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Feb 19, 2020, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

PDP 20th Anniversary KitPDP 20th Anniversary Kit and Snare
The PDP 20th Anniversary Kit is constructed using seven-ply European maple shells and comes with 8 x 10-inch and 9 x 12-inch toms, a 14 x 16-inch floor, and an 18 x 22-inch kick. It is fitted with Suspension Tom Mounts. Complementing the kit is the new PDP 20th Anniversary Snare drum. Its 10-ply European maple shell measure 6.5 x 14-inches and is fitted with DW Mag throw-offs.

These drums are finished in matte black with a gloss black stripe and antique bronze hardware and feature True-Pitch Tension Rods and Remo USA Drumheads. 

PDP Concept Series KitNew Finishes, Configurations, and Features Added to PDP Concept Series Drums
PDP Concept Series Maple Drums, see Twisted Ivory, Satin Pewter, Satin Olive, Satin Seafoam, and Satin Black finishes added to the choice of finishes and a new Carbon Fiber finish with black nickel hardware. Added to the PDP Concept Series Exotic Drums choice of finishes is the new Honey Mahogany.

New configurations for PDP Concept Series Maple Drums are Bop (8 x 12-inch tom, 14 x 14-inch floor, 14 x 18-inch kick) for a drummer with a lighter touch, Rock (9 x 13-inch tom, 16 x 16-inch floor, 14 x 24-inch kick) for a more hard hitting style of playing, and Fusion (8 x 10-inch and 9 x 12-inch toms, 14 x 14-inch floor, and 16 x 20-inch kick) for the more eclectic player.

The PDP Concept Series toms and kick drums are now constructed with seven-ply European maple shells for maximum resonance. The snare with 10-ply European Maple is fitted with the trusted DW Mag throw-off. All the drums now come fitted with True-Pitch Tension Rods and Remo Drumheads.

PDP SnaresPDP Concept Select Snares Range Expanded
The PDP Aluminum Concept Select Snare has a seamless 3-mm aluminum shell, fitted with satin walnut wood hoops and low-profile claw hooks. The aluminum shell creates a focused, dry tone with minimal overtones. The wood hoops add a warm earthy timbre while also enhancing playing comfort.

Also joining the range is the PDP Bell Bronze Concept Select Snare. Its heavy, 3-mm seamless bell bronze shell produces a thick, dense sound with a massive punchy attack.

Completing the new additions is the PDP Steel Concept Select Snare. Its 3-mm seamless steel shell offers supreme definition combined with sensitivity.

All the snares are 6.5 x 14-inches in size and feature chrome hardware, True-Pitch Tension Rods, DW Mag throw-offs, Remo Drumheads, and laser engraved PDP badges.

PDP 2020 Accessories14 PDP Accessories Added
The new PDP Drop-Lock hi-hat clutches allow players to temporarily drop the hi-hats together and play them closed. Two versions will be available: a Standard Drop-Lock Hi-Hat Clutch and Quick-Release Drop-Lock Hi-Hat Clutch.

Also included in the new PDP accessories are a Boom Cymbal Arm assembly, a Heavy-Duty Multi-Clamp with Vari-Adjust Boom Arm, and two L Arms. 

The new PDP Maple Counter Hoops and Standard Maple Counter Hoops for snares provide a focused sound with a short sustain. They also give great control to the head and great cross sticking sound. PDP also added a solid Maple Bass Drum Beater to give a clean clicking sound, a Lite-Weight 21-inch Aluminum Floor Tom Leg Set for maximum sustain, and M6 x 20mm and M8 x 20mm Wing Screws (2 Pack).

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