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  • Product Showcase — July 2020

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jul 09, 2020

    DW Time Keeper Snare

    Collector’s Series Timekeeper Snare Drum
    Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW) recently announced the official launch of the Collector’s Series “Timekeeper” Snare Drum. Aptly named, the drum is decorated with “Clock and Gear” wood inlays, with 351 individual pieces to be exact. Each piece of exotic and dyed laser-cut material is meticulously hand-inlayed into the 1/36-inch-thick top veneer of a Pure Purpleheart shell.

    Resident Woodologist and Drum Designer John Good created the Timekeeper motif as a fitting tribute to the artform. Good explained, “Some of my favorite drummers do just that. They keep time. And they do it in a way that is so admirable. These often-unsung players play for the song. It’s a cliché, but it’s so right on the money. The Timekeeper is in tribute to those players.”

    The 11-ply VLT Pure Purpleheart shell is expertly crafted at the DW California Custom Shop and outfitted with a host of professional features including custom True-Hoops with faux leather inlay, True-Tone Snare Wires, MAG Throw-Off System with 3P butt plate, True-Pitch 50 Tuning, DW Heads by Remo, and more. Finished in limited edition Antique Bronze, the 6.5 x 14-inch Santos Rosewood-clad snare is designed to be a playable piece of art.

    Good added, “Our goal is to not have this drum solely be a memento; it’s designed to be played. I think Purpleheart is an excellent choice for a workhorse snare, and we see more and more drummers discovering it and being blown away by what it can do.”

    The drum is supplied in a Deluxe DW carrying case. To find out more about DW, its artist and products, visit

    Gretsch Full Range FinishesGRETSCH DRUMS
    New Full Range Finishes
    Gretsch Drums has announced the addition of two new finishes to its line of Full Range drums. The new offerings join the value-price Catalina Series, as well as the more mid-priced Renown lineup.

    Gretsch Brand Manager Andrew Shreve comments, “We’re always searching for compelling new finishes, ones that are in keeping with the historic look of Gretsch. We’re very conscious of what Gretsch fans prefer, and we always aim to please.”

    Delivering superior versatility and pro-quality sound, Renown drums feature 7-ply Gretsch maple shells, 30-degree bearing edges and exclusive “Silver Sealer” interiors. Satin Antique Blue Burst extends the color palette to five lacquer and two Nitron finishes, with all seven coming in a choice of eight distinct shell pack configurations.

    Catalina Club Yellow Satin Flame finish follows the successful Blue Satin Flame option introduced in 2018. The vintage-inspired wrap is one of two, alongside four available satin lacquer finishes. Catalina Club has received world-wide acclaim as the go-to around-town kit due to its build quality, value, reliability warm, punchy tone courtesy of all-mahogany shells with soft, 30-degree bearing edges.

    For more information, visit the Gretsch drums website at

    Three New Cajons
    Latin Percussion introduced three new cajons: the 3D Cube String Cajon, inspired by the artwork of M.C.Escher, the Black Box Wire Cajon with a stunning natural-wood face plate, based on the award-winning Black Box, and the signature USA Woodshop Tony Succar Cajon.

    The artist M.C. Escher was the master of illusion, exploring the contrast between the depiction of three-dimensional volume on a two-dimensional surface. The exterior of the new, hand-crafted 3D Cube String Cajon, inspired by this artist, uses solid pieces of dark stained and natural Siam Oak with Indian Lilac wood to create an optical illusion that is both two and three dimensional at the same time. The slightly wider than normal cajon has a huge bottom end, its six angle-mounted strings provide high-end snap and crack, and the Mahogany sound board offers a deep, rich resonance for a multi-dimensional sound. It measures 18 ¼ inches high by 13 ¾ inches wide by 11 ¾ inches deep and is supplied with its own carry bag.

    The LP Black Box Wire Cajon is based on LP’s Black Box, winner of Drum! magazine’s Drummies! Award for best cajon. An entry-level cajon, it is constructed with an environmentally responsible eco-board with a birch/poplar soundboard for great sound at an affordable price. The sophisticated matte-black finish gives the cajon a polished appearance, and its rounded edges make it easy to play. Tonally, the drum provides a clear distinction of snare and bass tones that is perfect for any style of music. It measures 19 inches high by 11 inches wide by 10 inches deep.

    Percussionist, composer, arranger, bandleader, producer, and Latin Grammy award winner Tony Succar helped design the Peruvian style Woodshop Tony Succar Signature Cajon. Made in LP’s USA Woodshop, the crafted Chilean Pine body breathes with resonance, and the Red Meranti soundboard provides punchy, bright tones with a graphic finish. This drum perfectly embodies Tony’s ability to combine tradition with modern and youthful energy with authentic Peruvian tone. The signature cajon is finished with Tony’s immediately recognizable initials in bright red. It measures 18 ¾ inches high by 13 inches wide by 11 5/8 inches deep.

    To find out more, visit

    TDR RackTDR
    New LoProfile Drum Rack
    By combining its unique, patented, curved design and high-quality components with the popularity, set-up consistency, security, and ease of transport long associated with drum racks, the new LoProfile Drum Rack from TDR Manufacturing raises the bar for modern drummers and their drum hardware.

    The TDR rack provides all the advantages of conventional drum racks plus the additional benefits of more comfortable drum positioning and a highly-distinctive look. Due to its advanced features, the new rack decreases the need for heavy, bulky floor stands, while its exclusive arch eliminates 90-degree corners that have often required awkward and unnatural drum, cymbal, and accessory placement on racks in the past.

    The pro-quality TDR rack is made in the U.S.A. from heavy-gauge, 1.5-inch stainless steel, fits around bass drums up to 26 inches, and accepts standard clamps and arms. It is available factory-direct in a choice of natural, chrome, and black finishes.

    For more information, visit

  • Gruv Gear, Gretsch Drums

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jun 03, 2020

    GruvGear Veloc SetGRUV GEAR
    New VELOC Drum Transport System
    With most drummers honing their chops at home during this global lockdown, Gruv Gear presses forward with game-changing products in preparation for musicians to travel and tour again. The new VELOC One-Trip Drum Transport system allows drummers to carry a 5-piece kit in a single trip.

    The fully integrated VELOC consists of a lightweight aluminum cart with a magnetic mount rail onto which the cases attach and stack vertically, creating a shelf-like system with convenient front openings for each case. This means the cases can be left on the cart, allowing drummers to set up and break down much quicker than ever before. Once loaded, the VELOC cart can be moved with minimal effort in its tilted mode, with weight supported by the four never-flat wheels and ergonomic handle. Drummers, roadies, and drum techs can easily maneuver through tight doorways, narrow aisles, and busy parking lots using just one hand.

    The high-quality, tour-ready hybrid cases are constructed with robust fabrics fused with an ABS/polycarbonate shell. They are available in the most common sizes for snare, kick, and toms, and they feature comfortable handles and shoulder-strap options. Each VELOC case is equipped with Gruv Gear’s Global Recovery Tag powered by HomingPIN, recognized at nearly 3,000 airports worldwide, so any lost or misplaced bags can be easily reunited with their owners.

    The VELOC range also includes cases for double pedals, hardware, and cymbals, all mountable on the cart. The cymbal case has a similar construction as the other VELOC cases with a few extras. Using a pair of standard drumsticks, the case can be propped upright and, with the release of one strap, allows the cymbal pockets to fan out for unmatched accessibility and convenience. It also comes with a detachable telescoping handle, Gruv Gear’s proprietary “snap-on” wheels first introduced on the Kapsule travel guitar bag, and a built-in TSA lock, making it the ultimate travel-ready cymbal case.

    VELOC drum bags are offered in the following sizes: 8x10 Rack Tom, 10x12 Rack Tom, 6x14 Snare, 14x16 Floor Tom, 18x22 Bass/Kick, 22-inch Cymbals, 19x12 Double Pedal, and 19x36 Hardware Bag.

    To find out more about Gruv Gear and its products, visit

    Gretsch Brooklyn Blue BurstGRETSCH DRUMS
    New Nitron Finishes Available for Brooklyn Kits
    Gretsch Drums has introduced two new Nitron finishes to their Brooklyn Series: Blue Burst Pearl for the original kit and White Marine Pearl for the Micro Kit.

    Gretsch Brooklyn drums are constructed from 6-ply North American Maple/Poplar. They are finished with the distinctive 3mm thick, double-flanged, 302 counterhoops, which are reminiscent of the ones used by the company until the mid-1950s. Their innovative specifications create a unique tonal characteristic that is slightly more open and ambient when compared to Gretsch’s classic full, punchy, and warm sound.

    Launched to critical acclaim in 2018 the Brooklyn Micro Kit is excellent for small venues, studios, rehearsal rooms, and other situations where space is at a premium. The kit is built to the same specifications as the original Brooklyn drums.

    For more information, visit

  • Kat Percussion, Tracktion

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | May 27, 2020

    KT-200 Drum Kit
    KAT Percussion has introduced a new electronic drum kit. The KT-200 features a new look and features. Stepping away from its long-standing design look of gray cymbals, white pads, and a chrome rack, KAT Percussion has turned to a black and charcoal combination for this new kit, with the only hint of white showing up on the mesh head of the snare pad.

    The KT-200 is designed to be used as a professional electronic drum kit but is easy enough to set up and use that any beginner would not feel intimidated, and its modest footprint means it can be placed just about anywhere. It comes with 232 built-in drum sounds featuring French Dream's sampling technology, which utilizes digital technology to record the sound of real instruments, rigorously collecting the sound quality of the original drum. The user will also find a simple and easy-to-use interface and a fully customizable sound library. With its state-of-the-art velocity-sensitive triggers, you can set parameters on the drum pad triggers, thus ensuring the best possible playing response, avoiding potential sound delay and repetition. The innovative Coach function combined with the built-in metronome will help all drummers with their accuracy, tempo, timing, and quickness. The hardware of the KT-200 is specially designed to minimize crosstalk, and the control unit has a USB port that supports USB flash disk audio players and USB-MIDI.

    Waveform Free DAW 
    Tracktion’s Waveform Free is perfect for making and sharing music for anyone stuck at home, self-isolating. It has no restrictions other than your imagination, and more capabilities than most enthusiastic producers will ever need. Stay safe at home, keep busy, get the creative juices flowing, and dive into a genuinely complete, stand-alone, free DAW.

    This new DAW is suitable for Windows, OSX, and Linux, as well as the Raspberry Pi. It is fully compatible with the new generation of expressive instruments and also supports MPE. Waveform Free includes many of Tracktion’s recent innovations including the MIDI Pattern Generator to create synchronized melodies, chord progressions, bass lines, and more, plus the 40SC Virtual Synthesizer and the Micro Drum Sampler.

    The Waveform Free can tackle a wide range of tasks and produce professional results. With an unlimited track count and a truly adept feature set, users can add as many plugins as they like to start writing right away.Getting started is easy with dozens of tutorial videos as well numerous templates such as EDM production, band recording and mixing, location recording for churches and schools, and many others. Whether producing the next smash hit, designing sound for video, recording and editing podcasts, or live recording, Waveform Free has it covered.

    To Download Waveform Free, visit

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