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  • An Exclusive Interview with Cloyd Duff by Roger Faulmann (June 1982 Percussive Notes)

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Sep 15, 2022

    “One of the most significant performers in the world of percussion who performed with the Cleveland Orchestra as timpanist for the past 39 years and is the recipient of the PAS Hall of Fame award, took time from his still busy schedule to give Percussive Notes an exclusive interview.”

    Check out this interview from the June 1982 issue of Percussive Notes with one of the icons of our percussion lineage.

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  • 1957–1982: A Perspective of Drumset Percussion and the Plastic Drum Head by Dave Levine (February 1982 Percussive Notes)

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Aug 11, 2022

    “The drum set demands teaching techniques all its own. The teacher/performer must have an understanding of the history of the music associated with the instrument. He must have knowledge of the artistic and technical growth of the great players of the instrument. We have tried to approach these areas in this, the first Percussive Notes to feature the drum set. Many thanks to the authors.”

    Check out this significant historical article from the February 1982 issue of Percussive Notes on the state and progression of the drum set through the mid-1900s.

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  • Terms Use in Percussion: Carmen Suite and Carmina Burana by Michael Rosen (May 2011 Percussive Notes)

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Jul 14, 2022

    According to Michael Rosen, “The notation and instrument choice problems in ‘Carmina Burana’ pose some of the most difficult in the literature.” Based on questions from Todd Sheehan (at that time principal timpanist with the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra), the Quincy Symphony Orchestra, and Illinois University, Rosen provides valuable information for two significant percussion works in the orchestral canon.

    This article from the May 2011 issue of Percussive Notes is one of many “Terms” articles compiled by Michel Rosen. We’ll be highlighting more of these valuable resources in future R!S Blog Throwback Thursday posts.

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