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  • Product Showcase — January 2021

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jan 06, 2021

    Cympad UndertonesCYMPADS
    Leading Drummers Endorse Cympad’s Undertones
    More and more of today’s top drummers—from touring pop/R&B and rock players to youtubers and educators—are using Cympad’s Undertones. Designed to enhance their drum sound while offering them extra protection from unwanted movement, the new line of accessories features specially designed, cellular-foam suspension discs for floor tom legs and bass drum spurs along with a matching pad for acoustic and electronic bass drum and hi-hat pedals.

    As Chris Johnson (Camila Cabello) explains, “Undertones make it easy for me to get that big studio drum sound in clubs and on the road.”

    “I absolutely love them! I use them all the time,” adds Longineu “LP” Parsons (New Years Day).

    Says Jim Mola (The Collective), “The Undertones don’t add anything to my sound, they just don’t subtract anything from my sound. That keeps me in control.”

    “I use the bass drum pads for my electronic bass drum and pedal,” Jessica Goodwin (Wind River Revival) reports. “The Undertones help keep them in place and reduce the vibration even under heavy playing.”

    “Acoustic/electronic, studio/live, videos, shows and festivals, I love my Cympad cymbal washers and accessories,” says Zebensui Rodriguez (@zebendrums). “I don't do anything without them. They are essential for all my sound!”

    Available at drum shops everywhere, Cympad Undertones come in four convenient pre-packs. To learn more, visit

    DW Color OptionsDRUM WORKSHOP
    Color Options for DW MFG Pedals
    Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) manufacturing introduced DW MFG ColorBoards. This is the latest addition to DW’s flagship line of single and double pedals, as well as a Machine Direct Drive Hi-Hat. The optimal performance bass drum pedals are available in Machined Direct Drive (MDD) and Machined Chain Drive (MCD). These pedals now feature footboards and matching Contour Heel Plates in three color options.

    Truly state of the “art,” the aircraft-grade aluminum, perforated footboard, and matching Contour Heel Plate, manufactured and anodized in California, are now available in Cobalt, Graphite, and the original Gun Metal finishes. Inspired by motor racing, they will compliment any setup or simply make a bold statement behind the kit.

    These precisely-machined pedals employ the latest technology, the highest quality materials, and the tightest tolerances in their ground-up design and development. The pedals allow players to make any necessary adjustment to customize the feel and playability, giving them silent, smooth, fluid action, and effortless, solid operation.

    The pedals feature many patented features, including VERT Vertical Sliding Tension Adjustment, TBT Threaded Bearing Technology, Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp, 110 Control Weight/Impact Adjustable Beater, Interlocking Delta Hinge, Optimized Fulcrum Geometry Linkage, and AB All-Bearing Universal Joint on double pedal linkage. A DW MFG carrying case comes standard.

    Check out the new DW MFG ColorBoards along with the MDD, MCD, and MDD Hi-Hat pedals at

    DW Dave GrohlDave Grohl Icon Snare Drum
    Drum Workshop Inc. recently announced the addition of a Dave Grohl Icon snare drum. The limited-edition drum recognizes his celebrated drumming career, as well as his longstanding connection with the Sound City recording studio in Los Angeles, and his Studio 606, where the Sound City console now resides. Grohl’s love of Sound City began when he recorded at the storied studio with Nirvana on their release Nevermind. More recently, Grohl produced, directed, and narrated the award-winning documentary of the same name.

    The wood inlay artwork adorning the Dave Grohl Icon snare includes Grohl’s stylized silhouette, his forearm feather tattoos, and a fitting tribute to both aforementioned recording studios. Precisely laser-cut from 1/36-inch veneers of Black Pear and Sycamore woods, the images are painstakingly hand-inlayed into a background of teal-dyed Exotic Birdseye Maple. The drum is only hand-sprayed with a clear gloss to topcoat; no paint has been used to depict the graphics on the outer veneer. Nickel-plated drum hardware complements the unique, eye-catching color scheme. 

    Crafted at the DW Custom Shop in California from 11 plies of North American Hard Rock Maple with VLT grain orientation technology, the drum is fitted with True-Hoops, True-Pitch 50 Tuning, True-Tone Snare Wires, MAG throw-off with 3P butt plate, and DW Heads by Remo. A Deluxe DW carrying case, certificate of authenticity, and Sound City hat are also included.

    Only 250 of the Dave Grohl Icon snare drums will be produced; each one will be numbered and signed by John Good. A portion of proceeds from the sale of each snare will be donated to the charity nominated by Grohl: National Independent Venue Association.

    For more information, visit

    Dust PalaceDUST PALACE
    Boutique Drum Sample Library 
    Dust Palace launched its first, full, boutique drum-sample library: Spring, Echo, Distort (DP001). Created by drummer and musical director Joe Clegg, the professional collection of creative and unusual sounds has been designed with live performance in mind.

    Clegg, founder of Dust Palace, is known for his work as a live drummer with Ellie Goulding, and musical director with Ellie, Mumford & Sons, Clean Bandit, and others. He has extensive experience in developing worldwide arena live shows for internationally acclaimed artists through his company, Artclub Live. This has enabled him to develop a unique approach to the use of technology, software, and sample automation in the live environment. Clegg invited professional touring drummers Adam Marcello (Katy Perry), Andrew Marshall (Billie Eilish), and Gunnar Olsen (Bruce Springsteen) to help create additional royalty-free drum loops and presets.

    Spring, Echo, Distort (DP001) features three classic drum machines, sampled through six analogue effect units to produce more than 1,200 samples. It also includes 180 artist loops plus Live 10 presets. This sample library offers inspirational, original, and unusual sounds for beatmakers and producers of all musical genres. Made for studio production and live performance, Spring, Echo, Distort uses a wide range of analogue spring reverb, tape echo, and distortion, guaranteed to add a new dimension to any track. Each effect component has been captured at four stages of input gain, through a collection of analogue units coming back into Ableton thorough Neve 1073 pre-amps. The sample pack and loops are compatible with all DAWs, with Presets exclusively for Ableton Live 10 Intro, Standard, and Suite.

    Also available free from Dust Palace is KIK/SNR (DP000). It contains 52 one-shot samples recorded with vintage 1960s kick and a 1970s snare processed through 12 of their favorite analogue effects units.

    Look out for further sample packs coming soon. DP002-808 and DP003-CR78 use Roland’s 808 and CR78 electronic drum machines sampled through spring reverb, tape echo, and distortion to offer 384 one-shots, 60 loops, and Ableton Live 10 presets of pristine, contemporary drum sounds. Also in progress is DP004-ELKA, which features an Elka Drumstar 80, a hidden gem from the 1980s.

    Dust Palace drum sample libraries are fueled by a love of manipulated drums and created by real drummers using real instruments and analogue effects for drummers and producers.

    To purchase and find out more, visit

    Gretsch Limited Edition ClassicGRETSCH
    Limited Edition Classic Renown 57 Drum Kit 
    Gretsch Drums introduced, for one year only, the Renown 57 – Silver Oyster Pearl—a new breed in the drum series.

    In January, 2011, Gretsch Drums went against the grain and conventional design when the company introduced the special edition Renown 57 drum set. The unique look, thanks to its classic car colors and the chevron logo, immediately became a hit. Despite not being manufactured for some years, Gretsch still receives regular order requests for these much loved, limited-edition kits.

    Only available in 2021, this versatile Renown kit features the 7-ply maple shell, 30-degree bearing edges, 302 double-flange hoops, silver-sealer interiors, and Low Profile GTS system. The new Renown 57 has silver oyster inlay hoops and traditional 14-inch depth bass drums with no mounts, the most frequent request made by Gretsch enthusiasts.

    Continuing the tradition of “That Great Gretsch Sound,” the Limited Edition Renown 57 has an open, harmonic tone that supplies the flexibility needed to meet the demands of the hardest working drummers.

    For more information, visit

    Tommy Lee “Rock Star” Cowbell 
    Latin Percussion (LP) has launched the Tommy Lee Graphic Collect-A-Bell, which he will use on the 2021 Mötley Crüe stadium tour.

    The new Tommy Lee Graphic Collect-A-Bell is based on LP’s classic Ridge Rider design, revered for its legendary tone and time-tested performance. Made in the USA from high-grade steel, the 8-inch-long bell features LP’s patented high-impact Ridge Rider playing surface, which helps dampen overtones and reinforces the mouth of the bell, making it perfect for the heaviest hitters. Delivering maximum volume, attack and projection, the Rock Star bell is the right choice for any fist-in-the-air rock anthem.

    The cowbell is finished in a durable, white coating with exclusive Tommy Lee “Rock Star Tattoo Graphic.” The finish is applied utilizing a special process that embeds the graphics directly into the metal surface, ensuring it will look and sound great for years. A patented, hand-welded Vise-Clamp Mount fits 3/8- to 1/2-inch diameter rods, and includes a heavy-duty memory lock to hold the bell securely in place.

    To find out more about the new Tommy Lee Graphic Collect-A-Bell (LP009TL) and other Latin Percussion products, visit

    Limited-Edition, Sky-Blue, CRX AIR Low-Volume Cymbal Sets 
    A Limited Edition, four-piece set of CRX’s popular AIR Series low-volume cymbals with a custom, Sky-Blue finish has just been introduced by the TRX Cymbal Company. The set, which is recommended for practice rooms, teaching studios, and low-volume playing situations, includes 14-inch hi-hats, 20-inch ride, 18-inch crash-ride, and 16-inch crash, plus a cymbal bag.

    To learn more, visit

  • Product Showcase — December 2020

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Dec 02, 2020

    gruvgear quivr tour dakadeGRUV GEAR
    QUIVR Tour Dekade Edition Stick Bag
    Gruv Gear has announced the final installment to its 10th-anniversary product line, the QUIVR Tour Dekade Edition drum stick bag.

    Introduced during the PASIC weekend, the stylish black and matte bronze exterior, complemented by a sleek, quilted interior, makes the Dekade Edition backpack an elegant and functional bag. It has all the design features of the original version plus a new, detachable drum stick sleeve, allowing drummers to hang up to seven pairs on their floor tom, and an additional large flat inside pocket that can be used to store up to 14 more drumsticks. With its increased capacity, the QUIVR Tour Dekade Edition has space for over 30 drumsticks, mallets, and brushes.

    Like the original, this new deluxe stick bag has several cargo pockets that are great for storing drumming accessories including cymbal felts, spare wingnuts, drum keys, and the many other essential small items drummers need. Other pockets include one specially designed for a high-capacity 10,000mAh OKTANE wireless power bank and one big enough to hold a MacBook or PC notebook.

    Manufactured using the highest quality fabrics, the QUIVR Tour Dekade Edition is hardwearing, robust, and makes the ideal gift idea for a drummer. It has a comfortable carry handle, thick and padded adjustable backpack straps, and updated locking strap hooks. Gruv Gear’s Global Recovery Tag, powered by HomingPIN, makes the stick bag secure and traceable. Plus, it is fully compatible with the VELOC drum bag system and is able to tether to the rolling cymbal bag for a convenient gigging setup.

    The QUIVR Tour Dekade Edition is a step above in class, function, and utility. As a limited-edition item, pre-orders are a must to guarantee ownership when they start shipping in December.

    To find out more about Gruv Gear and its products, visit

    Chad Smith LP’s His Kit with the Red Hot Pack
    Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith rocks the Latin Percussion Red Hot Pack of percussion accessories in the company’s latest LP Your Kit video. He demonstrates how the pack’s percussion instruments add alternate sounds, different textures, and distinctive rhythmic flavors to his playing.

    The Red Hot Pack features a trio of percussion instruments, including the Red Cyclops Tambourine, Medium Pitch Jam Block, and the Signature Chad Smith Ridge Rider Cowbell. It also includes LP’s Mini Everything Rack, providing an easy way to mount the accessories and make any drum kit more versatile and exciting. 

    The LP Your Kit series of videos, including Henry Cole, Stephen Perkins, Raul Pineda, and Chad Smith, show how some of the world’s best drummers take their performance to completely different places using LP percussion instruments.

    To find out more about how to LP Your Kit and choose your perfect setup, visit

  • Product Showcase — November 2020

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Nov 04, 2020

    gigKAT2 with malletKATKAT PERCUSSION
    MalletKAT 8.5 with gigKAT 2 Controller 
    The malletKAT 8.0 has been using a controller process that has been around for a very long time, hooking into a laptop in order to control the malletKAT, and to adjust, program, and store sounds, patches, and settings. Now, KAT Percussion has announced that you can ditch that bulky laptop. The malletKAT 8.5 comes with the new gigKAT 2 controller module. The gigKAT2 has 256 voices of polyphony and can play simultaneously on all 16 MIDI Channels. Just call up the User Kit on the malletKAT and enjoy. Included in the sound set are many vibes, marimbas, timpani, steel pan, chimes, bells, xylophone, crotales, and orchestral and Latin hand percussion and drum sets. KAT Percussion has also updated the playing surface to NuBAR pads, which provide better response and feel. The NuBAR pads are UV resistant, making the malletKAT 8.5 an optimal choice for outdoor performance use.

    The gigKAT 2 sounds are in addition to the 127 Factory Setups designed to work with General MIDI sound Modules and 127 programmable User Setups that include features like splitting, layering, poly/mono modes, and more that come standard with every malletKAT model. All models also incorporate FSR technology, delivering superb feel and response. The MalletKAT is an expressive and powerful alternative to traditional marimba and vibraphone instruments.

    “The gigKAT 2 fundamentally changes the setup and the scope of the malletKAT,” says Mario DeCiutiis. “Existing malletKAT users will not be left out in the cold. Anyone with a malletKAT 4.0 or newer can upgrade to the new gigKAT 2 module with the purchase and installation of a moderately priced new chip.”

    There are three models in the MalletKAT 8.5 line. The MalletKAT Express offers a compact and lightweight 2-octave design, which can be expanded to 4 octaves. The MalletKAT Pro offers a 3-octave design and can be expanded to 4 or 5 octaves. And the MalletKAT Grand offers a standard lightweight 4-octave design that can be expanded to 5 octaves.

    For more information, visit

    KHS LuminoteKHS
    Luminote Instruments
    Luminote instruments are colorful, engaging, high-quality percussion instruments for musicians of all ages. Their modern designs feature enhanced comfort grips, vibrant contrasting colors, and easy-to-clean and sanitize plastic materials. Luminote instruments provide a rich, creative experience and encourage deeper musical interaction, whether at home or school, in the studio or on stage.

    The Luminote Maracas have a slim, ergonomic design with flexible shock absorbers inside the handle that make playing comfortable and fun. Play lots of crisp, high, and low-shaking beats or tap the shell to maximize sound effects.

    The Luminote egg shaker pair include one red and one blue egg that are modern in design, easy to hold, and produce a variety of sounds.

    The Luminote blue agogo with an innovative, ergonomic design features a pair of durable resonator boxes in different sizes connected to a comfortable handle. Play samba-styled high and low percussion beats, rhythms, and endless sound effects. Includes built-in mallet storage.

    The Luminote red vibrashaker is light weight and comfortable to hold and play. The sturdy handle provides an easy and balanced grip. Strike the ball against the palm of hand for vibrating sound effects. The resonating chamber features metal hammers that produce deep, rich sounds.

    The Luminote tambourine is light and sturdy with quality jingles and an easy comfort grip. An pair of internal shock absorbers connect the handle to the rim, providing an improved playing experience with less impact on the wrist, and the hollow handle serves as a resonator box. Adjust and balance the high-low pitch with fingers, creating endless whispering jingling effects.

    The Luminote drum shaker is easy to play with a wide spectrum of sound effects. Vary the sound by finger movements over the shaker’s head. Modern design enables one-handed playing with an easy grip.

    The Luminote guiro is comfortable to hold and durable. A unique design produces a wide variety of sound effects by scraping, tapping and pressing on the flexible body. Mallet is secured with built-in holder.

    The Luminote six-piece percussion stage pack is perfect for use at home, in the classroom, or on stage. Perfect for adding percussion effects to your musical performances. This stage pack comes complete with storage bag.

    Roland TR06 drROLAND
    Three Models Added to TR Drum Machine Series 
    Roland welcomes three new instruments to the TR drum machine family. Based on the TR-8S, the TR-6S Rhythm Performer delivers next-generation TR performance in a compact and affordable package. The TR-06 Drumatix is the latest addition to the Roland Boutique series, blending the sounds and workflow of the ’80s-era TR-606 hardware with modern enhancements. Also based on the TR-606, the TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer expands Roland Cloud’s Legendary series with another renowned TR instrument. 

    TR drum machines have driven music culture for decades, forming the backbone of hip-hop, pop, and electronic styles and defining the sound of multiple genres and subgenres. Roland continues to honor the historic legacy of the TR series and expand the product family, offering both modern recreations and innovative new instruments that bring fresh, creative possibilities to today’s musicians, producers, and DJs.

    The TR-6S delivers the same speaker-pummeling, window-rattling, body-moving sound of its bigger sibling. It features a 6-track sequencer and the most iconic rhythm sounds in music history, all in a battery-powered box that fits just about anywhere. Authentic recreations of legendary Roland drum machines like the 808, 909, 707, 606, and more are included, and users can mix and match them with preset and custom samples and futuristic FM tones to create exotic hybrid kits. 

    The sound of modern music owes a lot to the classic step sequencer, and the “TR-REC” variety found in early Roland drum machines in particular. The TR-6S employs the same tried-and-true approach, elevated with real-time recording and modern enhancements. And with an array of expressive effects, users can take their rhythm tracks to new levels. The TR-6S is a high-quality USB audio/MIDI interface too, perfect for mobile or minimal production setups.

    The TR-06 is a detailed replica of the Roland TR-606 Drumatix from the 1980s, with some major modern upgrades. This new Roland Boutique version captures the distinctive tone and iconic look of the original while reimagining it with bold new sound-crafting potential. Users can control tuning, decay, and pan for each instrument or crank up the internal gain for each circuit model and push it into warm overdrive or aggressive distortion. An onboard compressor adds fullness and punch, while the tempo delay creates depth and space.

    Like the original, the TR-06 has a familiar and straightforward step sequencer, but it’s been updated with advanced features like sub-steps for ratcheted parts, step-loop for instant pattern slicing, and more. With five trigger outputs and a trigger input, the TR-06 integrates nicely with modular setups. It's a high-quality USB audio interface too and features battery operation and a built-in speaker for production on the go. 

    With the TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer, the underground ’80s classic is now available as a plug-in for DAW music production. The software version has the same sound and behavior of the original, plus powerful new features that virtually modify the circuitry for more sound choices and faster, more fluid programming.

    Like the TR-06 hardware, the TR-606 plug-in offers tuning, decay, and pan on each instrument and the ability to overdrive the internal circuitry. The step sequencer has been expanded with lanes for each sound, and each pattern has eight variations plus adjustable flams, sub-steps, and soft hits.

    Users can pair the TR-8S or TR-06 with the TR-606 and enjoy the benefits of easy hardware and software integration. Patterns can be shared between the TR-8S and TR-606, and the TR-06's knobs are pre-mapped to the plug-in for intuitive, hands-on workflow.

    The TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer, along with all instruments in the Legendary series, is included with the Ultimate membership level of Roland Cloud. All paid levels—including Core and Pro—start with a free 30-day trial of Ultimate. In addition, any Roland Account holder can purchase Lifetime Keys for individual Legendary series titles.

    To learn more about the TR-6S, TR-06, TR-606, and Roland Cloud, visit

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