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  • Product Showcase — September 2020

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Sep 02, 2020

    DRUM WORKSHOP DW Pi Space Carbon
    Pi Snare Drum

    Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) is launching a new custom Collector’s Series piccolo snare drum with a new size inspired by π, the mathematical constant known throughout the scientific and mathematical world. The new Pi Snare Drum is available in any California Custom Shop diameter with a depth of 3.14-inches. Also offered is a 14-inch diameter option constructed from Space Carbon, a high-grade material that is upcycled from private sector space program manufacturing.

    The drum features a newly-designed two-piece mini turret lug that houses independent lug receivers, as well as the compact Mini MAG Throw-Off. The Mini MAG is ideal for snare drums less than 4.5-inches deep and available separately to easily retro fit on any custom-shop snare drum. It features a magnetic drop-style mechanism that keeps the snare wires engaged at all times and can be fine-tuned precisely via the knurled drumkey tension adjustment. In addition, the Universal Mini MAG Throw-Off can be retrofitted to virtually any snare from 4.5 to 8 inches in depth. Other pro-level features on the new Pi snare include DW 3.0 steel True-Hoops, 3P (3 position) Butt Plate, True-Pitch 50 tuning, True-Tone 20-stand snare wires, and DW Drum Heads by Remo.

    Resident DW Drum Designer John Good commented, “We’ve been wanting to engineer some new hardware that would allow us to accommodate shallower depths. Rich Sikra and his design team did an outstanding job on the new lug and Mini MAG. We even designed a new mini Collector’s badge to fit these drums. So many of our top artists are interested in new and unique sounds these days; this new Pi drum has its own sonic character.”

    The surprisingly loud Pi snare possesses a wider than expected tuning range, giving substantial body to its sound for such a shallow drum. Quick and snappy with dry, crisp, clean fundamental tones, it offers an alternate snare voice for drummers and is perfect for an auxiliary snare drum.

    To find out more about the Pi snare, visit

  • Product Showcase — August 2020 R!S

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Aug 05, 2020

    DW Steel Gray

    Steel Gray Lacquer Finish
    Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) announced the addition of Steel Gray to its Design Series lineup. The boutique-inspired drums are versatile and value-priced, offering drummers pro-features and road-worthy build quality in DW’s most popular F.A.S.T. (Fundamentally Accurate Sized Toms) sizes. Made from hand-picked North American Hard Rock Maple, the kits are well-suited for a wide variety of drumming styles and musical genres.

    Design Series are offered in standard 5-piece configurations with three available add-ons including a 7 x 8-inch rack tom and 12 x 14-inch and 16 x 18-inch floor toms. Incorporating HVLT (Vertical Low Timbre shell with a horizontal outer ply), Design Series shells are full, resonant, and responsive. Pro features include True-Pitch tuning, STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), MAG throw-off, Remo heads, and more.

    Steel Gray adds a highly durable, UV-cured lacquer color option to the palette. Existing finish choices include Cherry Stain, Gloss White, Black Satin, and Tobacco Burst. The new color was inspired by the automotive industry’s latest sports car designs and was approved by both DW artists and fans.

    To find out more, visit

    DW Padouk2020 Collector’s Series Private Reserve Exotics
    Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) recently began shipping Collector’s Series Private Reserve Exotics. Hand-crafted at the California Custom Shop, the exclusive range of exotic wood veneers is only available in limited supply.

    John Good, DW’s drum designer, has traveled the world to hand-curate a stunning collection of select wood species that can be ordered as exotic finishes over available DW shell configurations. Included in the new 2020 collection is Tortoise Shell Pommele, Moabi, Horizontal Padouk, Vertical Padouk, Super Maple Curl, African Chechen, and Monkey Pod. Each Exotic can be custom ordered in hand-sprayed polyester gloss lacquer or matte finish Hard Satin lacquer. In addition, these natural wonders can be combined with an almost limitless array of bursts, fades, and transparent lacquers to create a one-of-a-kind visual statement.

    The origins of the collection are varied and storied. Tortoise Shell Pommele is a rare, semi-hard wood sourced from Ghana, Africa. Good chose the Congolese Moabi for the startling consistency and striking beauty of its grain. The extreme quilting of this pinkish wood comes from environmental drought conditions.

    One of the most colorful veneers in the assortment is Padouk. Ordinarily it is only available in a vertical configuration, as the veneer usually comes in 6-inch strips. However Good found a unique log from which 25-inch strips could be cut, enabling DW to offer a rare horizontal version.

    Maple trees on the outer edges of forests in Michigan are exposed to extremes of the cold and stormy weather. This harsh climate causes stunning figures to form in the grain of the heartwood and produce Super Maple Curl.

    African Chechen is generally a white wood with a straight, stripy grain. Good discovered an extraordinary log where the variegations and beauty of the grain is spectacular.

    The dark, rich Monkey Pod wood from Hawaii with its golden hues usually has a less figured grain. Good has located an unusual piece of timber with a very expressive, tight grain pattern to perfectly complement the Candy Black Burst.

    Every Collector’s Series kit is crafted using the latest technology, including a host of available grain orientation lay-ups and patented manufacturing techniques such as Cool Tempered Shells and Timber Matching.

    To find out more, visit

  • Product Showcase — July 2020

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jul 09, 2020

    DW Time Keeper Snare

    Collector’s Series Timekeeper Snare Drum
    Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW) recently announced the official launch of the Collector’s Series “Timekeeper” Snare Drum. Aptly named, the drum is decorated with “Clock and Gear” wood inlays, with 351 individual pieces to be exact. Each piece of exotic and dyed laser-cut material is meticulously hand-inlayed into the 1/36-inch-thick top veneer of a Pure Purpleheart shell.

    Resident Woodologist and Drum Designer John Good created the Timekeeper motif as a fitting tribute to the artform. Good explained, “Some of my favorite drummers do just that. They keep time. And they do it in a way that is so admirable. These often-unsung players play for the song. It’s a cliché, but it’s so right on the money. The Timekeeper is in tribute to those players.”

    The 11-ply VLT Pure Purpleheart shell is expertly crafted at the DW California Custom Shop and outfitted with a host of professional features including custom True-Hoops with faux leather inlay, True-Tone Snare Wires, MAG Throw-Off System with 3P butt plate, True-Pitch 50 Tuning, DW Heads by Remo, and more. Finished in limited edition Antique Bronze, the 6.5 x 14-inch Santos Rosewood-clad snare is designed to be a playable piece of art.

    Good added, “Our goal is to not have this drum solely be a memento; it’s designed to be played. I think Purpleheart is an excellent choice for a workhorse snare, and we see more and more drummers discovering it and being blown away by what it can do.”

    The drum is supplied in a Deluxe DW carrying case. To find out more about DW, its artist and products, visit

    Gretsch Full Range FinishesGRETSCH DRUMS
    New Full Range Finishes
    Gretsch Drums has announced the addition of two new finishes to its line of Full Range drums. The new offerings join the value-price Catalina Series, as well as the more mid-priced Renown lineup.

    Gretsch Brand Manager Andrew Shreve comments, “We’re always searching for compelling new finishes, ones that are in keeping with the historic look of Gretsch. We’re very conscious of what Gretsch fans prefer, and we always aim to please.”

    Delivering superior versatility and pro-quality sound, Renown drums feature 7-ply Gretsch maple shells, 30-degree bearing edges and exclusive “Silver Sealer” interiors. Satin Antique Blue Burst extends the color palette to five lacquer and two Nitron finishes, with all seven coming in a choice of eight distinct shell pack configurations.

    Catalina Club Yellow Satin Flame finish follows the successful Blue Satin Flame option introduced in 2018. The vintage-inspired wrap is one of two, alongside four available satin lacquer finishes. Catalina Club has received world-wide acclaim as the go-to around-town kit due to its build quality, value, reliability warm, punchy tone courtesy of all-mahogany shells with soft, 30-degree bearing edges.

    For more information, visit the Gretsch drums website at

    Three New Cajons
    Latin Percussion introduced three new cajons: the 3D Cube String Cajon, inspired by the artwork of M.C.Escher, the Black Box Wire Cajon with a stunning natural-wood face plate, based on the award-winning Black Box, and the signature USA Woodshop Tony Succar Cajon.

    The artist M.C. Escher was the master of illusion, exploring the contrast between the depiction of three-dimensional volume on a two-dimensional surface. The exterior of the new, hand-crafted 3D Cube String Cajon, inspired by this artist, uses solid pieces of dark stained and natural Siam Oak with Indian Lilac wood to create an optical illusion that is both two and three dimensional at the same time. The slightly wider than normal cajon has a huge bottom end, its six angle-mounted strings provide high-end snap and crack, and the Mahogany sound board offers a deep, rich resonance for a multi-dimensional sound. It measures 18 ¼ inches high by 13 ¾ inches wide by 11 ¾ inches deep and is supplied with its own carry bag.

    The LP Black Box Wire Cajon is based on LP’s Black Box, winner of Drum! magazine’s Drummies! Award for best cajon. An entry-level cajon, it is constructed with an environmentally responsible eco-board with a birch/poplar soundboard for great sound at an affordable price. The sophisticated matte-black finish gives the cajon a polished appearance, and its rounded edges make it easy to play. Tonally, the drum provides a clear distinction of snare and bass tones that is perfect for any style of music. It measures 19 inches high by 11 inches wide by 10 inches deep.

    Percussionist, composer, arranger, bandleader, producer, and Latin Grammy award winner Tony Succar helped design the Peruvian style Woodshop Tony Succar Signature Cajon. Made in LP’s USA Woodshop, the crafted Chilean Pine body breathes with resonance, and the Red Meranti soundboard provides punchy, bright tones with a graphic finish. This drum perfectly embodies Tony’s ability to combine tradition with modern and youthful energy with authentic Peruvian tone. The signature cajon is finished with Tony’s immediately recognizable initials in bright red. It measures 18 ¾ inches high by 13 inches wide by 11 5/8 inches deep.

    To find out more, visit

    TDR RackTDR
    New LoProfile Drum Rack
    By combining its unique, patented, curved design and high-quality components with the popularity, set-up consistency, security, and ease of transport long associated with drum racks, the new LoProfile Drum Rack from TDR Manufacturing raises the bar for modern drummers and their drum hardware.

    The TDR rack provides all the advantages of conventional drum racks plus the additional benefits of more comfortable drum positioning and a highly-distinctive look. Due to its advanced features, the new rack decreases the need for heavy, bulky floor stands, while its exclusive arch eliminates 90-degree corners that have often required awkward and unnatural drum, cymbal, and accessory placement on racks in the past.

    The pro-quality TDR rack is made in the U.S.A. from heavy-gauge, 1.5-inch stainless steel, fits around bass drums up to 26 inches, and accepts standard clamps and arms. It is available factory-direct in a choice of natural, chrome, and black finishes.

    For more information, visit

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