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Feb 24, 2020, 13:00 PM by Rhythm Scene Staff

PromarkSYPRSPYR Mallet Line 
Designed in collaboration with world-renowned percussionists, designers, and educators Kevin Shah and Tony Nuñez, the SPYR series is a comprehensive, foundational offering for high school and college-level band directors seeking to outfit their marching corps or concert percussion section with quality implements.

All mallets in the SPYR line are built with Promark’s patented mallet manufacturing process, ensuring a durable and consistent mallet that even the most demanding ensemble can rely on.

With the launch of SPYR, Promark Drumsticks has created a color-coded hardness scale to make it easy for percussionists to quickly select the appropriate mallet from their bag. The color-coded scale will be present both on the packaging, as well as the product itself. The updated backer card and label artwork will communicate the color-coded hardness scale (very soft to very hard) and how it applies to the mallet, illustrating the optimal range of the instrument it was designed for. The product will also feature this scale through matching color-coded yarn on the stitch of the wrapped mallet head and through the color of the mallet head itself for all unwrapped mallets.

Included in the SPYR series will be six wrapped marimba mallets, two unwrapped marimba mallets, four vibraphone mallets, and twelve xylophone/bell mallets.

Promark FiregrainFiregrain Technology Expands to 747 Sticks
The Classic 747 profile is one of Promark’s most popular options and the choice for many legendary drummers. Measuring .551-inches in diameter, like our Classic 5A model, the Classic 747 features an extra 1/4-inch length, as well as a thicker taper and large oval tip, making it capable of crossing genres and playing styles with ease.

Firegrain, introduced in 2017, is Promark’s patented revolutionary “heat-tempering” process that turns ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with unprecedented durability and allows drummers to play longer naturally.

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