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App Scene: Part 7 by Micheal Barnes and Peter Soroka

Apr 1, 2018, 00:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

Today, most students have access to a smartphone or tablet. However, these devices may not be fully utilized while in the practice room or during lessons. Apps for smartphones are generally inexpensive and can be extremely valuable to college-age musicians. The University Committee has compiled a short list of curated apps to enhance musical growth in the practice room for the college musician. This list is not all-inclusive but focuses on some of our favorites. Most of these apps can be found on both iOS and Android platforms, and any deviations are noted. Hopefully this series of articles will allow you to get the most out of your smart device in the practice room!

In our seventh and final App Scene column, we’re highlighting a few handy apps that may not fit neatly into a category, but still are worth a look and a download for most percussion students!

by PAS (Percussive Arts Society)
iOS and Android
FREEIf you have been accessing Rhythm!Scene from the PAS website, be aware that there is also a Rhythm!Scene app that will help you stay up to date with news from PAS, the percussion industry, and new articles from PAS.

Oxford Dictionary of Music 
by MobiSystems, Inc.
iOS and Android
Have you ever come across a musical term that was unfamiliar? Instead of translating the phrase in Google Translate and getting an answer that does not make much sense in the context, look it up in the Oxford Dictionary of Music app. This app contains 12,500 entries for music terminology, composers, compositions, and more. The “A Word of the Day” feature helps to continue expanding your musical knowledge. This is a must-have for students.

Steve Reich’s Clapping Music – Improve Your Rhythm 
by Amphio Limited
Taking frequent breaks during practice sessions is important to refresh your mind. Playing the Steve Reich Clapping Music app can be a fun way to relax for a few minutes in between reps.

Peter SorokaPeter Soroka is a diverse percussionist pursuing a Doctor of Music degree in Percussion Performance at Florida State University. He holds performance degrees from the University of North Texas and Virginia Commonwealth University, and has performed with the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra and Sinfonia Gulf Coast in Destin, Florida.

Michael BarnesMicheal Barnes
is a master’s student at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and has performed with the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America, the Ft. Smith Symphony, and the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas. He was recently awarded a teaching fellowship to work with the National Youth Orchestra and Choir of Belize, as well as being awarded the Mary Grey Thompson Award for outstanding contributions to the University of Oklahoma College of Fine Arts. 

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