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Product Showcase — March 2021

Mar 10, 2021, 08:00 AM by Rhythm Scene Staff

DW Purple Core Shell

Purple Core Drum Shell Technology
Drum Workshop Inc. announces the addition of all-new Purple Core hybrid drum shells to their expansive line-up of sonically customizable shell options. The shells feature a three-ply Purpleheart core, combined with a choice of North American hard rock maple, cherry, or mahogany select plies. The nine-ply shell is crafted with only a single long grain, horizonal ply alleviating tension on the shell. The result is the lowest note timbre offered on a DW shell to date.

The direction of wood grain within a drum shell’s construction contributes greatly to its sonic characteristics. The tension of the wood grain in a horizontal alignment gives a drum natural strength and a higher pitch. A vertical orientation, whilst offering a lower pitch, can affect the integrity and strength of the wood. John Good, DW Drum Designer, has spent years researching how to take advantage of an array of grain placements with combinations of diverse wood to achieve a wider range of tonal qualities.

The Purpleheart species, because it is a dense hardwood, is one of the few that can be used in this way to maintain the structural integrity of the shell. Married with a selection of preferred tone woods such as maple, cherry, or mahogany, the shells offer a wide range of sonic characteristics that are all highly versatile. Maple delivers maximum resonance, projection, and attack, while cherry has a distinctive melodic clarity with a warmer tonality compared to maple, and mahogany is softer, boosting the low end and allowing a deeper, richer, and darker sound. A three-ply reinforcement hoop further maintains structural integrity and provides a more focused note.

Purple Core designer John Good comments “We’ve been searching for a way to make a shell from mostly short grain veneers for a long time, but wanted it to be something that would stand the test of time. The nature of Purpleheart allows us to do this. With only one horizontal ply throughout the shell, we’ve created a drum with really low frequency, but with all of the attack and presence we wanted.”

The hand Timbre Matched Purple Core drum shell is offered in a selection of custom shell sizes, finishes, and hardware combinations from the DW Custom Shop in California. To find out more about the full frequency range of the Purple Core™ drum shells and design your ultimate sonically customized kit, visit

Jim Riley BP-1 Balance Point Model
Jim Riley is an artist who aspires to balance every facet of his life: personally, professionally, educationally, and in his performance. Similarly, the BP-1 Balance Point stick is designed with Jim's perspective in mind.

The BP-1 is all about form versus function and was built with education in mind. The most predominant feature of the BP-1 stick is the Fulcrum Indicator. It's the perfect educational teaching tool indicating the exact point where the Balance Point location is on the stick that provides the greatest amount of rebound. The unique teardrop bead produces a bright sound, and the quick taper allows for an incredible response while producing a lively rebound. The BP-1's double-circle design etched into the butt end is also a unique feature, indicating exactly where the stick is to be held in the performer's hand. 

The BP-1 Balance Point is a 5B-sized stick with several key features that make it one of a kind. Not only a great educational tool for the beginning drummer, the BP-1 can also service today's professional touring drummer. For more information, visit

IP Jim RIley Balance Point Kick Drum BeaterJim Riley KDB-BP Balance Point Kick Drum Beater
The KDB-BP Bass Drum Beater is built with a smaller wooden core covered with wool, a multi-ply yarn wrap, and a 1/4-inch steel shaft. The complex core provides a lighter, more balanced beater made to perform in a multitude of styles. These characteristics make a non-destructive beater comparable in weight and size to most traditional beaters. It also features Jim Riley's double-circle Balance Point stitching, keeping in theme with the BP-1 drumstick. The KDB-BP beater is ideal for anyone looking for a durable beater with great low end as well as an articulate attack when needed. For more information, visit

IP Concert Multi StickCMS-1 Concert Multi-Stick
The CMS-1 Concert Multi Stick can be used on a host of percussion instruments. With concert percussion literature continuing to evolve and compositional demands not allowing the performer time to use multiple implements, the CMS-1 is crafted not only for concert snare drumming, but also for use on woodblocks, toms, cymbals, bass drums, and many other percussion instruments.

The CMS-1 offers the ability to play with both ends of the stick, yet still maintains the balanced feel of a regular drumstick. The Taj Mahal-style bead provides a nice weight to the front of the stick, making sensitive figures effortless with great warmth and response from the instrument. The butt end features a latex sleeve that lends itself to an infinite number of percussion instruments, eliminating the need to switch to a different mallet or beater. The possibilities are truly limitless. The CMS-1 should be a staple in every concert percussionist's stick bag. For more information, visit

IP KDB 3 PedalBrooks Wackerman KDB-3 Kick Drum Beater
Brooks Wackerman is no stranger to playing fast and elaborate rhythms with his feet, and the KDB-3 Bass Drum Beater is built exclusively for that purpose. The KDB-3 features a wooden ball beater with a 1/4-inch steel shaft. The wooden ball produces a strong articulation with optimum attack and punch. The KDB-3 features the Brooks Wackerman Bat Head graphic and his signature on the top and an oversized IP logo on the bottom. For more information, visit

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