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  • Product Showcase — September 2022

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Sep 07, 2022

    Cympad Pink WashersCYMPAD
    Pink Foam Cymbal Washers
    Cympad has expanded its Chromatics line of colorful, cellular foam cymbal washers with a new pink color option. With this latest addition, Chromatics are now available in a choice of pink, white, orange, yellow, green, purple, red, crimson, blue, and camouflage, providing an easy and affordable way for drummers to enhance the look and sound of their kits.

    Cympad Chromatics cymbal washers are now available in convenient five-packs and used by today’s top drummers, including Hayley Brownell, Emily Moon, Stephen Perkins, Queen Drums, Elise Trouw, and many more.

    To learn more, visit

    Malletech eMotion MarchingMALLETECH
    eMotion Marching Sticks
    eMotion Marching Sticks are designed to feel great in the hands of any player. Using only first-quality American Hickory, each pair is sorted and matched to the highest tolerances in the industry, resulting in unparalleled consistency and durability. Snare sticks are offered in a variety of profiles and undergo a 21-day progressive kiln-drying process to ensure each stick remains perfectly straight. Tenor sticks feature a medium taper hickory shaft to hit the sweet spot between durability and response. Bass Mallets use high-impact felt that is glued and screwed onto the shaft, locking the head into place.

    For more information, visit

    Malletech eMotion MarimbaeMotion Keyboard Mallets
    eMotion Keyboard Mallets are offered for marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, bells, and timpani. The design includes uniform weight throughout the series, meaning no adjustment is needed when switching from extra soft to extra hard, and making graduated or mixed sets feel perfectly natural.

    The true multi-toned response in Malletech mallets produces a concert-rich sound that responds to your touch and can easily overdrive when you need it most. Double color-coding allows you to quickly identify your mallets whether storing head or shaft first.

    For more information, visit

    Scholastic Packs
    Malletech is elevating the student experience with affordably priced Scholastic Packs that provide students with the exact same tools used by the pros. Each pack includes an assortment of world-class implements protected in a high-quality bag. The SP2 Essentials Pack is perfect for students beginning their journey in music. The SP3 Deluxe Pack includes all the tools needed to tackle more challenging music. These are not disposable “entry-level” products, but the start of a lifetime collection.

    For more information, visit

    Dave Black Student Signature Snare Drum Pack
    Tamburo Drums unites with Alfred Music and Vic Firth to create the Dave Black Student Signature Snare Drum Pack, a collection of musical products and accessories in an all-in-one convenient bundle. This drum pack represents the first product collaboration between the master luthiers at Tamburo Drums and Dave Black, a renowned drummer, educator, and best-selling author.

    The Dave Black Student Signature Snare Drum Pack combines a world-class snare drum and drum accessories, along with the industry’s best-selling drum education book, all at a budget-friendly price. Included in the pack is a Tamburo custom T5 snare drum, specially crafted with innovative materials to be lightweight, durable, and offer professional sound quality (beautifully designed in elegant black sparkle or silver sparkle finishes), a pair of custom Dave Black Signature Vic Firth Nova 5B drumsticks, Alfred’s Drum Method, Book 1, a high-quality Tamburo snare stand, and padded, branded water-resistant backpack carrying case, which holds the snare, snare stand, and books and sheet music. The pack is distributed exclusively by Proel North America. 

    For more information, visit

    Toca Sympatico SystemTOCA
    New Sympatico System
    Toca Percussion is pleased to announce an evolution to its line of Nesting Drums. The new Sympatico System of tunable, interchangeable drums and heads will change how lightweight drums are perceived. By design, lightweight drums must be portable, durable and, easy to carry and transport. Unfortunately, the most common way to achieve this desired outcome is to eliminate bulky and heavy tuning mechanisms. In their place is a pre-tuned head. 

    The Sympatico System solves the issue with its innovative and proprietary internal tuning design. It’s significantly lighter than traditional tuning systems, easy to use, and there’s no extra bulky, heavy, hardware attached to the side of the drum to get in your way. It’s hidden inside! And the heads are designed to simply integrate with Toca’s existing line of Freestyle II Nesting Drums including Djembes, Tom-Toms, Djun-Djuns, and Ashikos. If you already have one of these instruments, pop on a new Sympatico tunable head and bring your playing and your sound to a whole new level.

    Toca is also introducing two new Freestyle II Nesting Drum series that will come standard with the Sympatico tunable head: a set of Gathering Drums and our exclusive Tubadoras, which sound like traditional congas. The sound, by virtue of the ability to tune, uniquely your own, at much less than half the weight of traditional hand percussion drums.

    For more information, visit

  • Product Showcase — August 2022

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Aug 03, 2022

    3DME Gen 2 System 
    ASI Audio x Sensaphonics announces the launch of the second-generation 3DME Gen2 Active Ambient Monitoring System, which features ASI Audio App and belt pack enhancements to expand the system feature set based on user requests and customer needs, along with extended battery life. The core remains the 3DME system’s application of patented Active Ambient technology to give users a high-fidelity in-ear monitor mix with natural room sound from their bandmates and the audience.  

    "Our mission at ASI Audio has always been two-fold,” says ASI Audio x Sensaphonics Chairman and 3DME’s inventor, Dr. Michael Santucci Au.D. “We want to give our customers the ultimate stage monitoring experience as well as help protect their hearing. The 3DME Gen2’s enhanced feature set aids in both of those goals.” 

    "With Gen2, we’ve added options that touring musicians will appreciate,” ASI Audio System Engineer Stephen Julstrom elaborates. “One allows the Monitor In signal to bypass the limiting and EQ stages to enable professional monitor engineers to maintain full unimpeded control over the mix they deliver. Another optimizes the system for use with either the standard full-range dual-driver earpiece or the new Custom Pro quad-driver earpiece." 

    Evidencing the ASI Audio team’s commitment to listening safety and hearing health, several new options are designed to accommodate listener comfort. The internal limiter’s lowest Limiter Threshold setting is now stretched down from 84 dB-SPL to 76 dB-SPL for those with especially sensitive hearing, along with subtle improvements in the attack characteristic of the limiter and the linearity of extremely high frequencies. The selectable Start-Up Squeal Suppressor (formerly called the Safety Limiter) eliminates the rare, unharmful feedback squeal that was possible when users covered the ambient microphone with their finger while inserting the earpieces with the system powered. Similarly, turn-on and turn-off “thumps” heard when powering the system with earpieces inserted are now greatly reduced. For musicians and other end users who can hear very little in one ear—single-sided deafness (SSD) or unilateral hearing loss, which creates a head shadowing effect that negatively impacts clarity and timing—the CROS (Crosslateral Routing Of Signal) option restores intelligibility by combining the binaural signals and removing all sound to the impaired ear. 

    The 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System Gen2 consists of Active Ambient earphones with embedded binaural MEMS ambient microphones, a bodypack mixer/controller/DSP processor/headphone amplifier and the Bluetooth-enabled ASI Audio App for control. The free ASI Audio App allows untethered adjustment of the system’s 7-band stereo EQ and limiter threshold. The App also offers an Audio Seal Test to confirm perfect IEM fit and allows the saving and recall of User Presets to ensure repeat access to preferred sound signatures. In operation, after locking in the preferred EQ and limiter settings, up/down switches on the bodypack make it easy to add the perfect amount of ambience to the monitor mix, so performers can hear exactly what they want, no matter the style of music or type of venue. When used without a monitor mix, 3DME functions as variable-level, high fidelity earplugs. The universal-fit earphones supplied with 3DME can be converted to custom fit with silicone sleeves from Sensaphonics or upgraded to Custom Pro earpieces. 

    For more information, visit

    Evans dBOne Heads CymbalsEVANS
    dB Reduced Volume Drumheads and Cymbals
    Evans is introducing a new suite of products: dB reduced volume drumheads and cymbals. The dB product suite includes dB Zero, a rebrand of the popular SoundOff mesh drumheads, and the introduction of dB One Drumheads and Cymbals.

    Drummers now have two options from Evans. dB Zero reduces the drumhead's volume to the lowest level possible and is ideal for silent practice and use with drum triggers and sensors. With dB One, drummers can maintain their acoustic kit's natural tone and feel, but at only 20% the volume of traditional acoustic heads.

    Available in patented tom, bass, and snare heads, dB One drumheads experience an authentic bounce and attack with ShockWeave Mesh, Kinetic Transfer Foam (KTF), and dB One's innovative Impact Patch striking surface. Additionally, the wire-free Snare Sim treatment tackles the once impossible-to-fake buzz and crack of acoustic snares at a reduced level.

    The new dB One suite is rounded out by dB One Cymbals, the first cymbals to sport the Evans brand and designed to balance and match with the dB One heads as a system. In addition, each cymbal features Evans’ patented dBalance technology, a precision-perforated volume reduction system punched directly into the nano-plated stainless alloy surface in a mesmerizing spiral pattern. This meticulous approach to attenuation achieves a chime and resonance as articulate as many full volume sets but at 20% the volume.

    To learn more about dB, visit

    Gretsch RidgelandGRETSCH DRUMS
    USA Custom Ridgeland Snare Drum
    Gretsch Drums has introduced the USA Custom Ridgeland Snare drum to their range of snare drums. At almost half-inch thick and made from a fusion of woods, this new drum has a sound that is warm, powerful, and loud!

    The 0.4-inch shell, made of maple, gum, and poplar, features a hybrid bearing edge that combines the classic Gretsch 30 edge with an old-school Broadkaster-style roundover. The result is a warm, full-bodied tone with plenty of attack. These new snare drums are equipped with sturdy 4mm diecast counterhoops, a Lightning Throw-Off, 20-strand snare wires, and Gretsch Permatone drumheads. Custom made, the Ridgeland Snare Drums are available in 5x14-inch and 6.5x14-inch sizes and in all Gretsch Nitron, Satin, or Gloss Lacquer finishes to perfectly match any drum set.

    For more information about the USA Custom Ridgeland Snare Drum, other Gretsch drums and artists, visit

    Gretsch Turquoise Pearl NitronNew USA Custom, Broadkaster, and Brooklyn Colors 
    Gretsch Drums is expanding the available colors options for the USA Custom, Broadkaster, and Brooklyn drum kits ranges in 2022. Turquoise Pearl and Tangerine Metallic have been added to the USA Custom and Broadkaster finish choices, and the Brooklyn kits can now be found in Antique Oyster.

    The new bright, vivid colors offer an arresting choice to drummers who want to add a visual statement to the acoustic excellence of the USA Custom and Broadkaster kits. To find out more about the new colors and all the other Gretsch Drums, visit

    Pearl Awakening Series HandpanPEARL
    Awakening Series Handpans
    Handpans are a subset of the steelpan. The tonal characteristics will remind you of steel drums. Still, handpans are played by hand, with no sticks or mallets, so the sound has reduced attack but is much more mellow.

    The shape of Pearl’s 22-inch Awakening Series Melodic and Euphonic handpans feature a center tone field surrounded by eight tone fields. Each tone field has a fundamental note, an octave, and an overtone, so each field has three notes. The hand-crafted steel construction of the instrument is designed so each tone field holds its tuning.

    The Melodic handpan features a patina finish and is meticulously tuned to the D Minor scale, and responds to your finger strikes with excellent sonority. This gray Euphonic handpan is designed for budget-conscious players and tuned to F minor. Both models include a sturdy, PVC reinforced backpack-style bag to protect the handpan during travel and storage. Tabletop and floor stands are also available but sold separately.

    To experience the pleasing tones of the Awakening Series handpans, visit

    Parl Rope-Tuned-Djembe Artisan CyprusNew Djembe Finishes
    Pearl’s Folkloric Percussion line features authentic Cuban and Brazilian instruments plus traditional West African djembes. Our rope-tuned models are hand strung by master craftsmen. Extra tuning rope is included on each drum. Our top tuned models feature a counterhoop and lugs plus a large handle wrench that makes tuning a breeze. Pearl’s synthetic djembes feature one-piece construction for increased durability and are available in two sizes; 12 inch and 14 inch. In addition, the seamless shells boast two new hand-painted finishes.

    The drums feature synthetic heads that resist detuning from moisture and temperature changes and are easy on your hands. Pearl’s Folkloric Djembes produce a deep, resonant sound that vibrates in your core and is ideal as a solo instrument or part of a large percussion ensemble or drum circle.

    Pearl shares a portion of the sale of each djembe with The Rhythmic Arts Project. TRAP’S primary objective is to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their typical peers in all aspects of everyday life.

    For more information about these djembes, visit

    Pearl CX Airframe 2-Snare Drum CarrierRedesigned CX Airframe Carriers
    Pearl Corporation introduced its next generation CX Airframe 2 Carriers. Built off the performance of Pearl's CX Airframe Carriers, the CX Airframe 2 models feature the same lightweight profile with rugged durability, yet have been reengineered for increased comfortability to suit players of all genders, body shapes, and sizes in the marching arts.

    CX Airframe 2 Carriers feature reshaped Airframe shoulder and chest sections for improved comfort and maximum range of motion and support for an all-inclusive variety of body styles. Affixed to a lightweight, customizable belly plate and featuring Pearl’s Agility Control System (ACS) Belt and CX mounting hardware, CX Airframe 2 Carriers deliver a highly adjustable and comfortable marching experience.

    Available separately as add-ons for CX Airframe 2 Carriers, new PLUS Size Shoulder Assemblies provide an expanded form, ensuring a comfortable fit for performers benefiting from the added space. For more information, visit

    Pearl Sparks eCajonWillie Seymour Sparks e-Cajon 
    Pearl’s new Willie Seymour Sparks electric cajon allows you to plug in when extra sound volume is needed. The body is constructed with 11mm thick Shorea plywood and features a 1/4-inch jack on the back of the cajon. The front faceplate is made with 3mm thick meranti with a piezo trigger. Meranti is a wood known for its relative hardness and straight grain, making it ideal for cajons. The cajon feature a patented, built-in rear bass port that magnifies the massive low-end of the cajon, and two sets of fixed snare wires provide a crisp snare response.

    The faceplate of Willie Seymour Sparks cajon features a stylistic graphic that is a nod to the early days of electricity. The one-color graphic is expertly silkscreened to complete the electrifying look. Whether you are plugged in to a P.A. system or playing acoustically you’ll be impressed by this cajon’s full-bodied sound. To see and hear the new e-cajon, and Pearl’s large selection of acoustic cajons, visit

    Pearl Xylo Kit with Carrying CaseNew Xylophone Education Kit 
    Pearl’s PX905C Xylophone Kit's all-new design features folding telescopic, height-adjustable legs for easy setup and transport, and a 2.5-octave range of Padouk bars. The kit includes a durable 8-inch rubber practice pad with a separate free-standing, height-adjustable tripod base stand, as well as 5B drumsticks and medium rubber mallets, all conveniently packed in a nylon-padded carrying case with durable reinforced zippers, heavy-duty retractable handles, and easy-roll wheels.

    To learn more, visit

    Pearl Matt McGuire Snare DrumPower-Centered, Fully-Connected “Smart Snare” 
    The Chainsmokers’ drummer Matt McGuire’s new Pearl Signature Snare drum is crafted to not only bring arena-filling sound, but also connect to any drummer who owns it directly to Matt himself! Its unique tonal bite comes from a 1mm Rolled Steel shell that features 30 reinforced 1/3-inch vents around the bottom edge. This unique design enhances snare response, channeling the force of each hit through its 6.5-inch deep chamber and outward in every direction like a shock wave.

    Its powder-coated Matte Black finish further tempers its uniquely bright tone, and Pearl's reliably durable SuperHoop II 2.3mm Hoops and CL Bridge Lugs add weight for increased projection. Finally, this Tour Edition of Matt's snare includes two additional badges featuring The Chainsmokers logo and Matt's Signature.

    Each McGuire Signature Snare comes with an NFC chip that connects any smartphone to exclusive content curated by Matt himself, making it the World’s first “Smart Snare.” The exclusive content will take you behind the scenes, backstage, and in the studio for cover video breakdowns from Matt plus so much more.

    For more information on this and other Pearl Snare Drums, visit

    Pearl Primero Coffee CajonThree New Primero Crate Cajons 
    New for 2022, Pearl introduces three new Crate style cajons with graphic front faceplates: a Music Genre theme, an Acme Explosives theme, and a Coffee Bean crate design. The body of the Acme Explosives and Coffee Bean cajons is constructed with 11mm thick Shorea plywood. The body of the Music Genre Cajon is medium density fiberboard. The front faceplate of each cajon is made with 3mm thick meranti. Meranti is a wood known for its relative hardness and straight grain, making it ideal for cajons. In addition, the cajons feature a patented, built-in rear bass port that magnifies the massive low-end of the cajon while fixed snare wires provide a bright, crisp snare response.

    The faceplate of each new cajon has become a canvas for stylistic graphic treatments that give each instrument a unique look. The one-color graphics are expertly silkscreened to complete the crate designs, but the true beauty is in the thunderous sound.

    To see and hear the new Primero Cajons, visit

    Pearl Midtown SeriesMidtown Series Kit adds Pure White Covered Finish
    Pearl's ultra-portable Midtown Kit is vital for the gigging drummer on the move. New for 2022, a Pure White finish has been added for a visually versatile setup. This 4‐pc. shell pack boasts a compact footprint that is ideal for tight spaces, but sounds as big as a full‐sized drum rig.

    For more information on Midtown Series, visit

    Pearl President Series DeluxePresident Deluxe Series Features Expanded Finishes and Components
    Having revived the classic President Series in 2021 to celebrate their 75th Anniversary, Pearl expands the President Series Deluxe drums with added finish and component options to complement available shell packs.

    President’s prime vintage style now comes with the option of added 24- and 26-inch bass drums (both with old school “Gullwing” spurs and shell‐mounted cymbal holder), an 18-inch floor tom, 14- and 10-inch toms, and a specially priced concert tom set featuring 8- and 10-inch single‐headed drums on a double slide‐mount stand.

    President Series Deluxe drums feature Pearl’s original "Battleship" lug, adjustable tone mufflers, and script logo badges in a choice of new Silver Sparkle or two classic wrapped ripple finishes.

    For more information on these and other Pearl Drums, visit

    RS525SC Roadshow Series 703Roadshow Series adds Pure White Covered Finish
    Pearl's Roadshow Series is an all‐in‐one drum set solution for the student drummer. With four different drum set options for every size and style of drummer, Roadshow features everything new (or revisiting) players need to begin their rhythmic journey. New for 2022, Pure White finish is added for a visually versatile setup in all available Roadshow Drum Set packages.

    For more information on Roadshow Series, visit

    Session Series Studio Select Gets an Ash Finish Makeover
    Introduced in 2018, Pearl’s Session Studio Select drums deliver power, tone, and a refined sonic playing experience for the touring pro at an unbeatable value. New for 2022, a Black Satin Ash finish is added for a unique, luxurious drum set presence. Session’s Birch/African Mahogany shell is outfitted with a richly‐grained Ash veneer and satin lacquer finish. This finish will be featured on all Session Studio Select shell packs, snare drums, and component drums.

    For more information on Session Studio Select, visit

  • Product Showcase – July 2022

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jul 06, 2022

    ASI Danny SeraphineASI AUDIO
    Danny Seraphine Uses 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System
    As the original drummer and a co-founder of Chicago, Danny Seraphine is also a Grammy Award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Today, Seraphine has gone back to his early musical beginnings, rebooting with his new band CTA, an abbreviation for California Transit Authority — a throwback to early Chicago, which was originally called the Chicago Transit Authority. 

    Throughout his career, Seraphine has always used head-worn monitors during live performance. Currently, Seraphine is using ASI Audio’s 3DME Music Enhancement IEM system. “I’ve used in-ears monitors over the years,” he said, “but when I first heard about the 3DMEs, with ambient mics as part of the system, I said, ‘That sounds like something I need to check out.’” ASI’s 3DME Music Enhancement system incorporates a tiny electret MEMS microphone in each Active Ambient earphone that combine to provide users with a binaural 3D perspective of their surroundings. The bodypack mixer/headphone amplifier accepts input from any wireless IEM receiver (a stereo jumper cable is supplied) and includes DSP to offer limiting and EQ (channel independent or linked) and to enable users to customize ambient mic levels in their monitor mix. Settings can be saved as presets on the 3DME BT app for easy recall and repeatability.

    Seraphine promotes another benefit of using the 3DMEs: hearing health and the importance of protecting yourself from loud music when playing live. “I wish I had these back in the day, as all of us need to be conscious of protecting ourselves from hearing loss. Fortunately, I have been careful over the years regarding volume levels, but I know there are a lot of players who could benefit from the 3DMEs long-term. I always talk about hearing health when I do clinics. Protect yourself, protect your ears, wear protection. The 3DMEs are the ultimate tool for that, especially if you use them correctly, and then depending on the situation, you can always use the 3DMEs’ limiter.”  

    For more information, visit

    Paiste Signature Traditionals FlatridePAISTE
    Bigger Range and More Choices in Flat Rides
    In response to renewed interest in flat rides, Paiste announced the reintroduction of ground-breaking models from the Formula 602, 2002, and Traditionals Series, and the addition of a new model in the Masters Series. 

    The medium-light 20- and 22-inch Masters Dark Flat Ride models complement the Masters Series with a dark and complex variation on the typical flat ride characteristic. The Ping exhibits less of the very high frequencies of classic Paiste flat rides, and the low wash has a bit more dirt. The new model thus fits seamlessly into the sound character of the Masters Dark models.

    The medium-light 20- and 22-inch Signature Traditionals Light Flat Ride models have dark and complex qualities overall, yet the ping offers silvery highs and clarity. With its softer sound and feel this model is well suited for quieter settings.

    The light 18-, 20-, and 22-inch Formula 602 Thin Flat Ride models feature the incomparable purity and clarity typical of Formula 602 cymbals. The airy ping exhibits silky softness, and the overall sound is very deep. These buttery soft cymbals are ideal for delicate playing at low volumes.

    The 18- and 20-inch 2002 Flat Ride models mirror the legendary brilliance and warmth of the 2002 Series. The bright, pearly ping floats over a warm, controllable wash. This model is an ideal companion when subtlety and definition paired with radiant presence and a bit more strength are required.

    The new models join the 20-inch Formula 602 Medium Flat Ride, which was previously released with the Formula 602 Relaunch. Masters, Formula 602, Signature Traditionals and 2002 Cymbals are made in Switzerland from various bronze alloys using traditional craftsmanship that has remained unchanged in over half a century.

    For more information, visit

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