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R!Solo: Roll for Drumset by Jamie Wind Whitmarsh

Jun 1, 2018, 00:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

“Roll” is primarily an etude for the feet. The kick drum and hi-hat should be the most prominent sounds throughout, particularly in measures 23–28. There are no rolls in this piece; the title comes from the moments in the piece when the bass drum and/or snare drum seem to roll forward ahead of everything else (e.g., measures 19–20 and 27–28).

Consider the following as you prepare this piece for performance:
• Work consistently with a metronome.
• Practice just the feet first; this is the primary focus of the work, but these are typically the most underutilized limbs.
• Work each phrase independently, particularly measures 15–22, to make sure the groove is solid and all the voices work well together.

Here is the notation guide for the solo:

Roll Notation Guide



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Jamie WhitmarshJamie Wind Whitmarsh is a percussionist and composer on faculty at Oklahoma City University. He frequently performs with clarinet/percussion group Duo Rodinia with clarinetist Dr. Lisa Kachouee, and he is a founding member of the Great Plains Percussion Group. 


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