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R!Solo: "Vic" for Timpani by Greg Jackson

Oct 1, 2015, 00:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

“Vic” is dedicated to the memory of Vic Firth, a legendary timpanist who inspired past, present, and future generations. 

The number “3” is used as a motive extensively throughout this piece in various ways representing the letters V-I-C. To incorporate this idea using timpani pitches and rhythms, elements of set theory composition are utilized. Rhythmic cells use the “3” motive with quarter-note triplets, eighth-note triplets, and sixteenth-note triplets. For duple-based rhythms, the “3” motive can be found in various note sets.

Helpful hints:
• Focus on your technique and strive for quality of sound. This includes the correct playing zones, implement control, and developing the proper touch.
• Pay attention to details such as dynamics, articulations, and note duration. If the notation dictates a quarter note followed by a rest, be sure to dampen appropriately.
• Always practice with a metronome! Rhythmic integrity is important, espeicially when moving from triple- to duple-based rhythms.

"Vic" for Timpani by Greg Jackson


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Greg JacksonDr. Gregory Jackson is the Associate Professor of Percussion at Alabama State University, and a percussionist, composer, educator, and author. He has published over a dozen books and several recordings. With over 100 compositions completed, Dr. Jackson is currently composing his fourth symphony for full orchestra. Jackson is a member of BMI.

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