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Product Showcase — September 2020

Sep 2, 2020, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

Pi Snare Drum

Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) is launching a new custom Collector’s Series piccolo snare drum with a new size inspired by π, the mathematical constant known throughout the scientific and mathematical world. The new Pi Snare Drum is available in any California Custom Shop diameter with a depth of 3.14-inches. Also offered is a 14-inch diameter option constructed from Space Carbon, a high-grade material that is upcycled from private sector space program manufacturing.

The drum features a newly-designed two-piece mini turret lug that houses independent lug receivers, as well as the compact Mini MAG Throw-Off. The Mini MAG is ideal for snare drums less than 4.5-inches deep and available separately to easily retro fit on any custom-shop snare drum. It features a magnetic drop-style mechanism that keeps the snare wires engaged at all times and can be fine-tuned precisely via the knurled drumkey tension adjustment. In addition, the Universal Mini MAG Throw-Off can be retrofitted to virtually any snare from 4.5 to 8 inches in depth. Other pro-level features on the new Pi snare include DW 3.0 steel True-Hoops, 3P (3 position) Butt Plate, True-Pitch 50 tuning, True-Tone 20-stand snare wires, and DW Drum Heads by Remo.

Resident DW Drum Designer John Good commented, “We’ve been wanting to engineer some new hardware that would allow us to accommodate shallower depths. Rich Sikra and his design team did an outstanding job on the new lug and Mini MAG. We even designed a new mini Collector’s badge to fit these drums. So many of our top artists are interested in new and unique sounds these days; this new Pi drum has its own sonic character.”

The surprisingly loud Pi snare possesses a wider than expected tuning range, giving substantial body to its sound for such a shallow drum. Quick and snappy with dry, crisp, clean fundamental tones, it offers an alternate snare voice for drummers and is perfect for an auxiliary snare drum.

To find out more about the Pi snare, visit

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