), 3rd Prize Michał Kram (Pl), 3rd Prize Tim Waizenegger (De) 

    Jury: David Friedman (USA); Victor Mendoza (Mexico); Pierpaolo Bisogno (Italy)
    Cat. A: 1st Prize Sami Bounechada (Fr), 2nd Prize Aubry Timothée (Fr), 2nd Prize Çetin Özen (Tr) 3rd Prize Vinzent Dienz (At)
    Cat. B: 2nd Prize Michał Kram (Pl), 2nd Prize Rossano Muzzupapa (It), 3rd Prize András Simon (Hy)
    Cat. JAZZ: 3rd Prize Oliver Mayman (USA)

    Jury: John H. Beck (USA); Shiniti Ueno (Japan); Claudio Romano (It)
    Cat. B: 2nd Prize Tim Waizenegger (De), 3rd Prize Lorenzo Ramundi (It) 
    Cat. C: 1st Prize Absolute to Ludovico Venturini (It)

    Jury: Fernando Hashimoto (Brazil); Peter Vulperhorst (Netherlands); Norbert Rabanser (Austria)
    Cat. A: 1st Prize Markel Perez (Es), 2nd Prize Bartłomiej Koźniewski (Pl), 2nd Prize Federico Gizzi (It)
    Cat. B: 1st Prize Gradnitzer Fabian (At), 1st Prize Péter Róbert Kiss (Hu), 2nd Prize Minoru Saito (Jp) 

    Jury: Anders Koppel (Denmark); Eckhard Kopetzki (Germany); Leander Kaiser (Germany); Todd Ukena (USA); Richard LeVan (USA) 
    Cat. A: 3rd Prize Francisco Javier Gonzalez Compean (Mx); Special Prize to Pablo Blanco Cordero (Es) 
    Cat. B: 2nd Prize Hernandez Ramirez Alam Gabriel (Mx)
    Cat. C: 3rd Prize Andrei Petrache (Ro)
    Cat. D: 3rd Prize Pietro Alessandro Rodeghiero (It)

    The composition of Hernandez Ramirez Alam Gabriel (2nd prize) and the transcription of the Fantaisie “Improvviso Op. 66” by Chopin for marimba by Pablo Blanco Cordero will be published by HoneyRock (USA). Special thanks to Adams, Bergerault, HoneyRock, Pustiens Percusion P., Angelini Mallets, and AP Instrument.

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