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Product Showcase — October 2020

Oct 14, 2020, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

BSP soundart drum

SoundArt Snare System Update
Black Swamp has released an update to their SoundArt snare system, featuring the new Arch Throw. The original SoundArt Strainer was the first trio snare system directly integrated into the throwoff, giving players accurate and unprecedented control of snare-unit tension.

The updated Arch Throw functions exactly the same, but with a modern, stylish design. The shape matches the existing arch-style tube lugs, with a universal adjustment knob now on the strainer side. Adjustment knobs have also been updated, along with the wire-wound snare unit now placed in the center of the drum.

The updated throw is available on SoundArt snare drums  five inches or deeper and the Black Swamp line of Symphonic Field Drums. For full product details, visit

DW Space Carbon SnaresDRUM WORKSHOP
Space Carbon Snare Drums
Drum Workshop Inc. (DW) has introduced the all-new Collector’s Series Space Carbon snares, a sonic alternative to wood and metal snares.

The versatile properties of carbon fiber have given the composite material a legendary reputation among notable drummers across several musical genres. Its impressive strength-to-weight ratio combined with a non-porous, glass-like reflection make it the perfect snare material to deliver brightness, articulation, volume, projection and dynamic range. Its unique tonal properties offer a completely different sonic quality to that of metal or wood drums.

Utilizing upcycled, high-grade carbon fiber from private sector space manufacturing, the snares are available in DW’s most popular sizes (6.5x14-inch and 5.5x14-inch), as well as the new Piπ (3.14x14-inch) sizes. Assembled by hand at the California Custom Shop, Space Carbon snares can be ordered in any available hardware color option; choose from chrome, satin chrome, nickel, black nickel, and gold. Professional-grade features include MAG or Mini MAG Throw-Off, 3P (3 Position) butt plate, True-Pitch 50 tuning, True-Hoops, True-Tone Snare Wires, DW Heads by Remo, and more.

To find out more, visit

New Play Series Collaboration 
Native Instruments recently released Butch Vig Drums, a collaboration with renowned drummer and producer Butch Vig, best known as co-founding member of the alternative rock band Garbage and the producer of the seminal albums including Nirvana’s Nevermind, Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream, and Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown.

It is the first in a new line of artist-created Play Series instruments, bringing the signature sounds of world-famous music producers together into intuitive and inspiring instruments with great-sounding presets and real-time control.

The sounds of Butch Vig Drums were recorded at United Recording’s iconic Studio A in Hollywood, then further processed through a bespoke selection of analog and digital preamps, compressors, stompboxes, and more at Vig’s home studio GrungeIsDead. Expect hard-hitting drums, grooves, and FX presets created by one of rock music’s most influential producers, with hands-on control for easily programmed drum tracks that work in a variety of styles.

Butch Vig Drums includes 21 individual drum kits, each with 16 one-shots created using Butch Vig’s distinctive approach to percussive sound design. Each kit also comes with 16 preset MIDI patterns, which can be triggered using a MIDI controller or edited within any DAW using drag-and-drop technology. All sounds can also be further processed using a range of powerful Kontakt insert and send effects.

For more information, visit

New Yorker Gets a Fresh Look
Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP) has announced 2020 updates to their compact, portable, and versatile line. Created especially for the on-the-go drummer, New Yorker Series drums are a recommended choice for students, working drummers, and players looking for a simplified setup that won’t sacrifice sound.

The lightweight PDP New Yorker four-piece kit has been re-designed to have an even more compact footprint. New for 2020 is a smaller, 14x16-inch bass drum and slightly larger 5x14-inch snare drum to go with the 8x10-inch mounted tom and 12x13-inch floor tom. The new configuration is ideal for local gigs, rehearsal spaces, and home studios. Also new for 2020 are three new durable laminate finishes: Pale Rose Sparkle, Electric Green Sparkle, and Black Onyx Sparkle.

PDP Brand Manager, Rob Dean, commented, “The 16-inch kick is a blast to play and can do so many things with different head combos and muffling techniques. Poplar is a soft wood, so it works well for these smaller sizes. And when we first showed them at NAMM, we were excited to see the reaction from younger drummers when they saw these cool new finishes.”

The travel-friendly sets are fitted with low-mass, Teardrop Mini Turret lugs, DW True-Pitch Tuning, a versatile bass drum mount with auxiliary clamp and Remo drumheads. A bass drum lifter is included for optimal pedal placement and beater height. Designed in California by DW, the kits feature all-poplar wood shell construction with “soft” 45-degree bearing edges that deliver a warm, punchy tonality.

To find out more about the revised PDP New Yorker kit and all the other PDP drums and accessories, visit

Sabian Complex ModelsSABIAN  
New Complex Models 
Building on the success of their popular HHX Complex series, Sabian has added four new models, all in odd sizes. “Odd sized cymbals have become a go-to for many players who want to add some non-traditional flavor to their setup,” says Sabian’s Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “In the R&D process for these new models, it became clear that’s where they belonged.”

The 17- and 19-inch HHX Complex O-Zones are the first odd-sized O-Zones Sabian has introduced, and they fit very nicely into the HHX Complex family. They deliver a dark, explosive attack and are some of the most aggressive effects cymbals Sabian has produced. According to Love, "They also work surprisingly well as go-to crashes."

The 21- and 23-inch HHX Complex Medium Rides are a perfect blend of old- and new-world craftsmanship. “These odd sized rides are some of the sweetest rides we’ve made to date and have a controlled tone and character that will sit well in any mix. They feature a dual hammering process that brings out the sweet rich tone, while allowing the warm/dark undertone to stay in tune with the stick articulation," says Love.

All four models are topped off with a heavily hand-hammered bell for a distinct Complex cut.

Sabian Royalty RideThe Royalty Ride
What was the ride cymbal that Roy Haynes so masterfully played on Chick Corea’s 1968 album Now He Sings, Now He Sobs? With the gracious permission of jazz great Chick Corea, Sabian was given the rare opportunity to study this cymbal, a gift that he received from Roy himself. Mark Love, Sabian’s Master Product Specialist had one goal in mind: preserve the feel, sound, and integrity of this legendary instrument.

“We have replicated many vintage cymbals in our Custom Shop over the years. We know what happens to a cymbal over years of use, and the transformation can be dramatic. We record all the obvious visual specs and the way the original is constructed, then decide whether to aim for how the cymbal sounded when it was brand new or as it sounds today, which in this case is over five decades of use. We decided to go for the sweet spot of shortly after the cymbal is broken in. This would ensure the replicas contain some of the original sparkle that can still be heard on Chick’s album, but that would have been lost over time.”

The 18-inch Royalty Ride is a replica of Chick’s ride, as heard on the revered 1968 recording. Sabian will be introducing this legendary re-creation to market in a limited quantity of 250. As with all Sabian Limited Edition models, these cymbals will be individually numbered and will include a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Chick Corea.

For more information, visit

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