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R!Solo: Beatback for Drumset by Brian Blume

Jun 1, 2016, 00:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

In this funk/rock-style solo, the roles of the bass drum and snare drum essentially get flipped, resulting in the backbeat (beats 2 and 4) falling to the bass drum, and the downbeats being played by the snare drum. The title is a simple play on words—reversing backbeat = beatback. There are three sections: (1) mm.1–18, (2) mm.18–22, and (3) mm. 23–30, followed by a four-bar coda. The first section and the coda are half-time grooves, while the other two sections are in four. Be careful of the syncopation (count the rhythms!), and a few of the linear fills can be tricky to play smoothly. Have fun!

Beatback Key




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Brian BlumeBrian Blume
is an Assistant Professor of Percussion at Southeastern University (Lakeland, Florida), where he teaches percussion, music theory, music history, and the SEU Fireline. As a composer, Blume has published more than 20 works for percussion, and his music has been performed at PASIC, the Midwest Clinic, and at universities and high schools around the world.

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