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Industry News — July 2020

Jul 15, 2020, 09:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

“Drum Mic Basics” Tutorial Videos
As performers adjust to an upcoming summer without much live music on the horizon, musicians are finding creative ways to create content at home. To help in those goals, Audio-Technica has been offering a series of resources for people recording in isolation. The company’s online YouTube series “Drum Mic Basics” features 10 videos covering all aspects of recording a drum kit. The videos are short and engaging, easy to follow, and filled with useful information.

“Basic Drum Miking: The Kick Drum” lays out strategies for picking a proper bass drum mic and outlines techniques for mic placement inside the drum. In separate videos, the components of a drum kit are each given individual attention, including toms, snare, ride cymbal, and hi-hat, with mic placement and proper mic selection explored in detail for each of these instruments. “The Room,” “The Full Kit,” and “The Overheads” are also spotlighted in their own videos, demonstrating the techniques to get the proper overall ambience to make the drums sound unified and balanced.

View the playlist at

Second Annual College Scholarship Fund Recipients
The D’Addario Foundation recently announced the second round of recipients of their College Scholarships. Ten students from Foundation grantee programs—nine of them being the first generation in their family to attend college—will be supported for four years with a scholarship that helps cover the cost of college expenses. This brings the total number to 20 students benefiting from this initiative. 

The recipients of the College Scholarships are a diverse group of students who have participated in robust instrument programs across the U.S. including UpBeat NYC, OrchKids, Merit School of Music, New City Kids, Harmony Project Phoenix, Phoenix Conservatory of Music, and Laby Harmony Project of Ventura County. Recipients have been a part of their local music programs for most of their childhood, attending multiple days per week and benefiting from leadership development as peer mentors to younger students. 

For over 30 years, the D’Addario Foundation has been dedicated to partnering with community programs that are using music education as a vehicle for positive social change. Offering this scholarship fund to students in Foundation-supported programs nurtures their continued success and encourages higher education to break cycles of poverty. 

Scholarship recipient Keith Fleming from Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s OrchKids program remarks, “The community that I live in is a very dangerous and violent place. There are a lot of young people that get into lots of trouble because they don't have an outlet to attend that helps them escape from the violence. Music and Orchkids has been that outlet for me since 2008. I am very excited for the scholarship because it gives me a chance to attend the University of Miami. This school and destination has been a dream place for me because of the diversity in cultures. This scholarship is helping me get the chance to experience and enlighten myself. It will definitely help me grow as a person and musician.” 

The D’Addario Foundation College Scholarship Fund is made possible by a generous donation from the Rita & Herbert Z. Gold Charitable Trust. To learn more and make a donation to this fund, visit

YouTube Playlist Party and Fitness Friday
Drum Workshop Inc. (DW)’s Drum Network has two brand-new live streams: Playlist Party and Fitness Friday. Playlist Party has some of the world’s most famous drummers diving into their record collections, sharing their playlists and the music that inspires them. Fitness Friday is a great way to find out more about healthy lifestyle ideas and tips by drummers for drummers.

DW Playlist PartyThe Playlist Party is live at 10:00 a.m. (PST) every Tuesday and Thursday, with guests taking an in-depth look at their music collections and song playlists while sharing stories of how they discovered the music and the drummers who influenced them. Every guest has a different take: breaking down the drum parts, talking about the drum sounds and mix, discussing how the drum part was played, examining the composition and creativity of the playing, or simply enjoying the sounds. While the drummers talk about their music selections, listeners are invited to join the party and ask questions in the live chat. A complete schedule of all episodes can be seen at Viewers can catch up with previous episodes including Curt Bisquera, Rich Redmond, Daru Jones, and Brendan Buckley or see upcoming episodes including Andrew Marshall (Billie Eilish), Jason Bittner (Overkill/Shadows Fall), and Trevor Lawrence Jr. (Leann Rimes/50 Cent). This is the ideal way to discover new tracks, drummers, drum parts, and so much more.

DW Fitness FridayLive every Friday at 9:00 a.m. (PST), Fitness Friday has some of the world’s top drummers sharing their fitness and healthy lifestyle tips. Each week they will share their best workouts, nutritious recipes, and thoughts on how to improve mental well-being. Each guest has routines that work best for them, from warm-up stretches and resistance-band workouts to breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga. A complete schedule of all episodes can be seen at Drum Network, where viewers can catch up with previous episodes featuring Dave Elitch (Mars Volta, Miley Cyrus), Dani Markham (Childish Gambino), and Wellness and Spiritual Advocate Chrissy Palmieri and Jason Bittner. Upcoming episodes include Thomas Lang and Brendan Buckley.

Juels Thomas, DW Education and Events Manager, commented, “Since we’re obviously not able to go out and hang with other drummers in person right now, we wanted to offer some different ways to connect with DW artists by checking out what they’re into while they’re stuck at home. What music are they listening to that helps get them through the long days? What are they doing to keep healthy and motivated during the lockdown? Everyone brings something totally unique to every episode. Discovering new styles of music or drummers you may not have heard of yet and learning ways to keep body and mind fit for gigs makes us all more well-rounded players.”

Drum Network is the source of all Drum Workshop live streaming shows and online programming. It is a hub for drummers everywhere, a resource with a library full of Drum Workshop, Drum Channel, and Modern Drummer live events and YouTube videos. To find out more, visit

First-Ever Drum Summit
Thirty of today’s leading female percussionists from the United States, India, France, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Cuba, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Spain, and West Africa recently came together online to discuss Hit Like A Girl’s new World Percussion project, “Drum Summit.” Hosted by Drum Summit Artist/Advisor Carrie Staller, participants introduced themselves to each other and heard from HLAG and Drum Summit Executive Director David Levine.

In his comments, Levine talked about the origins of the program, progress on the website, and how the support of the influential percussionists on the call will help accelerate the growth of female drumming around the world. He ended by encouraging the drummers to connect with others and promote their activities; pointing out the mission of the group is to “restore the ancient traditions of female drumming and, through drumming, release the power of women in the modern age.”

To learn more, visit and

HLAG 2020 FinalHLAG Announces 2020 Winners
In addition to the previously announced winners of the weekly, regional, and popular contests, here is the list of Champions and Winners in the 2020 Hit Like A Girl International Contest for female drummers and beatmakers. Learn more at 

Drum Set Under 13: Champion: Kayla Zahra Fahira Permaa; 2nd Place: Tang Yu Chiao; 3rd Place: Milana; Popular: Evelyn Moreno

Drum Set 13–17: Champion: Yufengyi Li; 2nd Place: Zoe Larios; 3rd Place: Jordan Radnoti; Popular: Alyssa Tomassi

Drum Set 18–39: Champion: Lisa Chepkovskaya; 2nd Place: Drummer Subin; 2nd Place: Erica McElveen; 3rd Place: Mihaela Naydenova; Popular: Mihaela Naydenova

Drum Set 40+: Champion: Sheila Klotz; 2nd Place: Michelle Pickering; 3rd Place: Karen Newell; Popular: Jennifer Towns

Beatmaking Under 18: Champion: Kallee Bernish-Good; 2nd Place: Naisa S. Santana Rivera; 3rd Place: Abbie Schneider; Popular: Kallee Bernish-Good

Beatmaking 18+: Champion: Chmba; 2nd Place: Adee; 3rd Place: Juanita Pelaez; Popular: Juanita Pelaez

Regional: China Under 8: YinXuan Lin; China 8–12: Celina Huang; China 13–17: Yufengyi Li; China 18+: Rita Li; Japan Under 18: Yuuka AOKI; Japan 18+: Mika Watanabe; France Under 18: Marie Francois; France 18+: Clara Oulieu; Mexico Under 18: Zoe Larios; Mexico 18+: Angie Salinas; SEA Under 18: Kayla Zahra Fahira Permaa; SEA 18+: Shani Samtani; India Under 18: Rinay; India 18+: Sonikblasts

Special Awards: Berklee “Aspire”: Stacy Norris; Musician’s Institute: Saralyn Chernishuk; Musician’s Institute: Reilly Thompson; School of Rock: Savannah Tweedt; Joe Hibbs/The Sessions: Romarna Campbell; Special Recognition: Georgia Challinor; Special Recognition: Amelia

Academic Alliance Sweepstakes Winner
Congratulations to Eden Prairie High School of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, for winning the Academic Alliance Quantum Mark II Sweepstakes. Over 600 Academic Alliance member schools participated in the sweepstakes that ran from June 2019 to May 2020. As the winner, Eden Prairie High School, an Academic Alliance member since 2019, will be the recipient of five snares, three tenors, and five bass drums to be sized, configured, and finished to their requests.

KHS America looks forward to seeing what their percussion section accomplishes with the new Mapex Drums. Mapex/Majestic Marching Brand Manager Nic Milliner states, “I’m very happy for Eden Prairie High School on the sweepstakes win. I hope that these young musicians enjoy these drums for years to come, and thank you for being a proud member of our Academic Alliance.”

The Eden Prairie High School Eagle Band has a rich history of tradition and innovation spanning more than 50 years. Their drumline is a 5-time Minnesota Percussion Association State Champion and has multiple appearances in WGI Scholastic World Class Finals to their credit.

The Academic Alliance is designed to facilitate and strengthen important symbiotic relationships within the music education community and is open to all K–12 public and private school band programs in the United States. KHS America is proud to offer access to benefits intended to enhance the student experience, promote program growth, and bring attention to the great work being done by music educators.

To learn more or to enroll in the KHS America Academic Alliance, visit

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