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Hot Licks: The Muted Cross for Four Timpani by Tracy Wiggins

Jun 22, 2020, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

“The Muted Cross” is a short, solo timpani etude, designed to work crossover technique along with a variety of muffling techniques. Stickings are included to demonstrate particular sticking ideas, but can be adjusted by the performer as desired (for example, the crosses could be done also as shifts). The muffling techniques used include using a finger lightly on the head to give a slightly shorter sound (I typically use the pinky of the non-playing hand), traditional muting in the rests, and dead strokes. Pay careful attention to where the staccato markings are, as these techniques are blended with notes that are not short, to make the player think about creating different articulations and how they can relate to shaping and phrasing.


The Muted Cross

HotLicks: The Muted Cross for Four Timpani by Tracy Wiggins from Percussive Arts Society on Vimeo.

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