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R!Solo: Fodder Wall for Glockenspiel by Jamie Wind Whitmarsh

Apr 1, 2017, 00:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

“Fodder Wall” is a spoonerism for waterfall. The idea of a descending figure that gets shorter is reminiscent of water trickling down rocks. Players are free to experiment with different dynamic phrasing than what is written, as well as both emphasizing and de-emphasizing the changing meter. “Fodder Wall” should be light and transparent-sounding—never aggressive.

Additionally, consider the following as you prepare this piece for performance:
• Work consistently with a metronome, but avoid allowing tempo awareness to detract from a quality legato stroke. The music should be relaxed and fluid, but not without a clear pulse.

• Consider your sticking carefully. Look for opportunities to use alternating hands, but understand that some passages may feel better with the use of a double stroke or two. To get you started, the first two lines should feel very comfortable with alternating sticking, provided that you start each line with the left hand.

• Each line is its own phrase, so feel free to repeat an individual line several times in a row as you practice to gain comfort with the dynamics, pitches, and sticking.

• Bring out the unique character of measures 21–27, which draw on a primarily ascending motion in contrast to the rest of the piece.

Fodder Wall


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Jamie WhitmarshJamie Wind Whitmarsh
is a percussionist and composer on faculty at Oklahoma City University. He frequently performs with clarinet/percussion group Duo Rodinia with clarinetist Dr. Lisa Kachouee and is a founding member of the Great Plains Percussion Group. 

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