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  • Product Showcase — April 2024

    by Hillary Henry | Apr 02, 2024

    Grover 2024 New Tambourines

    Grover Pro Unveils Two Tambourines for Discerning Musicians
    Grover Pro Percussion, a trailblazer in the world of percussion instruments, is proud to introduce two new additions to its esteemed lineup – the Model T2/BC-H Headless Tambourine and the Model T2-PhBr-X Tambourine. These cutting-edge tambourines showcase Grover Pro's commitment to precision craftsmanship and innovative design, catering to the diverse needs of musicians around the globe.

    First up is the Studio Pro Model T2/BC-H headless tambourine. Designed with the recording percussionist in mind, it features the renowned Beryllium Copper hand-hammered jingles, synonymous with Grover Pro's professional concert tambourines. With a headless design, this tambourine is a valuable addition to the Studio Pro line, already celebrated and favored by artists such as Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Jimmy Buffet, and more, making it the preferred choice in Nashville and LA recording studios.

    Other notable features of the T2/BC-H include dual-width staggered jingle slots for optimal sound projection, soft rubber comfort edging for enhanced playability and a 10" diameter durable hardwood shell, along with the Grover Pro guarantee of quality.

    The individually hammered and voiced Beryllium Copper jingles produce a full-bodied, rich sonority, while maintaining the percussive articulation necessary to cut through the dense mix of a large live performance session. As a testament to Grover Pro's commitment to quality, each Studio Pro tambourine comes with a free padded tambourine case for added protection.

    Next up, for musicians in humid climates, Grover Pro presents the Model T2-PhBr-X tambourine, designed to maintain stability in all playing conditions. This X-Series model features a synthetic head made from Remo Renaissance® material, ensuring optimal performance regardless of humidity or temperature changes. The Phosphor Bronze model, a favorite among percussionists seeking a deep, darker sound color, complements romantic European orchestral repertoire and is equally suited for concert bands or small ensembles.

    Other notable features of the T2-PhBR-X include dual-width staggered jingle slots for optimal sound projection, a Remo® synthetic head for stability in varying conditions, and a 10" diameter durable hardwood shell, along with the Grover Pro guarantee of quality. A free tambourine bag is also included. 

    Neil Grover, Founder of Grover Pro Percussion, stated, "These tambourines showcase our dedication to innovation and quality. We believe they will empower musicians to achieve their best performances, whether in the studio or on stage."

    Grover Protégé Tambourines: Exceptional Sound, Unmatched Value
    Grover Pro has announced the Protégé model tambourines—designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality and exceptional value for budget-minded students and music educators. The Protégé tambourines seamlessly incorporate professional features for a superior playing experience, setting a new standard in the world of student level concert tambourines.

    Grover Protégé tambourines have been meticulously developed to offer an unmatched "bang for the buck" compared to any other concert tambourine. These instruments provide an ideal solution for general-purpose band and orchestral playing, catering to the needs of both aspiring musicians and seasoned educators.

    These tambourines boast a hardwood shell with a resilient high gloss finish, ensuring longevity and a polished appearance. The exclusive finger grip design caters to smaller hands, enhancing comfort and control during performances. They also feature captive jingle pins, providing peace of mind as they will never fall out during play. Additionally, each tambourine is equipped with a professional-grade head, contributing to a superior and consistent sound quality. And as an added bonus, every Protégé tambourine comes with a complimentary protective bag, offering convenience and safeguarding the instrument during transportation.

    Musicians have the option to select from two professional-grade jingle alloys, each offering a distinct sonic profile: German Silver Jingles that produce a bright and articulate sonority. Or Brass Jingles that generate a full midrange sound.

    Grover Pro Founder, Neil Grover stated, "Dollar for dollar, our Protégé tambourines deliver exceptional value in sound, setting a new standard for quality and affordability. These instruments are a testament to our dedication to providing accessible yet professional-grade percussion options."

    Introducing Grover Protégé Woodblocks: Precision Crafted for Professional Sound
    Grover Pro, renowned for its commitment to crafting top-tier percussion instruments, proudly presents the Protégé series Woodblocks, a stellar addition to their esteemed lineup. Meticulously hand-crafted from the finest exotic hardwoods, these woodblocks are engineered to deliver a well-defined, focused sonority that meets the discerning standards of musicians worldwide.

    Available in three popular sizes – 7", 8", and 9" – Grover Protégé Woodblocks offer versatility and superior performance in a variety of musical settings. Whether you're a music educator, student, or seasoned professional, these woodblocks are designed to meet the demands of all performance situations.

    Created with the needs of music educators, students, and professionals in mind, Grover Protégé Woodblocks strike the perfect balance between exceptional sound and outstanding value. These woodblocks are a testament to Grover Pro's dedication to providing a true "sound-value" – where uncompromising quality meets affordability.

    "Our Protégé Woodblocks exemplify our commitment to delivering high-quality percussion instruments that resonate with musicians of all levels. We've taken great care in hand-crafting these woodblocks using the finest exotic hardwoods to ensure a professional sound that exceeds expectations," says Grover Pro founder, Neil Grover.

    Discover the unparalleled sound experience of Grover Pro's Protégé Woodblocks – where craftsmanship, quality, and value converge to elevate your musical performance.

    Fore more info:

    Toca 2024 Cabasa Shaker ComboTOCA PERCUSSION
    Toca Releases New Cabasa/Shaker Combo – A Blend of Rhythm and Versatility 
    Toca Percussion is happy to announce its new Cabasa/Shaker Combo, a hybrid instrument that seamlessly combines the rhythmic nuances of a traditional cabasa with the gentle, well-balanced tones of a steel shot-filled aluminum shaker.

    The Toca Cabasa/Shaker introduces a distinctive design, featuring loops of steel bead chain wrapped around a specially textured, stainless steel cylinder. This unique construction produces a diverse array of scraping rhythmic patterns, offering percussionists a rich sonic tapestry that blends the characteristic texture of a cabasa with the soft, melodic sounds of the shaker.

    When played, the Cabasa/Shaker generates an extensive range of rhythmic sounds and patterns, providing percussionists with a versatile palette for creative expression.

    An indispensable addition to any percussionist's setup, the Cabasa/Shaker excels in both studio environments and live performances. Its versatility makes it the instrument of choice when soft shaker sounds are desired without sacrificing rhythmic complexity.

    Toca Jamal Signature Doumbek: A Groundbreaking Addition to the Sympatico™ System Line 
    Toca Percussion, proudly announces the release of the Toca Sympatico Jamal Signature Doumbek, the latest drum addition to their revolutionary Sympatico System. The system comprises tunable, interchangeable, and lightweight drums and heads, offering a unique musical experience for percussionists worldwide.

    Designed in collaboration with the renowned Doumbek Master Jamal Mohamed, the Jamal Signature Doumbeks represent a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation. Jamal stated, "Working on the Sympatico Jamal Signature Doumbek has been a truly inspiring experience. This drum brings a new level of versatility and expression to the world of Doumbeks."

    The Sympatico™ System, which already includes Djembes, Ashikos, Djun-Djuns, Tom-Toms, Gathering Drums, and Tubadoras, now welcomes the Jamal Signature Doumbek into its diverse family of percussion instruments. The unique feature of this Doumbek lies in its tunable and replaceable heads, providing players with the ability to customize their sound. Moreover, in keeping with the Sympatico™ System's design ethos, the heads can be detached and played separately as frame drums.

    The innovative design of the Jamal Signature Doumbek allows for a rich spectrum of tones, from deep Doums to high Teks, offering a dynamic range for percussionists seeking expressive possibilities in their performance. The drum's shell is not only extremely durable but also meticulously balanced for optimal playability.

    To ensure stability during performances, the Jamal Signature Doumbek comes equipped with a protective rubber bottom. The aesthetic appeal of the drum is heightened by its Antique Silver finish, complemented by hand-applied artwork and a custom silk screen, reflecting the artistic craftsmanship synonymous with Jamal Mohamed's signature style.

    Toca Percussion Unveils Updated, More Verbose Talking Drum 
    The traditional talking drum, known for its hourglass shape, has been a cultural symbol in West Africa for generations. Toca Percussion has meticulously updated their own version of this instrument to meet the demands of contemporary musicians.

    The Toca Talking Drum retains the essence of the traditional design, featuring two drumheads connected by tension cords. These cords, when squeezed between the player's arm and body, allow for the regulation of pitch, mimicking the tone of human speech. A skilled player can articulate whole phrases, creating a unique sonic language that echoes the richness of human expression.

    Developed in collaboration with Jamal Mohamed, a master of percussion, the new Toca Talking Drum boasts an extremely lightweight and durable synthetic shell. Authentic goatskin heads contribute to the instrument's authentic sound, capturing the spirit of the traditional talking drum.

    The drum's striking appearance is enhanced with Toca's iconic African Mask design. The 7-inch heads and 16-inch tall drum shell provide a balanced and versatile canvas for musicians to explore the instrument's sonic possibilities.

    One of the standout features of the updated talking drum is the new tension cord system. This system offers a significantly broader range of sounds and tones, allowing musicians to push the boundaries of their creativity. The included beater, reminiscent of traditional beaters, comes with a handle wrap that matches the design on the drum shell, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

    Toca Universal Stand Brace: A Revolutionary Solution for Conga Stand Stability
    Toca Percussion proudly unveils the Toca Universal Stand Brace, a groundbreaking accessory designed to put an end to the frustration of conga stands moving or "walking" during play.

    Playing congas can be a truly immersive experience, but the constant need to readjust stands can be terribly frustrating for musicians. The Toca Universal Stand Brace addresses this issue head-on, providing a simple yet effective solution to ensure conga stands stay firmly in place.

    The Universal Stand Brace puts an end to the common problem of conga stands shifting during play, allowing musicians to focus on their performance without interruptions. By attaching barrel stands together and utilizing the weight of the stands and connected drums, the Universal Stand Brace provides a stable and secure foundation for congas.

    Crafted from chrome-plated steel, the Universal Stand Brace ensures durability and longevity, withstanding the rigors of regular use. The user-friendly design allows for quick and hassle-free installation and removal, taking approximately a minute to set up. This means more time playing and less time adjusting. Each brace supports two congas, making it an ideal solution for various conga setups. For musicians with three congas, two braces can be used to ensure stability.

    “The Toca Universal Stand Brace is a great tool for conga players. It not only eliminates the annoying 'walking' issue but also enhances the overall playing experience,” says Toca Marketing and Product Manager, Jim Rockwell. “With this innovative solution, we're empowering musicians to focus on their music, knowing their conga stands will stay right where they should be."

    “The Toca Universal Stand Brace is a great tool for conga players. It not only eliminates the annoying 'walking' issue but also enhances the overall playing experience,” says Toca Marketing and Product Manager, Jim Rockwell. “With this innovative solution, we're empowering musicians to focus on their music, knowing their conga stands will stay right where they should be."

    Toca Shell Protectors and Threaded Lug Tips: A New Level of Instrument Protection
    Toca Percussion announces the launch of two protective products: Toca Shell Protectors and Toca Threaded Lug Tips. Designed with the utmost care for the preservation of instruments and surrounding surfaces, these accessories redefine the standard of protection for congas and bongos.

    In the world of percussion, protection is paramount—for your beloved instruments, your fellow bandmates' gear, and the surfaces that serve as the stage for your performances. Toca's Shell Protectors and Threaded Lug Tips are engineered to safeguard against potential damage, ensuring the longevity of your instruments and the preservation of your performance environment.

    The Shell Protectors serve as a shield, preventing collisions that could lead to scratches, dents, or damage to the surface. Whether in the midst of an energetic performance or while transporting your instruments, these protectors offer a robust defense against unwanted wear and tear. 

    The Threaded Lug Tips take protection to the next level by securely screwing onto the lugs of your congas. Unlike typical plastic lug tips that are pressed on and prone to falling off, Toca's Threaded Lug Tips remain firmly in place until intentionally removed. This design ensures that your instruments stay protected during play and transport, preventing scratches on drums and surrounding surfaces.

    “Our Shell Protectors and Threaded Lug Tips are a game-changer for percussionists seeking reliable and durable protection for their instruments. We've engineered these accessories to address common issues faced by drummers and to provide a worry-free playing experience," says Jim Rockwell, Marketing and Product Manager for Toca Percussion.

    Both the Shell Protectors and Threaded Lug Tips come standard on Custom Deluxe and Signature Series congas, reflecting Toca's commitment to delivering top-tier protection with their premium instrument lines. For those looking to enhance the protection of their existing drums, these accessories are also available for separate purchase.

    Toca Releases New Cabasa/Shaker Combo – A Blend of Rhythm and Versatility
    Toca Percussion is happy to announce its new Cabasa/Shaker Combo, a hybrid instrument that seamlessly combines the rhythmic nuances of a traditional cabasa with the gentle, well-balanced tones of a steel shot-filled aluminum shaker.

    The Toca Cabasa/Shaker introduces a distinctive design, featuring loops of steel bead chain wrapped around a specially textured, stainless steel cylinder. This unique construction produces a diverse array of scraping rhythmic patterns, offering percussionists a rich sonic tapestry that blends the characteristic texture of a cabasa with the soft, melodic sounds of the shaker.

    When played, the Cabasa/Shaker generates an extensive range of rhythmic sounds and patterns, providing percussionists with a versatile palette for creative expression.

    An indispensable addition to any percussionist's setup, the Cabasa/Shaker excels in both studio environments and live performances. Its versatility makes it the instrument of choice when soft shaker sounds are desired without sacrificing rhythmic complexity.

    Toca Unleashes the Power of the Elements with Magma Freestyle Djembes
    Toca Percussion is proud to introduce the Magma Freestyle Djembes – a stunning addition to the Freestyle series that brings the elemental force of volcanic energy to your rhythm.

    Crafted with precision and passion, the Magma Freestyle Djembes boast a range of features that set them apart in the world of percussion:

    Rope Tuned Excellence: Each Magma Freestyle Djembe is meticulously tuned for optimal performance, providing drummers with a consistent and reliable sound for every beat.

    Hand-Selected Goatskin Head: The djembes feature a hand-selected goatskin head, ensuring a rich and authentic sound that resonates with the spirit of traditional African drumming.

    Lightweight & Durable Seamless Synthetic Shell: Built for the demands of both seasoned professionals and aspiring drummers, the Magma Freestyle Djembes feature a lightweight yet durable seamless synthetic shell, making them ideal for both stage and studio use.

    Versatile Size Options: Available in 7", 10", and 12" head sizes, drummers can choose the perfect Magma Freestyle Djembe to suit their individual style and preference.

    Stability and Comfort: Equipped with a rubber/non-slip bottom, these djembes stay securely in place, providing drummers with the stability needed for energetic performances.

    Innovative Alpine Rope Design: The low stretch Alpine rope with braided cores not only ensures stable tuning but also contributes to the djembe's unique tonal qualities. This design produces a rich bass tone and sharp piercing rim tones, adding depth and character to every performance.

    Aesthetically Stunning "Magma" Shell Decoration: The Magma Freestyle Djembes feature a visually striking "Magma" shell decoration that mimics the mesmerizing appearance of molten volcanic lava gracefully flowing down the side of an active volcano. This eye-catching design adds a touch of visual flair to the instrument, making a bold statement on any stage.

    Express Yourself with Magma Colors: Available in three captivating molten lava colors – blue, orange, and green – the Magma Freestyle Djembes allow drummers to express their individuality with style.

    Jim Rockwell, Product Manager at Toca Percussion, commented, "With the Magma Freestyle Djembes, we've created an instrument that not only sounds exceptional but also captivates the eyes. The combination of innovative features, quality craftsmanship, and expressive design makes the Magma Freestyle Djembes a must-have for drummers looking to elevate their performance."

    Toca Jamal Gome Drum – A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation
    Toca Percussion, a pioneer in the world of percussion instruments, proudly introduces the Toca Jamal Gome Drum. Developed in partnership with world-renowned percussionist and educator Jamal Mohamed, this instrument promises a unique and versatile percussion experience.

    The Gome drum, a cultural cornerstone in the solo and ensemble traditions of the Ga and Ashanti communities, has found a contemporary expression in the Toca Jamal Gome Drum. This distinctive drum delivers soul-stirring rhythms.

    Jamal shared his insights into the creation of this innovative instrument: "The Toca Jamal Gome Drum is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Working closely with Toca Percussion, we took the essential elements of the traditional Gome drum and seamlessly merged them with the familiar cajon, resulting in an instrument that not only respects its roots but also offers a new avenue for creative expression."

    Key Features of the Toca Jamal Gome Drum:

    1. Innovative Design: Featuring a skin head reminiscent of traditional Gome models and a cajon-like body, the Toca Jamal Gome Drum is a visual and sonic masterpiece that captures the essence of both worlds.

    2. Sonic Excellence: With the ability to produce thick warm tones, striking slaps, and resonant bass, the Toca Jamal Gome Drum promises a diverse and captivating sonic experience.

    3. Proprietary Tuning System: The Toca Gome Drum introduces a game-changing, patented, on the fly tuning system. By simply turning the handle, drummers can unlock a wide range of sounds not typically achievable, all completed in mere seconds.

    4. Replaceable Head Feature: Setting itself apart from conventional cajons, the Toca Jamal Gome Drum offers a replaceable head, providing percussionists with an additional level of flexibility. Swapping out the head can be accomplished in just a few minutes, ensuring longevity and versatility.

    Toca Announces Grabber Percussion Mount for Microphones
    Toca Percussion is building upon the success of The Grabber Percussion Mount with the introduction of the Toca Grabber Percussion Mount for Microphones. This mount offers drummers and percussionists a versatile solution to securely position microphones exactly where needed, enhancing the flexibility and customization of percussion rigs.

    The original Grabber Percussion Mount simplified the way percussion accessories could be added to drum kits, providing a secure and adjustable solution for tight spaces. The Grabber for Microphones extends this functionality to microphones, offering drummers and percussionists the same level of adaptability and convenience.

    Designed for drum kit setups and percussion rigs, the Grabber for Microphones features a standard percussion rod fitted with a threaded microphone connector. This allows users to choose their preferred microphone holder and easily attach it to the mount. The angle adjustability of the mount ensures precise positioning to meet the unique needs of each performance.

    One of the standout features of the Toca Grabber for Microphones is its compatibility with nearly every standard drum rim. This versatility makes it an essential addition to any percussionist's toolkit, providing a secure and adjustable solution for holding microphones in various drumming setups.

    For existing owners of the original Grabber Percussion Mount, Toca offers the option to purchase the threaded rod separately, allowing them to adapt their current Grabber for microphone use.

    Toca Unveils Exquisite Eric Piza Signature Congas and Bongos
    Toca Percussion, a leading name in the world of percussion instruments, proudly introduces the striking new EP Splash Congas and Bongos. This collaboration between Toca and renowned percussionist Erik Piza brings a burst of artistic flair to the world of percussion, offering a unique visual and auditory experience for drum enthusiasts.

    The EP Splash drums feature a gloss black base coat adorned with vibrant splashes of yellow, teal, and Erik's signature orange. The artistic expression of these drums draws inspiration from the works of Jackson Pollock, creating a dynamic and visually stunning design that captivates both the eyes and ears.

    What sets these drums apart is not just their visual appeal but also the craftsmanship involved in their creation. Each drum is meticulously hand-painted, making every single piece a distinctive work of art. Erik Piza, percussionist for Bernie Williams, expresses his excitement, saying, "I'm so thrilled to have such amazing-looking drums with my name on them. They have exceeded my expectations."

    Toca Product Manager, Jim Rockwell, echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the collaborative process that brought these drums to life. "Working with Erik on these drums was a fantastic experience. Not only do they bring a unique design to the market, but each drum is truly a one-of-a-kind creation."

    The EP Splash Design Congas and Bongos not only serve as instruments for musical expression but also stand as pieces of visual art that elevate the aesthetics of any performance or collection. The combination of the glossy black base and the bold splashes of color create a stunning contrast, ensuring that these drums make a statement both on and off the stage.

    For drummers and collectors seeking instruments that go beyond the ordinary, the Eric Piza Splash Design Congas and Bongos by Toca Percussion are a testament to innovation and artistic collaboration.

    Toca Eric Velez Signature Series: Old School Flair Meets New School Design
    Toca proudly introduces the Eric Velez Signature Series – a new line of professional-quality congas, bongos, and timbales featuring a captivating Arádano Rojo Glitter finish. Crafted in collaboration with world-renowned percussionist Eric Velez, these instruments showcase a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

    The Eric Velez Signature Series Congas, boast a Cuban style with three metal rings, finished in Gold Rose Hardware with one metal ring in Black Mirror chrome. Standing at 28 inches tall, fitted with Remo® synthetic heads, these congas feature rubber bottoms for stability and durability. The Arádano Rojo Glitter finish adds a touch of spectacle, making these congas a visual delight on any stage.

    Accompanying the congas are the Eric Velez Signature Series Bongos, featuring the same stunning Arádano Rojo Glitter finish. These bongos are equipped with 7-inch and 9-inch Remo synthetic heads and Easy Play hoops, providing both professional sound and playability. Like the congas, the bongos are crafted from sustainable plantation-grown Asian oak wood.

    Completing the lineup, the Eric Velez Signature Series Timbales showcase 14-inch and 15-inch heads, adorned with a striking Arádano Rojo Glitter finish. These timbales feature Remo black synthetic heads, a robust adjustable stand, and an adjustable cowbell mounting bracket. The interplay of stage lights on the special glitter and Rose Gold hardware offers a mesmerizing visual spectacle. To unify the series, a black band encircling the belly of each timbale harmonizes with the black chrome band surrounding the center of each conga. Notably, we have enhanced the cowbell mounting bracket, elevating its position between the drums. This modification streamlines the locking process, minimizing the risk of incidental finger and knuckle discomfort associated with tightening the nut in confined spaces.

    Eric Velez, who has been playing with the Marc Anthony band since 2000, expresses his excitement about the new series, stating, "This collection seamlessly blends vintage charm with state-of-the-art technology and contemporary design.” With a history of playing Toca products spanning decades, Velez values the powerful sound that resonates with the audience. He emphasizes, "For me, Toca is the best percussion company!"

    Toca Unveils Eric Velez Signature Nuyorican Handheld Bongo Bells & Beater
    Toca Percussion is thrilled to introduce the Toca Eric Velez Signature Nuyorican Handheld Bongo Bells—a fusion of Puerto Rican and New York percussion styles. Designed in collaboration with renowned percussionist Eric Velez, these bells are crafted to complement his signature series timbales, bringing the vibrant rhythms of Island Salsa and New York flair to musicians worldwide.

    The Nuyorican Handheld Bongo Bells capture the essence of Latin Pop, Modern Salsa, and any genre that seeks to infuse a touch of Latin flavor into its sound. Made with steel bells finished in matte silver, these handheld bells deliver a distinctive auditory experience.

    Eric Velez, expressing his passion for the project, remarks, "These bells were made to fill sounds that I couldn't find with any other bells. They bring together the soul of Puerto Rican and New York percussion scenes, creating a unique sonic palette for musicians."

    The Toca Eric Velez Signature Nuyorican Handheld Bongo Bells are available in two models: High Pitch and Medium Pitch. Each model is meticulously crafted to offer distinct tones, providing percussionists with versatile options to enhance their performances.

    The Toca Eric Velez Signature Nuyorican Cowbell Beater has been meticulously crafted to meet the Eric’s exacting standards. This exceptional beater is constructed from phenolic, showcasing a robust and durable design. The handle is expertly applied, resulting in a secure and comfortable grip. The vibrant Arádano Rojo color of the handle perfectly complements Eric's latest congas, bongos, and timbales, creating a visually cohesive and dynamic percussion setup.

    Jim Rockwell, Marketing & Product Manager for Toca Percussion, states, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Eric Velez on these exceptional bells. They represent the spirit of Island Salsa blended with the energy of New York, offering musicians a distinctive tool to elevate their musical expressions."

    Toca Accelerates Style with Custom Deluxe Matte Finish Congas and Bongos
    Toca Percussion introduces the new Custom Deluxe Matte Finish Congas and Bongos. These instruments, available in striking Matte Gray and Matte Blue, redefine traditional hand percussion aesthetics with a touch of sophistication and modernity.

    In a landscape where hand percussion often embraces conventional colors, Toca Percussion once again breaks the mold. The Custom Deluxe Matte finish congas and bongos draw inspiration from the sleek aesthetics of sports cars and rugged pickup trucks, offering a breath of fresh air in the world of hand percussion design.

    The congas, with their 30" tall Asian Oak shells and Afro-Cuban shell shape, deliver enhanced volume and resonance, ensuring a powerful and rich sound that captivates audiences. Durable chrome hardware provides elegance and longevity, while the EasyPlay hoop design and 6 lugs contribute to playability and tuning stability.

    Equipped with matched, top-grade natural bison heads, the Custom Deluxe congas produce warm and authentic tones that resonate with hand percussion traditions. The matching bongos complete the ensemble, offering drummers a visually cohesive and sonically dynamic setup.

    Jim Rockwell, Product Manager at Toca, spoke of the new additions to the line, "In the world of hand percussion, Toca has always been a trailblazer when it comes to design. These new Custom Deluxe congas and bongos embody the spirit of speed and style, offering drummers not just instruments but expressions of their individuality. Stand back and watch them fly by!"

    Toca’s New Collapsible Barrel Stand Proves that the Little Things Really Do Count
    Toca Percussion a leading innovator in percussion accessories, proudly announces their brand new Fully Collapsible Conga Barrel Stand. This groundbreaking stand represents a leap forward in convenience, versatility, and design for percussionists.

    In the world of percussion, it's often the subtle details that set exceptional equipment apart. This new barrel stand is a testament to this philosophy, featuring fully height-adjustable legs and rubber grippers that elevate the playing experience to new heights.

    One of the standout features of this innovative stand is its fully foldable legs, a vast improvement over the previous model that only partially folded down. This enhancement allows for compact storage in gig bags or road cases, making it an ideal companion for the musician on the go.

    Weighing less than its predecessor, the new design doesn't compromise on sturdiness. Crafted from heavy-gauge, chrome-plated steel, the stand ensures durability while maintaining a lightweight profile. The sturdy tripod design guarantees stability, providing percussionists with a reliable foundation for their instruments.

    Setting up and breaking down your percussion setup has never been easier. This stand boasts amazingly quick assembly times, thanks to simplified mechanics. What truly sets it apart is the drum size demarcation adjustment lines for quick and precise set up. These lines make it a breeze to position the rubber grippers, securing your conga in place effortlessly. With this feature, you'll always know exactly where to set the drum grips for any size conga, streamlining your setup process.

    Toca Product Manager, Jim Rockwell, expressed his enthusiasm about the new barrel stand, stating, "We've listened to the needs of percussionists and drummers worldwide, and we've delivered a solution that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. The attention to detail reflects our commitment to providing musicians with tools that enhance their craft."

    The Toca Fully Collapsible Conga Barrel Stand is designed to accommodate nearly every model of conga, making it a versatile choice for percussionists across genres.

    For more info:


  • Industry News — February 2024

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Feb 27, 2024

    Aicha DjidjelliPorter & Davies
    Porter & Davies Used By Drummers With Bruce Springsteen, Greta Van Fleet, Jessie J, Hans Zimmer & More

    Porter & Davies, renowned for their world class silent tactile monitoring systems, are proud to announce new drummers using their range of products. These now include:

    Max Weinberg, the longtime drummer of the legendary Bruce Springsteen’s E Street band. He has been using his BC2rm since the summer and will be using it when the 2024 world tour kicks off in March. Another new family member is UB40’s iconic drummer and founder member Jimmy Brown. 2024 will see him put his new Gigster to good use as he and the band celebrate forty five years together with a tour and new album.

    Internationally acclaimed drummer Adam ‘Smiley’ Wade has graced the stage with some of the industry’s most notable talents including Jessie J and Craig David. He is now using a BC2 when drumming live and in the studio. Aicha Djidjelli, drummer and percussionist with multi Oscar and Grammy Award winner, Hans Zimmer, has just purchased a BC2 to aid her with both acoustic and electronic drum playing.

    The portable BC2 puts a drummer right in the heart of the kit allowing them to feel every nuance of every beat without latency. Now using the BC2 on tour are: Clemons Poindexter playing with Kahlid who supported Ed Sheeran earlier in 2023, Greta Van Fleet’s Daniel Wagner and Blas Elias with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Also using the BC2 are Adam Savage with While She Sleeps, Matt Yonkerwith Less Than Jake, Justin Brown with multi Grammy award winner Thundercat and Jimmi Naylor playing with indie legends The Pidgeon Detectives.

    The big brother to the BC2 is the TT6 Equipped Throne which is designed to be driven by existing monitor amps. Bill Ransom the accomplished drummer with the Grammy nominated blues singer, Beth Hart, opted for this choice as he heads out on her 2024 tour.

    To find out more about enriching studio and live performances please go to

    Aicha Djidjelli photo by David Phillips
  • Product Showcase — February 2024

    by Rhythm Scene Staff | Feb 13, 2024

    DW Sounds Works Bronze Snare

    DW Launches New Expansion Pack for DW Soundworks™ True-Cast™ 5 x 14” Bell Bronze Snare Drum

    OXNARD, CA (January 15th 2024) – Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW) launches new expansion pack for its premium virtual studio instrument (VST) and drum sample library, DW Soundworks™: True-Cast™ Expansion Pack, featuring the limited edition DW MFG True-Cast 5 x14” Snare Drum.

    Only one hundred of the DW MFG True-Cast 5 x14” Snare Drums were made in 2023. These sand-cast, seamless pure bronze drums, developed in conjunction with renowned drum educator and session player, Dave Elitch, offer a unique, potent voice which is dynamic and distinct.

    The powerful DW Soundworks™ software, is a virtual instrument that equips drummers, multi-instrumentalists, and producers with an expanding sonic palette of DW, Gretsch and Slingerland drum sounds, including ones not widely available, like the DW MFG True-Cast 5 x14” Snare Drum.

    The DW MFG True-Cast 5 x14” Snare Drum Expansion Pack captures the authentic tonality of the rare DW True-Cast 5 x14”snare drum with sounds sampled at 24-bit, 88.2 kHz in the DW factory. This realistic audio experience faithfully provides all the full attack, low-end punch and dark, earthy tonality of the original drum, making it widely available to all. DW Soundworks’ deep range of processing controls and effects means users can reproduce the DW MFG True-Cast 5 x14” Snare Drum sound specific to a particular microphone, room, ambience or dynamic.

    The new expansion pack is ideal for use with the DW’s wireless acoustic-electronic convertible DWe drum kit or as a VST plugin. It is PC and Mac (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX) compatible.

    To find out more about the DW MFG True-Cast 5 x14” Snare Drum Expansion Pack and DW Soundworks™ or to purchase please go to

    Gretsch PurpleGRETSCH DRUMS

    New Gretsch Colors for 2024: Rosewood Twilight Gloss Lacquer, Classic Sunburst and Purple Marine Pearl

    Gretsch Drums is delighted to introduce three new finishes for its flagship USA Custom and Broadkaster kits made in the South Carolina factory: Rosewood Twilight Gloss Lacquer, Classic Sunburst, and Purple Marine Pearl, made famous by Nic Collins.

    The nitro-cellulose glass lacquer finish of the Rosewood Twilight dark fade makes this rich deep color feel warm and sumptuous. The vibrant crimsons bleed into darkening chocolatey burgundies giving the kit a glow and radiance.

    The timeless Classic Sunburst is a flash of vivid golden sunshine as it fades at sunset through muted oranges into earth browns. The hand-rubbed stain shows off wood grain to generate a vintage impression which is both striking and eye-catching.

    The Purple Marine Pearl was developed following a specific request from Nic Collins. Collins asked Gretsch to build a kit for a tour with Mike & The Mechanics with the exact look of Black Marine Pearl, only in purple. Liaising with the factory he agreed on the shade of purple and Purple Marine Pearl was born, a captivating, opulent, and decadent new Gretsch Nitron finish.

    The shell interiors of all the new finishes are completed with the classic Gretsch Silver Sealer and most importantly all have ‘That Great Gretsch Sound'!

    To find out more about the new finishes and all the other great Gretsch products, please go to

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