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  • Product Showcase — June 2021

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jun 09, 2021

    Evans B14HWD

    Heavyweight UV Dry Snare Head
    Evans Drumheads has announced the UV Heavyweight Dry Snare Head is now available. Evans Heavyweight Dry features two plies of 10mil film, providing maximum durability, compressed attack, and a wide dynamic range. The 3mil Reverse Dot lends extra durability, focus, and attack in the center. Precision-drilled dry vents further reduce overtones and sustain. Paired along with Evans’ patented UV coating, this head is designed for the heaviest of hitters. This line extension to the Heavyweight will be available in a 14-inch size.

    Gruv Chambers VELOCGRUV GEAR 
    Dennis Chambers a VELOC Endorser
    Gruv Gear is proud to announce the legendary Dennis Chambers is using their acclaimed and innovative VELOC One-Trip Drum Transport System. See Dennis talking about the VELOC system at

    Described by JazzTimes as one of the world’s greatest living drummers, Dennis Chambers was included in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 100 greatest drummers of all time and inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 2001, after winning the vote for Best Electric Jazz drummer from 1990 through to 1996.

    Launched in 2020, the fully-integrated VELOC drum transport system allows drummers to move a 5-piece kit, cymbals, pedals and hardware in a single trip. The system consists of a lightweight aluminum cart fitted with a magnetic mount rail. The highly durable, padded cases attach securely and stack vertically on to this rail, creating a shelf-like system. The convenient front opening of the drum cases means they can be left on the cart, while still allowing access to the drums for quick kit setup and breakdown.

    Once a kit is loaded onto the VELOC transport system it can be moved with minimal effort through doorways, narrow aisles, and busy parking lots with just one hand on the ergonomic handle. The high-quality cases that accompany the system are available in most common sizes, feature comfortable carry handles and both top and front access to drums. Each case is equipped with a built-in TSA lock and Gruv Gear’s Global Recovery Tag powered by HomingPIN, so any lost or misplaced bags can be easily reunited with their owners.

    To find out more about the VELOC drum transportation system and Gruv Gear’s other innovative products, visit

    Barriles De Bomba Drums
    Latin Percussion (LP) has launched the Barriles De Bomba traditional drums, which have been used for over 400 years in the Puerto Rican folkloric music called Bomba. Available in two sizes, the higher pitch Primo or Subidor is played as the lead drum to follow the dancers, and the larger Buleador is used to provide a steady, hypnotic rhythm.

    LP is proud to honor the culture and people of Puerto Rico who have been important contributors to Afro-Caribbean and Latin music. The 26-inch tall Barriles are constructed from two-ply Siam Oak with natural rawhide heads fitted using traditional rims. Plus, they feature decorative metal bands that are reminiscent of traditional drums from the island.

    The Latin Percussion 14-inch and 16-inch Siam Oak Barriles De Bomba have chrome-plated heart side plates with 5/16-inch diameter tension rods and are supplied with a bag.

    To find out more about the new Barriles De Bomba and other LP products, visit

    Roland TD-50XROLAND
    TD-50X Upgrade Available Now
    The TD-50X upgrade from Roland is now available for download on Roland Cloud. Bringing the complete expressive power of Roland’s most advanced drum module to the original TD-50 V-Drums, the TD-50X Upgrade is filled with new instrument sounds, preset kits, and feature enhancements — including a fully optimized performance with the VH-14D digital hi-hat — making it a must-have for all TD-50 module owners.

    The TD-50X Upgrade features over 900 total sounds — up from 422 in the original module — including hundreds of new kick, snare, hi-hat, tom, and cymbal selections. These premium drums leverage the full expressive potential of the Prismatic Sound Modeling engine, providing incredible playability with rich overtones and unlimited sonic colors.

    Also included are 70 newly developed preset kits, all purposefully tuned for full, punchy, and dynamic sound. Created with top drummers and recording engineers, these inspiring kits let you take on any style at the touch of a button, from traditional jazz to full-throttle metal.

    The advanced digital pad technology first introduced with the PD-140DS snare and CY-18DR ride has been expanded with the VH-14D digital hi-hat, bringing ultra-detailed playability to the three most nuanced pieces in the kit. This groundbreaking electronic hi-hat takes performance to an all-new level, offering touch sensitivity, tonal variation, and open/closed resolution never available until now. The TD-50X Upgrade provides the most complete and immersive VH-14D experience you can get, with sounds and processing fully optimized for its sophisticated detection capabilities.

    The TD-50X upgrade makes it even more powerful for recording and producing tracks in a DAW. With the Core Audio driver on a Mac or ASIO driver on a Windows computer, there’s now support for 32 channels of premium-quality audio transfer over USB, up from the 10 channels with the standard TD-50.

    The TD-50X Upgrade extends the TD-50’s ambience features with PureAcoustic Ambience technology, bringing a new level of realism to the electronic drumming experience. Instantly place kits in stunningly natural and immersive sound fields, from tight studio spaces to massive halls and everything in between. More sound-shaping tools are included with the upgrade, with multi-effects selections increased from 30 to 38.

    The TD-50X and upgraded TD-50 modules are the first V-Drums products to be supported through Roland Cloud. This evolving platform offers a diverse range of authentic Roland software synthesizers and instrument sound libraries. Roland Cloud unlocks an expanding collection of premium V-Drums kits and curated samples for studio production and live playing, with access to a variety of releases the moment they arrive.

    Once upgraded, users can try out the TD-50X Free Kits available at the TD-50X product page on the Roland website, as well as the free TD-50X Session Collection 01 in Roland Cloud Manager. To learn more about the TD-50X Upgrade, visit

    Vic Firth Practice PadsVIC FIRTH
    Two New Practice Pads
    The Avedis Zildjian Company, parent company of Vic Firth, has announced the introduction of two new products into its lineup of practice accessories: the Vic Firth Digital Camo Practice Pads and the Vic Firth VF Practice Pads. 

    The Vic Firth Digital Camo pad surface offers a fun take on a modern digital camouflage graphic, and the Vic Firth VF pad features a classic Vic Firth "VF" logo design. Both pads feature a solid wooden base with a non-slip backing to keep the pad in place during use. Ideal for beginning drummers, these silicone pads provide excellent response for learning drum set technique.

    Both pads are available in 6-inch and 12-inch versions and are available now from authorized Vic Firth dealers worldwide. For more information, visit

    Zildjian Practice PadZILDJIAN
    Two New Practice Pads
    The Avedis Zildjian Company has introduced two new practice pad options into its lineup of accessories. The Zildjian Galaxy and Zildjian Graffiti pads offer great feel, response, and versatility.

    Both pads feature bold and colorful designs on their playing surfaces, with the Zildjian Galaxy Pad offering an interstellar space scene and the Zildjian Graffiti Pad offering a modern take on graffiti art. Both pads feature a responsive playing surface, a solid base, and a non-slip backing to keep the pad in place during use. Ideal for beginning drummers, these silicone pads provide excellent response for learning drum set technique.

    Both pads are available in 6-inch and 12-inch versions and are available now from authorized Zildjian dealers worldwide. For more information, visit

  • Product Showcase — May 2021

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | May 12, 2021

    Adams Apex

    New Apex Frames
    Adams Musical Instruments introduced the Apex frame for mallet keyboards, designed for peak performance experience with modern style. Adams Apex frames reach the highest standards of structural integrity and durability while delivering on the style and ease of use that has made Adams a popular mallet instrument brand.

    The simple, strong, and proven Adams height adjustment mechanism has been transformed in the new Apex frame. The swept-back side pillars of the minimalist Apex design offer unrestricted performance and height adjustment. The low center of gravity, accomplished by the ultra-strong joint mechanism, provides ultimate stability with a clean, stylish look and easy movement. Integrated shore braces with hand-screw fittings provide maximum lateral strength and guaranteed vertical positioning at every set-up. Features include: Apex swept-back side pillar design for modern style and ultimate strength, Onyx Black powder-coat finish with all-metal construction, ultra-strong crossbar connections with an eccentric radial-locking mechanism, integrated shore braces with hand-screw fitting, redesigned Adams height adjustment system, locking swivel casters

    The Adams Apex frame, with its unique side pillar design, integrated shore braces, and ultra-strong two-piece crossbar, is quick to assemble and easy to transport. Apex frame is now available on all Adams Soloist, Concert, and Alpha Series instruments.

    To learn more about Adams Apex frame, visit:

    PearlHavana Series Congas & BongosPEARL
    Big Belly Havana Congas
    Pearl’s Havana Series of congas are FAT. These big-belly drums have extra inches around the middle to produce an even lower tone, and the seamless fiberglass shells make them loud. Most modern congas have a belly circumference that measures 42 inches at their widest, while the Havana Series feature a Cuban-style width, with the Quinto, Conga, and Tumba waistlines measuring 48-, 50-, and 52-inches respectively. The added girth gives these drums a deep and impactful punch.

    The drums and matching bongos come standard with Pearl’s Contour Crown Rims, polished chrome hardware, rubber shell guards, and Pearl’s exclusive Self-Aligning Washer System for effortless tuning. The new Silver White Swirl features a unique paint technique that blends silver and white to create a stunning high gloss lacquer finish. Also available in Liquid Gold and Red Tiger Stripe.

    For more information on Pearl’s Havana Series and to hear them, visit

    Pearl Kenari Nut WindChimeNew Awakening Series Natural Nut Shakers 
    Pearl’s Awakening Series has been expanded to include a new series of natural nut shakers that provide earthy tones that complement the series along with a new fiberglass shekere. Kenari, Bendo, and Pangi nuts range in size from small, medium, and large, and each size possesses unique sound properties utilized in the shakers.

    Kenari nuts are the smallest, and their hard, triangular exterior becomes a small sound chamber when played. The new Kenari Nut Windchime features 26 strands of Kenari nuts with six nuts per strand. The Kenari Nut Shaker is seven inches long and features 22 strands of nuts with six nuts per strand and a five-inch nylon-wrapped rattan handle. The new Kenari Nut Bracelet Shaker features 14 individually strung Kenari nuts that musicians can wear to layer sounds while playing instruments like guitar or cajon.

    Bendo are thin medium-sized nuts that are the fruit of the Artocarpus tree and produce a bright, woody tone. The Bendo Nut Shaker features 16 strands of Bendo nuts with two nuts per strand and a five-inch nylon-wrapped rattan handle.

    Pangi nuts are large and about the size of the American Walnut. These thin-shelled nuts create a deeper earthy tone. Two Pangi Nut Shakers are offered that feature 22 individually strung Pangi nuts, one shaker with a nine-inch Bamboo handle for added control, and one shaker with a seven-inch rope handle. 

    The Awakening Series Shekere is a traditional gourd-shaped shaker with an adjustable mesh of hand-strung beads. The fiberglass construction provides increased projection and maximum durability.

    For more information on Pearl’s new natural nut shakers and to hear them, visit

    Pearl B1030CCurved Boom Cymbal Mounting Arms and Stands
    Utilizing the infinite angle adjustability of our GyroLock cymbal tilter, the B1030C Cymbal Boom Stand features the unique positioning reach of Pearl's Boomerang arched mounting arm in a road-ready, double-braced stand. If you don't need the base, the CH1030C features the same exclusive 12.5mm curved arm with a 7/8-inch base that docks easily into auxiliary clamps or combination stands. The Boomerang curved boom arm features a totally unique setup function for creating inspiring visuals. Its arching 12.5mm knurled shaft interacts with other Pearl Boomerang accessories that make previously unattainable cymbal configurations possible. The included WingLoc quick-release cymbal nut also delivers fast, easy cymbal changes. 

    For more information on these and other Pearl Hardware, visit

    Pearl TimbalesNew Travel Timbales 
    The Pearl Travel Series of Congas and Bongos has a new sibling: the Travel Timbales. The 14- and 15-inch steel shell timbales are professional in diameter but only four inches deep and produce full, rich, cutting timbale tones. The drums are connected by a unique hinge that marries them to the Quick Release stand. This custom hinge allows the drums to be folded together into the size of one standard depth timbale for easy storage and transportation. The Travel Timbales come with a single braced stand that includes an 11.25-inch adjustable accessory post with six positions that allow cowbells and blocks to be placed at the perfect distance from the player. The steel shells feature a black lacquer finish and USA Remo clear Ambassadors heads for a genuinely professional sounding instrument. 

    For more information on Pearl's new Travel Timbales and to hear them, visit

    Pearl StavecraftDadoLoc Construction for New StaveCraft Snares 
    Producing sharp sonic focus and full-bodied volume for the heavy player, StaveCraft snare drums boast a mammoth 25mm thick shell made entirely of meticulously beveled solid exotic wood staves.

    "The hidden gem in these snare drums lies in an old-world joining method called DadoLoc," says Pearl Corporation Sales Manager Chris Flatt. "This construction principle is exclusive to these snare drums, and the result is a shell that's twice as strong and pushes the volume boundary over the cliff!"

    Each two-layer stave shell receives an added stave of alternating wood in the center Dado channel, increasing total shell strength by 50%. The shell is then lathed to a perfectly round 25mm thickness, hand-lacquered, and fitted with Swivel Tube Lugs and MasterCast diecast counterhoops for added volume and tuning precision.

    StaveCraft snare drums are available in two shell types (Makha Wood with Thai Oak DadoLoc or Thai Oak with Makha DadoLoc,) and two sizes for the perfect fusion of classic craftsmanship and new-school performance. For more information on this and other Pearl Snare Drums, visit

    Pearl SensiToneSensiTone Snare Drums Celebrate 25 Years with New Heritage Alloy Models 
    Initially introduced in 1996, Pearl's SensiTone snare drum lineup has long been a mainstay for professional drummers. Through changing styles and tastes, three metal shell types have remained constant for their necessary, vital tones: Steel, Aluminum, and Brass.

    Pearl celebrates their unmistakable sound with six new SensiTone Heritage Alloy snare drum models. Each one recalls legendary sonic punch with an undeniably modern sensibility.

    Sensitone Heritage Alloy Steel models feature a 1mm beaded chrome shell. Heritage Alloy Aluminum models feature a 1.2mm seamless beaded shell for tonal nuance and dry snap. The Sensitone Heritage Alloy Brass drums feature a 1mm, black nickel-plated beaded brass shell, delivering beautiful, timeless tones. 

    Pearl S1030DLow Position Snare Stand
    Pearl's S1030 Low Position Snare Stand features a fully adjustable dropped basket that accommodates deeper snares and toms from 10- to 16-inches in diameter.

    Its GyroLock tilter allows the basket to be positioned at practically any angle, and Pearl's Patented Air Suspension Rubber Tips provide a firm grip without choking the drum's tone or suspension. Finally, its diecast, insulated pipe joint provides rock-solid, slip-free height placement and rattle-free performance. This stand is ideal for lower playing positions, deeper models, or field snare drums. 

    For more information on these and other Pearl Hardware, visit

    Pearl President SeriesLimited Edition President Series Phenolic Drums
    A timeless classic from our 75-year history, Pearl’s President Series was the first professional drum set to carry the Pearl name and utilize the unique benefits of hermetically pressurized Phenolic shells.

    In celebration of Pearl's history, President Series Phenolic shells make a triumphant return in a Limited Edition, 75th Anniversary drum set.

    Exuding pristine vintage style with focused updated function, President Series Phenolic drums feature the tonal articulation and feel of the original with a modern classic retool. Its one-of-a-kind note clarity is apparent from the first strike, and appointments like our original "Battleship" lug and individually adjustable tone mufflers add to its old-school swagger. The elegance of Pearl's original script badge, classic bass drum logo, and the Pearl White Oyster covered finish give President Series Phenolic drums an identity that's true to their legacy.

    Limited to 100 worldwide, each President Series Phenolic drum kit comes standard with a 75th Anniversary Edition 14 x 5.5-inch snare drum, Remo USA Heads, bass drum shell-mounted cymbal holder, and adjustable "Gullwing" style bass drum spurs. Each drum comes factory direct in its own Pearl/Nomad case.

    For more information on these and other Pearl Drums, visit

    PearlPSD923XPC President Series Deluxe 768 Desert RippleNew President Series Deluxe Drum Set
    The President Deluxe Series revives the darkly unique tonality of Lauan Shells for a traditionally full, controlled playing experience.

    "Lauan shells were the basis for what has come to be known as 'The MIJ (Made in Japan) Sound,'" says Kevin Packard, Combo Marketing Manager at Pearl Corporation. "Though the fittings have been updated, President Series Deluxe drums have an inviting presence to them, with the gritty tonal vibe of the original."

    Presenting prime vintage style without the shortcomings of yesterday's hardware, President Series Deluxe features a recasting of our classic "Battleship" lug and adjustable tone mufflers on each drum. The elegant identity of Pearl's original script badge and classic bass drum logo augment two new Ripple-covered finishes.

    President Series Deluxe drum kits come in a choice of two shell configurations (a 14 x 5.5-inch snare and a limited number of components are also available separately). Each comes standard with Remo CS "Black Dot" UT heads, classic felt bass drum muffling strip, shell-mounted cymbal holder, and adjustable "Gullwing" style bass drum spurs. 2021-edition kits will come standard with a signed 75th Anniversary Certificate of Authenticity. 

    For more information on these and other Pearl Drums, visit

    Pearl PHX & PHP-Philharmonic Concert Snare Drum FamilyPhilharmonic Series Concert Snare Drums Redesigned
    Pearl introduced new features to the Philharmonic series including the new and improved SR505 Triad Silent Strainer with new wrap-around assembly materials, new shell configurations, and timeless finishing touches.

    The New SR505 Triad Silent Strainer on every drum in the series is an upgraded and improved version of the world-renowned Philharmonic snare strainer, developed after years of close collaboration with some of the world’s finest and most discriminating performing artists.

    New features of the SR505 include: captive adjustment touchpoints and mechanical improvements of the three independently adjustable snare assemblies; full wrap-around guitar wire snare assemblies for ultimate sensitivity and tonal expression in the softest range of your playing; a quick-release snare mounting system that maintains individual adjustment settings on all three assemblies for fast and easy head replacement and maintenance.

    The newest drum added to the Philharmonic series in 2021 is the 20-ply, 18mm thick 100% Maple and Birch shell PHTRF model drums. The 20-ply maple drums produce the most articulate and cutting response from the entire Philharmonic Series and have an immediate presence in any hall. These incredible drums feature Pearl’s STL lugs and Die Cast hoops plated in Nickel. Each drum shell is hand finished in a classic Twilight Burst or the unique Silver White Swirl. 

    The PHP series Ply Maple Philharmonics feature a new 8-ply, 7.2mm 100% Maple shell configuration and are now upgraded with Nickle plated hardware. Stunning new finishes complete the package featuring Barnwood Brown Burst or Nicotine White Marine Pearl. 

    For more information on these and other Pearl Concert Drums, visit

    Pearl Michael Cartellone 30th Anniversary Snare DrumMichael Cartellone Hand-Painted Signature Snare
    To commemorate Pearl’s 75th Anniversary (and his 30th Anniversary as a Pearl Artist), drummer Michael Cartellone (Lynyrd Skynyrd) has created an extremely limited selection of hand-painted Signature Tribute Snare Drums.

    “We decided to do something that celebrates my two loves: drumming and painting,” says Cartellone. “This is my way of paying tribute to my drumming heroes and their impact on me as a younger, developing player.”

    With only five 14 x 6.5-inch Reference Pure snares set to be released to the world via charity auction, each will feature the personally painted portraits of drumming icons Ringo Starr, Bill Bruford, Terry Bozzio, Stewart Copeland, John Bonham, and Neil Peart. “I painted them in this order on each shell because that’s the order that they came into my life and inspired me on my drumming journey.”

    Each portrait was hand-painted over a week's time by Michael in acrylic. The drum was then clear coated to maintain the integrity of the artist's vision. Proceeds will benefit musicians in need through MusiCares, a critical health and welfare service provider to the music community.

    For more information on this project and other Pearl 75th Anniversary items, visit

    Pearl MH70AMicrophone Mounting Hardware
    Skip the added stands with Pearl's Uni-Lock Boom Microphone holding accessories. The MH70A features a multi-angle quickset clamp that attaches to any available support stand with ease, letting you place mics in hard-to-reach places around the drum set. Its durable boom arm delivers secure, flexible reach, and its gearless UniLock tilter head accepts practically any mic clamp with infinite angle positioning.

    The MH830 Uni-Lock Boom Microphone Holder lets you mount microphones around the drum set with the feel and function of Pearl's hardware. Excellent for use with multi-clamps or rack systems, it features a solid multi-angle arm that is mountable in straight or boom position.

    Both are ideal for drum set play, field and marching applications, and multi-percussion set-ups where space is tight. For more information on this and other Pearl Hardware, visit

    Pearl Matt Halpern Signature Snare DrumMatt Halpern Signature Snare
    Pearl Artist Matt Halpern designed each element of his Signature Snare Drum to complement, as well as contrast, the complex nature of his playing. Subtle touches, like black powder-coating and three shell vents help temper the lively nature of its 1.5mm Brass shell.

    MasterCast die-cast hoops boost projection, and Evans Heavyweight Dry heads deliver a yielding attack. Its STL150 ClipLock strainer provides increased sensitivity, while visual touches like black/brass STL Swivel Tube Lugs and striking yellow gaskets serve to inspire the ideal performance. The result is a snare drum with cutting, dry versatility that responds to quick and aggressive hits and fits in various styles and situations with an expanded tuning range.

    For more information on this and other Pearl Snare Drums, visit

    Pearl DuoLuxeDuoluxe Chrome/Brass Snare Drums 
    Pearl presents Duoluxe: a modern take on the legendary, "inter-planetary" snare drum sound. With the look and rigidity of our trademark dual inverted shell beads, Pearl takes the chrome-over-brass alloy shell of our classic Jupiter snare and inlays it with two finish bands of Nicotine White Marine Pearl. This gives the shell a distinct look and adds tonal control to its unbridled sound.

    “This is not merely a reissue of the Jupiter Snare Drum,” states Steve Armstrong, Pearl Corporation Director of Marketing. “We wanted to give drummers that sound with current function. Though adding the inlays proved to be a unique challenge, the result makes it like playing a work of art!”

    Our newly recast “Battleship” Lugs, smooth SR017 Strainer, and solid 2.3mm SuperHoop II triple-flanged hoops balance out the package for classically graceful drumming charisma. For more information on these and other Pearl Snare Drums, visit

    Pearl CLH70Hassle-Free Hi-Hat Mounting
    For added hi-hat voices all around the drum kit, the Uni-Lock Closed Hi-Hat Holder puts a pair of closed hi-hat cymbals in easy reach practically anywhere in your setup. It features a multi-angle quickset clamp that attaches to any stand with ease. Its durable boom arm and gearless Uni-Lock tilter deliver flexible reach and positioning. Adjusting the desired open/shut amount of the cymbals is as simple as a turn of the spring-loaded top washer. The CLH70 is great for hi-hat, splash, or other cymbal combinations for accents, timekeeping, and even creative stacking.

    For more information on this and other Pearl Hardware, visit

    Pearl CLA130CLA130 Transforms the Top of Drum Set Bass Drums
    The Pearl Bass Drum Hoop Mount Closed Hi-Hat Holder’s finish-saving hoop clamp attaches a pair of closed hi-hats directly to the top edge of any bass drum. Cymbal spread is spring-adjustable and can be controlled with a quick turn of the top cymbal nut. Excellent for added hi-hat accents and multi-layered cymbal stacks.

    For more information on this and other Pearl Hardware, visit

    Pearl CHB75CACHB75CA Bass Drum Cymbal Mount
    Pearl's Bass Drum Hoop Mount Cymbal Holder lets you mount a cymbal to your bass drum without additional brackets or shell modification. Its finish-saving hoop clamp attaches your cymbal of choice directly to the bass drum at any point of the front or batter side hoop. The included arm is height and angle adjustable and features a Uni-Lock gearless tilter, ensuring your cymbal is securely in the perfect position. Excellent for classic looks and increased cymbal function without adding to your hardware load.

    For more information on this and other Pearl Hardware, visit

    Making E-Drums Feel Real
    Porter & Davies’ silent tactile monitors enable drummers to tangibly connect with their electronic and hybrid drum kits, allowing them to feel and hear a sound that is both real and huge when performing and recording.

    The BC2, BC2rm, BC Gigster, BC-X, and TT6 Equipped Throne use bone conduction to deliver a potent, accurate reproduction of what is played. The powerful union of these systems with an electronic or hybrid kit relays the full weight and punch of the bass drum, the full tone and note decay of the toms, as well as the softest, fastest snare ghost notes, without time lag. Compared to using only headphones or external speakers, adding a Porter & Davies system enables e-drummers to complete the sonic and physical experience of the instrument.

    Porter & Davies systems, which work with all makes and models of electronic kits and drums, are available in a selection of sizes to suit all budgets. Easy to set up and use, faithfully reproduce every note and dynamic, making electronic and hybrid kits feel and sound more like acoustic kits.

    Redefine the realism of playing electronic drum by going to

    ProMark PM PR SticksPROMARK
    New Performance Pillars Introduced
    ProMark is thrilled to introduce two distinct performance pillars: ProMark and ProMark Classic. Though each has its own flair and purpose, these new pillars are nonetheless asking drummers all around the world to do one simple thing: Show Your Stripes.

    ProMark is the home of our rear-weighted, performance-driven Rebound and Finesse lines, alongside cutting-edge innovations like ActiveGrip and FireGrain. ProMark Classic is a celebration of the timeless feel, look, and straight-ahead performance of ProMark’s golden era, and the home of our front-weighted, power-focused Forward and Attack lines.

    Every ProMark stick is perfected with ProMatch, our proprietary multi-stage weight and pitch sorting process, assuring players consistency both from stick to stick and from pair to pair.

    Weight sorted: Kiln-dried wooden dowels are sorted, separated, and batched together based on model. Precision Cut: Using precise methods, raw dowels are cut, shaped, lacquered, and treated, yielding fully-formed sticks. Weight Matched: Finished sticks are matched by weight, adhering to the strictest possible tolerances. Pitch Perfected: All sticks are matched according to their tuned pitch, averaging a difference of only 9Hz within any model. 

    To learn more about ProMark and ProMark Classic, visit

    ProMark McleanCarter McLean Signature Stick
    ProMark Drumsticks is proud to announce the launch of the Carter McLean Signature Stick. The Carter McLean Signature Stick is made from hickory with a custom designed wood tip. It measures .571-inch (14.5mm) in diameter and 16-1/8-inches (409.6mm) in length with a lacquered finish.

    The custom tip shape provides a range of sonic possibilities on any playing surface, depending on the angle of attack. With a diameter between 5A and 5B and its slightly increased length, this is one of the most unique yet versatile sticks in the ProMark portfolio.

    "The idea behind this stick design is one tool to cover it all," says McLean. "You can get all the power you need and at the same time all the finesse of a jazz stick. The tip design on this is everything. Play it parallel to the cymbal and get a big, open, bright sound. Play it at a steeper angle and get a darker, more articulate sound. It also feels and sounds incredible on a drum. There is a lot of wood contacting the head, which makes for amazing press rolls and a fat sound."

    Carter Mclean is a highly regarded educator, top Broadway drummer, and live/studio drummer with the likes of Charlie Hunter, Melvin Sparks, and Anthony Hamilton. He is particularly respected for his musical and nuanced approach to sound, touch, and groove.

    For more information, visit

    Vic Firth hoodieVIC FIRTH
    New Hoodies Added to Apparel Line
    The Avedis Zildjian Company, parent company of Vic Firth, is pleased to announce the introduction of two new hoodies to its apparel line.

    First up we have the Vic Firth Craft Lightweight Hoodie. A cross between a long-sleeved tee and a hoodie, it’s made from soft, tri-blend jersey and has a front kangaroo pocket. An excellent option for transitional spring/fall weather, and light enough to wear while playing. This hoodie has a wood-textured front graphic and a woven VF Flag label on the bottom left side. Available in unisex sizes from XS through to 2XL.

    Also joining the lineup is the new Vic Firth Zip up Logo Hoodie. This is an essential wardrobe addition for the Vic Firth player. This heathered black hoodie features thick drawstrings, side pockets and a woven VF flag tag on the bottom left side. Also featuring a vertical Vic Firth logo along the right chest and a subtle VF seal logo on the left chest, this hoodie is as stylish as it is soft. Available in unisex sizes from XS through to 3XL, this hooded sweatshirt is a perfect fit for every drummer.

    Zildjian alchemy hoodieZILDJIAN
    Premium Apparel
    The Avedis Zildjian Company recently re-launched its iconic line of apparel. Six new styles have been added to the current collection, including a limited-edition Camo Hoodie, Gray Zip Up Logo Hoodie, Photo Lightweight Hoodie, Art Deco Long Sleeved Tee, a Quarter Zip Sherpa Pullover, and an Alchemy Pullover Hoodie, which pays homage to Zildjian's founder Avedis I, featuring the alchemy symbols for copper, tin, and silver — the elements in the Zildjian family alloy — along the left arm.

  • Product Showcase — April 2021

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Apr 07, 2021

    MFG Pedals in Extended Footboard Models
    Drum Workshop announces the availability of the new XF Extended Footboard option across the entire range of DW Manufacturing (MFG) pedals and hi-hat stands. The boutique pedals, which are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum in California, are offered in both single and double pedal models in two distinct drive systems: Machined Direct Drive (MDD) and Machined Chain Drive (MCD). Matching solid linkage hi-hats stands are also available in 2- and 3-leg options.

    A one-inch longer XF footboard delivers additional throw and power. The extra real estate is also perfect for players that employ a sliding pedal technique for a wider range or playing styles. DW Vice President of Marketing Scott Donnell comments, “XF footboards have become very popular in recent years. Artists tell us they love the feel of a longer footboard for many styles of modern music. And we’ve already offered it on our mainstay 5000 and 9000 lines; this was the next logical progression. We’ve even found a way for those that already have MFG pedals to make a simple upgrade.”

    The overall size of the new XF MFG pedal base plate remains the same as the standard model due to a modified Mini Contour Heel Plate, which allows a longer footboard without the need for a larger overall footprint. Both the footboard and heel can be retrofitted to existing MFG pedals and hi-hats stands via the easy-to-fit aftermarket XF conversion kit, consisting of a preassembled XF footboard, Interlocking Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge, and Mini Contour Heel Plate.

    To find out more about the new XF MFG pedals, the conversion kit, and all other DW products, visit

    Gretsch Carlock SnareGRETCH
    Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum
    Gretsch Drums has introduced the Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum (GA5514-KC). Carlock has performed with a wide range of artists such as Steely Dan, Toto, Wayne Krantz, James Taylor, Tal Wilkenfeld, John Mayer, Sting, Chris Botti, and many more.

    One key requirement Carlock had for the drum was a wide range of sound applications to meet the varied demands of studio work. He has also always been an admirer of brass shell snare drums, especially those that have a more visually aged or fatigued look to them. So that’s where Gretsch Drums started.

    The drum's foundation is a 5.5x14-inch, 2mm Vintage Patina brass shell. To capture an “antique” look throughout the shell, a specialized aging compound was developed at the Gretsch factory in Ridgeland, South Carolina. The company then added Carlock’s preferred choice of the 20-strand snare wire to achieve the increased dynamics and pitch range he desired. Plus, he opted for a standard Permatone drumhead rather than the Permatone Control Sound to give his signature snare a more open sound.

    Additional features include 45-degree bearing edges, 4mm die-cast hoops, and Gretsch’s classic Lightning Throw-Off. Each snare has an inside identification label specifying the year of production, which is signed by Carlock. Keith commented, “This isn’t just another snare drum. It’s unique in so many ways. The ingredients and specifications that we came up with to create the look, the feel, and the sound are just incredible. You have to check this one out!”

    For more information about the Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum, other Gretsch drums and Gretsch artists, visit

    Zildjian K SweetZILDJIAN
    K Sweet Series Cymbal Pack
    The Avedis Zildjian Company has announced that its K Sweet series cymbals are now available in a new cymbal pack, offering 15-inch hi-hats, 17- and 19-inch crashes, and a 21-inch ride.

    Pushing the iconic Zildjian K sound in a new, sweet, and responsive direction, these cymbals are great for all types of music. This full setup includes some favorite K Sweet models, including oversized 15-inch hi-hats, with a thin top and an extra heavy bottom offering a great wash without sacrificing a satisfying and solid “chick.” The 17- and 19-inch crashes are extra thin in weight for a fast response with unlathed bells that create nicely balanced high frequencies. The medium-thin weight 21-inch ride is thin enough to be crashable but with great stick definition and a clear bell tone.

    “The response to the K Sweet Pack so far has been awesome,” says Andrew Tamulynas, Zildjian Brand Manager for Cymbals and Drumsticks. “We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from drummers on social media, as well as from retailers who voted the K Sweet Pack the best cymbal product of 2020. We’re so happy that everyone is as excited as we are about the new K Sweet pack!”

    For more information, visit

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